Stay awake and prepare yourself



” Therefore stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come”.


***Mt 24:42


We now approach another Christmas day and with this the first day of Advent, may we all stay awake ( i don’t mean lose sleep in our lives), I mean let us all stay awake and prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior. By staying awake we all need to rid ourselves of all the hate and truly feel the love of God within our souls, he is always there and he fills our hearts with the warmth of his love, but through this Society for which we live, we are all guilty of not acknowledging him within our souls and losing Faith in his son Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a time for us all to truly feel the love of God within us and then sharing this love with each other, the first day of Advent is for us to clean our thoughts of all evil, so we then can open our hearts to the warmth of God’s love, as we stay awake to prepare ourselves of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Throughout this Society and all the evil we see everyday, this has become learned and ingrained in our minds, while the love of God is always within us and we need not learn anything, just be natural and let the love flow like water over a water fall. It is a lot harder to continue the hate and evil around us, as it is much easier to spread the love of God, simply because it is already within us to share.

The four weeks of Advent is for us to stay awake and prepare for the coming of Jesus our Savior, no we don’t have to lose sleep which will affect our jobs and our lives, but to spiritually stay awake, open our hearts and our minds to the love of God within us, let the warmth of this love fill our entire bodies, so we then can share this love with each other, as we then cleanse our thoughts of all the Evil, so we all can move forward stronger and better and as Jesus comes to us on Christmas, we then can be at true peace and happiness, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

With this being the first day of Advent and with the recent events happening around us in this Society, these are truly a sign from God and a chance for us all, to cleanse ourselves of all the Evil, like a Dictator in Fidel Castro, so the rest of us can move forward, stay awake in preparing ourselves for the good and the love of God, as Jesus our Savior will come to us on Christmas day. When we feel the warmth of God’s love within our soul and have Faith in Jesus Christ, Evil will never win over our souls and the love will always fill us with warmth and happiness always, so we then can walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life.

Hatred comes to us from somewhere and is learned as we grow into this Society, Love is always within us and is very easy for us to feel the warmth, then spread this warmth with each other, as we all walk our paths through this journey, there are cross roads in place for us to make choices, there are also life events that come to us as well, with some being bigger than others, sometimes we make bad choices from the events, then struggle to find our way out of the bad choices, during the struggle we then lose all faith in not only ourselves, but we lose all faith in Jesus Christ as well, which then leaves us with no hope of where we want to go. As we lose the faith and have no hope, our true feelings and emotions become so suppressed deep within ourselves, we then forget they are there and try to move forward, while we put forth a fake portrayal of who we truly are, we think we are alone and the only one that is struggling, but there are many out there struggling with themselves, just as you are struggling, just that we have shut ourselves off from all that is around us. The Advent season is a way for each of us to stay awake spiritually, prepare ourselves for what is to come, so we then can not only get back in touch with ourselves, but get back in touch with each other and get back the Faith in Jesus Christ, which will give us all the hope to move forward on our paths of this journey through life and be at peace in true happiness.


” Evil and hate are one in the same and are learned, as true love is within us always and is very easy to feel and spread with those around us”

” Advent is for us to spiritually stay awake, so we then can prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior”

” ┬áLove is part of who we truly are, we feel the love of God within our souls and that same love then fills our hearts with warmth so we than can share with all that is around us”


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