In with the new… Out with the old


This is an old 1939 Citron from France, there was only a limited amount ever made and when I first saw this car, I thought how cool that it really is, now they don’t make cars like this anymore as this car is so awesome to look at. This just goes to show that through all the years of past present and future to come, everything changes and some good but you also have a lot of bad that you simply just want to forget.

With 2016 about to be in the history books and 2017 just around the corner, it makes you reflect on this past year, with things that went wrong and things that made us better and stronger, our paths of this journey through life are just like all the cars made through the years, as with the cars and the change of all the models, we to go through many changes, with a lot that we were afraid of, simply because we resist any kind of change, so we then never make the change and try to move forward with the status quo. Then there are the resolutions we make and never keep, cause they change us from what we are used to doing? Change is something we should never be afraid of, cause through change when done correctly, we may find we become better and stronger moving forward. We all get caught up in the bickering and the complaining of things we do during the year, but then we never take the steps to fix what we need to fix, change what we need to change, so we can move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Now as 2016 is about to go by way of other years past, we as a Society have been through so much, whether it is all of us collectively, or whether it is us as Individuals, there is so much we all need to change, to make 2017 even better than 2016, it is okay to glance back, see where things went wrong, fix what we need to fix, so we than can move forward on our paths better and stronger and make this journey through life, as happy and peaceful as we can.

2016 for some is a year to forget, then for others it is the best year they have ever had? It is just on how we perceive things and when we perceive, we do so from our own perspective and totally don’t think of who or what is around us, we forget that a Society is made up of many and it doesn’t revolve around us as an Individual, when it comes to the new year, it is positive change for us all moving forward, if we really look deeply into what we see and if we except the positive change without being afraid of what is to come. Each new year brings a whole new outlook on what we do now, true it may seem like the same old song and dance, but it is a chance to change the steps of the dance, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, better and stronger, as we smile with true happiness and within peace.


” The old classic cars are like no car today,as through the change in the auto world has made the cars much different”

” Change is good when done correctly and from an old year to a new year, it gives us a chance to change the steps of the same old song and dance”

” A new year is only as happy as you make it and if you are to sad to be happy, then the new year is just another day as any other day”



To the Moon and beyond!!!


Star Wars and Star Trek were definitely in my lifetime, the front runners in the World of Sci fi movies. Some of these Actors and Actresses nobody ever heard of at the beginning of all the series that were made, through the years some became the main stay actors of the movie, while others have changed and moved on, Princess Leia became one of those Iconic Actors on the hit film Star Wars.  Carrie Fischer alias Princess Leia from the hit Star Wars, she went from a no name, to being a big name within the the household of America, whether she wanted it or not? She is now an Iconic Actress within the World of Hollywood.

Hollywood, what exactly does the World of Hollywood hold? We have all heard of the starving Artist? Someone who struggles through life, til they receive their big break and then actually start making money for their craft, this happens in the World of Hollywood also, not all Actor’s and Actresses make the big time and most only end up getting these small bit parts, that really gets them no where at all, we never hear of the the part of Hollywood where most struggle and end up working side jobs just to make ends meet, that’s because Hollywood is all about the make believe, the glitz and the glamour,  they want us all to think that they are first class and the rest of us are the lonely Peasants to them. There are many Starving Artist’s around this World, which Carrie Fischer was one of, she got that big break in Star Wars, where so many others never get that break and struggle everyday to make ends meet throughout their journey of life.

Another part of Hollywood we never hear about, or Hollywood covers up to hide the ugly so only Glitz and Glamour shine is, all Actor’s even the ones who make it, struggle with depression, drugs, alcohol, or being bi-polar, or a whole slew of other issues. Hollywood doesn’t want us to see this side, simply because they are the World of make believe and not reality, Hollywood wants to look perfect but the reality is, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is the mistakes that makes us stronger and better moving forward, so under this philosophy we the everyday folk, are much stronger than those in the World of Hollywood. There are very few in the World of Hollywood that live into their eighties or nineties, but there are many more of us regular folk that live well into our nineties and beyond, those within the World of Hollywood are only kidding themselves and short changing themselves, to a well walked path, through this journey of life.

