The World of the Dictator no more



“The Ruler’s sneered at Jesus and said, ” he saved others, let him save himself if he is the chosen one”, the Christ of God”.

*** LK 23:35


These Ruler’s that sneered at Jesus are nothing but Dictator’s that think nothing of telling the people what to do and when to do it. This passage couldn’t fit our Society any better as a person who was the leader of Cuba for many decades has passed away, this leader I will leave nameless as he does not deserve the time, ruled his people like they were slaves to him and took everything from them. The way this Society has evolved and with all the technology we have today, there is no room for this kind of leadership, these are the dark days of our past and we need to move forward not backward, to be stronger and better as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

A Dictator does nothing for the people and does everything for his personal gain, those who think he was a great leader, clearly have become brain washed by his actions and have become blinded by the clouds of their own judgments, they say he stood up to other leaders? He only did so for one reason and that is for his own personal gain, which had nothing to do with the people he ruled which is why for years, the Citizens of Cuba tried to leave that country in many ways.

A Dictator in many ways is like a simple Bully, that tries to control us and gets us to do what they want, instead of doing what we want. They use fear and violence to control us, much like the group ISIS is doing now and when they can’t control us, then they refer to killing the ones they can’t control, so the ones that are left will bow at their every command. ¬†Within this Society we are better than this, we are smarter than this and we can stand up to these Individuals, look them square in the eye and put the fear of God right back at them. Now I will admit from someone who was Bullied at a young age, this is very hard to do, when your Faith in yourself and your confidence in yourself has been stripped from you, to re gain your faith and confidence takes time, yes it will come back, but it also takes hard work over time, to re gain it to the point of actually standing up to anybody, looking them in the eye and showing them that they can’t hurt you no more. The pain and hurt is a whole different thing from the faith and the confidence, now your getting into burying deep inside your true feelings, so you can walk your path as normal as you think normal is? We have all gone through these feelings at one point or another, just depends on how bad you were Bullied and how you let it affect you?

A Bully and a Dictator are pretty much the same thing and if someone tells you otherwise, they really don’t know the difference and most likely have been bullied themselves? Both the Bully and the Dictator’s main goal is to control everything they can, so they can look to others as the most powerful, when in reality all they are, is just a Coward that is afraid to show their true feelings, or have buried their true feelings deep within themselves. Just like in the Animal Kingdom some species die off to make room for other species, we as Humans are no different as we to are creatures of this planet, like throughout the Animal Kingdom, The time for all the Bullies and the Dictator’s are far gone, time we all heal and unite, so we all can walk our paths in peace and happiness throughout this journey of life.


” A Bully and a Dictator are one in the same, all they want to do is control everything that they can”

” There is no room for Dictator’s in this Society, we need to heal and unite as a Society so we can move forward stronger and better”

” Fear and violence are the keys for a Bully and a Dictator, take that away and they are nothing but a Coward that will disappear”

” We have come a long way in this Society, we need not let any Bully or Dictator take from us what we worked so hard for”


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