Star Wars and Star Trek were two of the biggest movies made within my lifetime, these two movies have given big breaks to a lot of struggling Artists of their time, to which a handful became even bigger names in the household of America. When we do hit it big, whether in the World of Hollywood or in your own little World, we all tend to take for granted what is truly around us, we make ourselves sick with the stress of keeping up with what we have become, instead of just relaxing and going with the flow of life, just like the water flows down the stream, when the water breaks through the dam, it then floods everything around it and creates way more chaos then anything can handle, just as the stress in our lives does when we become bigger then we imagined and then try to keep up with ourselves, or all those around us. Everything can be handled much better in moderation so we than, when something goes wrong, can fix what we need to fix and move forward better and stronger. even in Hollywood if they kept the make believe to the big screen and the reality to real life, then Hollywood wouldn’t have to hide the ugly, so all we see is the Glitz and Glamour then in the long run, even those within the World of Hollywood can achieve true success, those starving Artist types that we all have been at one time or another, can be less of as we all learn to make ends meet. We all want to be in the Glitz and Glamour we see throughout Hollywood today, but we first have to except that, what we see isn’t truly the Glitz and Glamour, as it takes a lot of struggling to get to that point and the road is far from easy, some of us may not be cut out for that way of life, which makes it much more easier and a lot less stress if we just find where we fit in comfortably, then work hard in that area, so then we can walk our paths with strength and in happiness, along this journey through life as peacefully as we can.


” Actor’s, Actresses, Artist’s and Writer’s, they all start out on a very difficult road and trying for their big break, which for some never comes”

” A Starving Artist is a person trying to break into a way of life, that truly only a few have broken into with true success”

” Carrie Fischer…..AKA….. Princess Leia, may she RIP, as her journey went from being a no name, to a big name within the household of America”

” There is more to Hollywood than the glitz and the glamour of the make believe, there is the ugly of reality and the stress, drugs, alcohol, depression or all the other sicknesses that take lives earlier instead of later”


Twas the night before Christmas…….


Let the Yule log burn on the fire as we all get into the Christmas spirit. Within this Society every Christmas just isn’t the same as Christmas pasts, the hustle and bustle has turned into stress and sickness, simply because Christmas of today is far too commercialized, just so the big department stores can strip us of our hard earned money. The true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with buying gifts, nothing to do with a color of a day (black Friday), the true spirit of Christmas is the getting in touch with the real and true person that we all are, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Just because we are so far removed from the time Jesus came to us and  walked his journey, doesn’t mean he never existed, only those that don’t believe and those with no faith are the ones that say it is a myth.

Jesus is real and he is within each and every one of us, that warmth you feel in your heart, that is more than the heat coming from your furnace, it is the love of Jesus coming from your soul to your heart, we just have to acknowledge it so the true Christmas spirit can spread throughout us all, as we share this love with each other and it has nothing to do with buying each other the biggest and best gift.

Now as Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ grows near, there may be some of the non believers that will try to come between us and the true Christmas spirit, but if we have total faith, then the hope for the most joyous Christmas will be our reality, as the love will always win over the hate. True faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ will help us all through whatever that may be troubling to us, without this true faith we all become lost along our paths of this journey through life and then, there will be no hope as faith and hope go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Twas the night before Christmas, let us all have faith in the magic that Christmas brings, the joy of the birth of our Savior, so we all can share the love that is within us with each other, to make this Christmas and every Christmas to come, better than those Christmas pasts that brought sadness  and discomfort, we don’t need to buy the biggest and best gift, just share our love and the joy of being together is all we truly need, so we all can walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life, then we all can be truly happy moving forward.


” Christmas is not about the stress and the rushing to the stores for the special deals, it is all about finding that love within and sharing with all around you”

” Twas the night before Christmas, let us all find the love within and share it all with each other”

” The Yule log burns on Christmas day, to help us all find that true Christmas magic, so we then can spread it throughout the whole year with each other every day”

” The true Christmas spirit needs no money or gifts, just the togetherness and the sharing of our love from within”


Get lost within the beauty of nature


The green grass of nature like a soft carpet beneath your feet, the water so still it reflects all that is around it, this little boat house just adds to the beauty that is all around it, with nature so pristine it just screams for us to come and explore all that it has to offer. As you walk through this beauty, you will be rewarded with some wildlife like a Deer, Moose or maybe even a Bear, then there are the small creatures like a Beaver or maybe a few Ducks, we share this land with them and we all have to respect each other so we can be at peace with all that is around us. When we are at peace we then can enjoy as we walk and become one with the beauty of nature.

Right now we are in the clutches of Old man Winter, he has laid a white blanket upon all this green in the picture, this blanket serves a purpose as it covers the green, so it then can be as beautiful as ever when the season of Spring comes and thaws the white blanket and reveals the bright green soft carpet for us to walk within nature once again. With the white blanket that Old man Winter has laid on the surface of Earth, it also has a beauty to it, if you put on a pair of snowshoes or maybe cross country skis, then you can explore the true beauty of Old man Winter. Nature has so much beauty  and it is all around us no matter where you may be, you really don’t have to go far to truly see what Nature has in store for us to see.

True back woods wilderness camping to some may be a no go, but for the adventurous types, the beauty will totally take your breathe away, yes when you first get to a spot that you like to make camp at, it may take some work to set up camp,  like your tent and the canopies which acts as your outdoor kitchen, complete with camp stoves and grill, then there is the gathering of wood for the nightly fire to keep the night chill away, but after the first few hours, you are home free to totally enjoy all that nature has to offer around you. Sit by the lake and listen to the water hit the shore, listen to the Loons sing their tune as they swim by, watch the Eagles soar by in the sky and from time to time, you can catch them dive the water and come up with their daily meal, maybe if your lucky and a safe distance, you can see a big powerful Moose come to the water for a drink and a splash? There is so much to Nature that if you don’t take to an adventure, you will miss the best part of walking your path along this journey through life. You can also take the trail, the Appalachian trail to be exact, a little over 2100 miles from Springer mountain Georgia, to mount Kahtadin in Maine. This trail has so much beauty for you to see, yes there is some work of actually hiking up and down mountains, but when your lost within the beauty of nature, you don’t even think of it as work, you have a pack on your back with necessary supplies, including a small backpacking tent and a sleeping bag, so you can pick your spot when the time comes to rest your weary bones from the daily journey each and every day along this beauty of a trail. Someday I would love to do this entire trail, so I can become one with nature and truly see all the beauty it has for me to see. We all walk a path through this journey of life, but unless you take to the adventure of going outdoors and truly seeing the beauty of nature, you will totally miss out on a lot of what is around you.


” Getting lost within nature will have you walking and becoming one with nature to truly enjoy what is all around you”

” The green carpet of nature will give way to the white blanket of winter, so it can rejuvenate and be as beautiful for the next season to come”

” Back woods wilderness camping will take your breathe away with its beauty, all you have to do is be adventurous to see all the beauty it holds”

” The Appalachian trail is a trail like no other, it takes six months to complete but it is six months of heaven on Earth”


Ye of little Faith, upon this season of Christmas

Autumn Leaves

” Behold, the Virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall name him Emmanuel, which means….”God is with us”.

Mt 1:23


As we all walk our paths along this journey of life, so to did the son of man by the name……. Jesus Christ. Jesus was a humble man feeling the love of his father within his heart, then sharing that love with all who crossed his path, along his journey through life. Jesus taught us many things along his path, he showed us just how to make it to the path of righteousness, where there is nothing but peace and serenity. Now the problem of today lies with the fact that we are so far removed from Jesus and really have no Faith of his existence, but if we stay true and never lose Faith, we then find that the love of Jesus will always warm our heart and will never leave us, no matter whether we have found ourselves or not,

Jesus also was tempted by temptation, much like all of us who walk a path through this journey of life, the only difference between Jesus and us, he never lost the Faith, which gave him the strength to over come all the temptation that came to him along his journey here with us. Satan was the biggest temptation for Jesus, but like Satan would soon find out is, the faith that Jesus had in his father was so strong, that nothing could penetrate it and also would make the love within even stronger leaving all around him, willing to follow him at every turn.

This Christmas season is no different than any other, except for the fact that we all need to regain our faith and belief in Jesus Christ. You can see that we have no faith, which leaves us with no hope. When we keep our faith strong, feel the love of Jesus within our hearts, we will always have hope, which then flushes all the hatred right where it should always be. We all have birthdays and Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, to come and walk his journey with us, to teach us many things and to show us how to feel his love within our hearts, so we than can share  this love with all those around us and when we truly feel his love, we then can keep strong the faith and never lose hope of all we may do. We may be far removed from the days Jesus walked his journey with us, but he is always within us whether we want to acknowledge it or not? The true Christmas spirit is always inside us in the form of the love of Jesus, we just have to acknowledge, so we then can feel it, as it will warm our hearts and soles, then as we share it, it will wash away all the hatred, so we than can move forward in peace and happiness, along our paths of this journey of life.


” The true Christmas spirit is always within us and it has nothing to do with gifts under a tree”

” We are all tempted at one point or another, just keep the faith so there will always be hope to overcome all the temptations”

” Faith and hope always go together, you can never have one without the other”

” with no faith there will never be hope……..then with no hope faith is nowhere to be found”


The Wussification of America



We are totally seeing the Wussification of America right before our eyes. Through this age of Political Correction, it has made us all weak of everything that may cross our paths. The Societies of Americas past are rolling and laughing in their graves at the way we are today, I mean come on……… a little deep freeze and all the schools either cancel or delay schools, just so the children won’t be waiting for the buses too long outside? I remember in the town I grew up in, if you lived within a mile from the school you walked and that was it, no matter what the weather was. The days it was brutally cold, your Mom would make sure you had enough layers to either wait for the bus, or for your walk to school, that was how it was and no questions asked, you just went with it and became stronger for it.

Life was a whole lot different back then, now we have become lazy and weak, then complain about anything and everything, if we don’t get our way. Today instead of the bus picking up groups of children at a specified spot, they stop every fifty feet, picking up just a few at a time, causing more traffic on the side streets of your town. Everybody wants everything given to them and they don’t want to work or do anything in order to receive what they get. This whole Society is a sad Society and if we don’t watch out, another country will come in and conquer us, which means we all will have to learn a whole different lifestyle.

You think a cold day at the bus stop is a family issue to dress their children warmly for the weather? then why do the schools have to make our decision for us? Plus not just that, the teachers need to actually do their jobs and stop trying to influence days off whenever they see fit, you wonder why we have a lot of children not doing as well as they should be doing, if the children are not in school, then they are not learning what they should be learning, a big plus is, now you have children becoming bored and getting into mischief more than usual.

With Political Correction we confuse Discipline with abuse and because of that, now we have a generation that has no respect of anything or anybody around them. There is a huge difference between discipline and abuse and its time we learn this difference, before we reach a time of no return, then what all our Ancestor’s worked so hard for will then become lost forever.  We all need to grow up, learn from our mistakes ( yes we all make them), so we then can walk our paths to be better in all we do and our journey through life, will be peaceful with much happiness everyday of our existence.


” We can clearly see the Wussification of America, time we put an end to this so we can move forward better and stronger”

” Political Correction has made us all weak, time to end this and become as strong as we totally can be”

” When it becomes so cold outside, don’t cry about it, just add the layers and go out to achieve all that you can achieve”

” The teachers need to get back to what they are suppose to do and that is to teach our children to be better and stronger moving forward”


Baby it’s cold outside!!!



Winter is here and for the first real hard freeze of this young season and as the temperature and wind chills dip below zero, sounds like a good idea to stay in, sit by the fire (for those who can), grab your favorite book and let yourself get consumed with the writer’s tale. Within this Society we don’t let ourselves become lost within a good book anymore and be mesmerized by our favorite Author, some may not even have a favorite Author, as this fast paced Society of which we are too busy trying to make ends meet to survive, has us consume our minds in more negative ways. We have totally forgotten just how to really relax and not just our bodies, but our minds as well. With us all being so winded up all the time, we then become so stressed that we become someone we truly are not, we become someone even we ourselves don’t recognize,  more nights in in front of the fire, with a good book by your favorite Author and even we ourselves can see that, through the proper way to relax, we can be more positive in our lives and with all that is around us.

The hard freeze of Winter’s grasp has us in it’s clutches now, staying warm has become our reality now through this season, but it is nothing new to us that live in these areas of brutal cold, so why then do we constantly complain year after year? The season of Winter, like the three other seasons are part of this journey through life and there is nothing we can do to change it. Some may come up with with a term known as Global warming, but I say screw this term as it does nothing but rob us of our hard earned money by the big Corporations, the true fact of these changes in weather from the four seasons is really quite simple, there are fazes of life known as a life cycle, there are many cycles we all go through along this journey of life and the weather changes from the seasons are part of these life cycles. We as Mankind have gone through the Ice Age and times of intense heat with droughts, these are all part of the cycles of life and there is nothing we can do about it except trust and believe in God, as he created us and this planet, this is his way of bringing change to us, in order to make all our journey’s through life better, but within this Society for which we live, we complain of everything so much, that we have become lost within the clouds of our judgments and have lost totally that we are not the only Society to live through the changes of all the four seasons, all we need to do is understand better of the cycles of life and how these cycles affect us all, everything happens in cycles and unless we totally understand them, we then will always be constant complainers of everything around us.

The hard freeze of Winter;s grasp is here and old man Winter has us in his clutches, so instead of complaining of the cold outside, put another log on the fire, grab a good book by your favorite Author and relax in front of the fire, while you become consumed by the words of that Author, step outside the journey for which you walk and get lost on the journey of the words by your favorite Author. Now if you really need to go outside, then remember to layer up, put on multiple layers so you can stay warm inside and the cold won’t seem as cold. We all walk our paths through this journey of life, there are four seasons within this cycle of life, we all need to be better at, combining this journey of life with the cycles of life, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward. as we walk in peace and happiness.


” The hard freeze of old man winter has us all within his grasp, put a log on the fire and lighten the grasp to relax”

” Get lost within the words of your favorite Author, so you can clear your own mind for a short time and let your journey flow like the words in the book”

” Just like we all walk through this journey of life, we also have to understand better of the cycles that life has within it”

” When the hard freeze of Winter is upon us, layer up with multiple layers, to stay warm inside, as the cold don’t seem as cold”


The white winter blanket covering the Earth



“To some this white blanket is not wanted, but it is all part of the four seasons that we all go through year after year”.


We all walk our paths of this journey of life, part of this journey are the four seasons, Winter…Spring…Summer…Fall, with these seasons are what keeps this Earth, fresh and clean. True we all have our favorite time of year, but to get to our favorite, we all have to get through the other times and let Nature become beautiful, for all of us to see.

The Christmas season falls in Winter and with the falling of the snow during this time, makes for a beautiful time of year and when we look deeply into what we see, we than can see the true beauty of the Christmas season. Now some of the other faiths or some that don’t believe, may get offended of the Christmas season, but if they respect the beliefs of us that believe, like we respect their non beliefs, or respect those of other faiths, we all can walk our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness always, with no bitterness in sight along this journey.

The true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with stressing over buying gifts and has everything to do with, feeling the love of God within our hearts and then sharing that love with each other. True we become a product of our environment and when that environment is all negative, then we become negative of all that is around us and never give anything a chance to thrive around us, we get so caught up in trying to make ends meet, we totally lose the feeling of God within our hearts, which then has us losing touch with the true love within our hearts, we lose totally of who we truly are and becoming negative of all that is around us. “The true Christmas spirit is what reminds us of, the love of God within our hearts and when we truly feel this love, we then share it with all that is around us”. We are not suppose to lose respect of each others beliefs, we are not suppose to become bitter of each other and definitely, we are not suppose to become negative and full of stress, at the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas fills our hearts with the love of God, as he sends his one and only son to us, to walk his path of this journey, Jesus teaches us with his actions, on just how to walk our paths, so we to can find the path of righteousness, then as we get to the path of righteousness, we then can be at peace and live in happiness always along this journey of life.

This journey of life is only as hard as we make it and when we become bitter and lose respect of all that is around us, then this journey of life becomes difficult and harder than it really should be for all of us. Let us all see this white winter blanket as it is suppose to be viewed as, especially at this time of year, with this white winter blanket and the spirit of Christmas upon us, may we all look deeply into what we see, may we all truly feel the love of God within our hearts and then share this love with each other, so we then can respect each other regardless of your faith, or regardless of your non beliefs and as we all truly feel this love of God within us, let it fill your soul with the warmth, so we then can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness always, as this true love spreads throughout this land of Earth, plus as this white winter blanket covers the Earth now, it then will make the season of Spring even more beautiful with bright colorful flowers for us all to see.


” The white winter blanket to us known as snow, does a lot more than just become an ugly sight for us, just truly look deeply into what you see, to see it’s true beauty”

” The true Christmas spirit will fill all our hearts with the love of God, that is already in our souls and will bring peace and happiness to us all”

” The snow may seem cold to us every winter, only cause we don’t let the true winter blanket warm our hearts with God’s love for us all to share”


Nature is the best Teacher


Nature is now and always will be…….. The best Teacher that we will ever know. All we have to do is take to the outdoors, have an open mind and observe all that is around you. Within this Society of today, we have become to lazy to explore the outdoors, our open minds have become closed and fed poison instead of the right foods to help it grow and we all think we know it all, so we then think we have to observe nothing.

There are good Teacher’s as well as bad Teacher’s, just like everything in life we have to weed through the bad, so we can see the good and truly open our minds to all that is around us. Yes there are many Teacher’s out there that help us all widen our horizons, but yet there are still more Teacher’s who care less for who they are teaching and care more of their own comfort, with a nine to five and more days off then they actually work, then there are the Teacher’s that take the term open your minds and broaden your horizons to a whole new level and a level that disrupts all that is around them. I understand the fact that we all need to learn, so we can move forward better and stronger, but when we are learning with non facts or facts that are miscued just to fit a need of a Teacher, now you then create a Generation of People that think they are right and won’t except the fact that they were given mis information, just to fit the need of a Teacher with only one thing in mind and that is, their nine to five and numerous days off.

Nature is a natural Teacher and all we have to do is, pay attention to what nature tells us through the signs around us, like the clouds and all the different shapes and colors, why does one bring snow and the other rain? Pay attention to the fact that as we walk our journey here on Earth and that Earth is also moving along it’s journey as well, pay attention to each other as we walk our paths here on this journey through life and if we actually did, we would find that yes we are very similar to each other, just that we are very unique to each other, we will also find that with these similarities there is no Racism within our hearts and that it only comes to us, as an excuse for some, so they can move forward in their lazy and uninformed lives.

I get the fact that there are some Teacher’s who were very successful in the business world and now they want to give back by sharing their knowledge, these are the Teacher’s that become very good at teaching the young to be better as they move forward, then there is the nine to five teacher, that thinks nothing but, when is my next day off, or is it Five yet? This is where we all have to be smarter and know the difference between the good and the bad, know the true facts before we open our mouths and insert foot, learn how to truly get along with each other, instead of trying to bring each other down, learn to follow your heart more instead of the trail of the money, as greed is and always will be, the root to all our evils.

When we take to the outdoors and really pay attention to what is around us, we will learn so much more than any teacher can teach us, not just the outdoors of our usual surroundings, but the outdoors deep within the woods, or on top of the highest peak, this is where Nature will truly teach us of all that is around us. Nature is and always will be the best teacher no matter who may tell you and all you need to do is, relax, go outside, open your mind and truly look deeply at all that is around you. We all walk our paths of this journey through life, we learn many things from multiple teachers, but the best teacher for us all is, Nature itself and it will never give us the wrong information.


” Nature is the one true teacher that will never steer you wrong or will it ever give the wrong information”

” Teachers…. there is the nine to five and there are the teachers that actually take pride in teaching so others can become better and stronger”

” There is nothing more natural than Nature, which is why the two words are as similar then each of us throughout Mankind”


The clear brisk mountain air


All wrapped snug and warm within the confounds of your sleeping bag,

You wake at the first sign of the morning sun and seeing your breath as you breathe,

Ah!!! the cool feeling of camping on the mountain in the season of fall,

At first thought you want to stay in the bag until the sun warms the mountain air,

You then realize that in order to start the day and see the beauty, you need to get up.

Start the campfire so you can boil water for the much needed cup of coffee,

You begin breaking the kindling to start the fire and hear footsteps behind you,

You gaze in all directions within the woods around you and find a small deer,

That has come to say good morning to you as they to look for the daily breakfast,

You then get back to lighting the fire quietly as not to startle the Deer, and

as you wait for the fire to have coals hot enough for coffee,

You then watch the Deer graze the floor of the woods for its daily grind,

Beautiful is all you are thinking and this makes your camping experience that much more fun,

The Wildlife around you was there first so you respect them as not to startle them,

The very reason why you take to the woods of real primitive camping,

Not just to do something different, but to get back in touch with,

Not only yourself but all that is around you within the peace and serenity,

The mornings true may be a bit brisk in the fall air,

But it is also the most beautiful time of the day, as you watch the sun,

Wake with you at the start of a new day,

The sun wakes and rises above the mountain brings streams of light,

through all the trees within the woods and lights up the area in patches,

before it actually gets high enough to light up everything with its warmth,

Now as you are within the trance of the beauty of the morning,

Your water is boiling for your coffee and you pour the first cup,

so now you to can awaken just as the sun over the mountains around you,

Being outdoors in the true beauty of Nature is what its all about as,

you sip your morning coffee and realize that there is more to life,

then your everyday nine to five job to make ends meet,

You also suddenly realize that even as you wake to get ready to go to your job,

The sun also wakes for the new day just that you aren’t focused like you are in the woods,

We take so much for granted as we walk our paths of this journey through life,

That we totally forget to actually live and breathe within our lives,

We forget that there is so much more out there to explore along our paths,

Simply because we get so caught up in the nine to five that we don’t actually live,

like God wanted us to when he created us to walk this Planet of Earth,

We let all the crap consume us to the point we see no beauty in anything,

Which we then lose a big part of who we truly are,

Breathe…..relax…..look deeply at what is around you and you also can see,

The real beauty that Nature has in store for you as you truly walk your path,

through this journey of life then you can be at true peace within the serenity.


” To watch the Deer walk its daily path will enlighten you to truly see the true beauty in all that is around you”

” True primitive camping within the woods around us and seeing the sun wake to the new day will keep us grounded to truly looking deeply into what we see”

” There is more to this journey than the daily nine to five, we just have to get out and explore to truly see just how much more there is around us”