A Day through a journey



Trekking through the Wilderness will have you go through a wide range of feelings, especially after a long day when all the trees and surroundings look the same, when you know that no two trees are a like. The journey through the Wilderness in many ways is very beautiful and will bring you back in touch with yourself as well as all that is around you. When you start out your Trek you first check the map and trail head signs, to make sure you know where you are going, but when you actually start the trek, do you truly know what to expect along the path of your choosing? Just as you set the GPS in your car, it will tell you one thing, but it won’t tell you of the construction you may come across, as this construction just happened and not when the GPS was programmed or updated, you will always encounter some kind of unknown no matter what trek or journey you embark on.

With a good long day of trekking under your belt and the sun now beginning its set into night time, we need to think about setting camp for the night, with a warm camp fire to keep the chill away and boil some water for out much needed fueling up of our bodies, for the next days journey. There are many factors to consider for a safe campsite, but our tired and weary body tells us comfort is first, so we can set the tent and our sleeping bags, then jump in to create our own warmth and shut our eyes for some much needed shut eye. Perfect a nice grassy area behind a shrub to shield the wind and the grass to act as a soft cushion to lay on, this is as perfect as you will find in an area of seclusion, time to stop and set camp, gather wood for the fire and rest the weary bones.

Sitting by the fire while the water boils for our freeze dried nutrients, you sit back and relax and as you relax you suddenly realize what true quietness really sounds like, it is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop from miles away, your thoughts in your head sound as if someone is chatting next to you, the wind going through the trees will have you turn at every gust, as the wind sounds as if someone is creeping up from the darkness. Your not used to this kind of quietness, so it kind of creeps you out at first, then you get used to it and become one with your surroundings.

The water has finally boiled and is ready to fill your bowl of freeze dried nutrients, as you sit and relax and fuel your body once again, the atmosphere of your dinner time is like nothing you will get at any five star establishment and you have to do the dishes at meals end, but you don’t care as your body is becoming fueled for the next days trek. With the body all fueled and the dishes done, you stoke the fire for the night and turn into the tent, to climb into the sleeping bag, then once you are settled it is time to rejuvenate the weary bones and ready yourself for the next days journey, a good nights sleep within the quietness of your surroundings, will have you sleeping like a Bear on a cold Winters night and help the tired weary bones recharge for the next day.

We wake to the morning birds chatting and whistling with each other, the sun rising over the peak in front of us, we let out a big sigh and yawn to stretch our very relaxed body as we think of rolling out of our sleeping bag, the cool morning dew and the warmth within our bags, has us think twice to exit, but we have to so we can start the next days journey and reach the next campsite for us to relax and unwind throughout the Wilderness. The journey through the Wilderness and the path for which we take, may be full of the unknown, but it will always stay unknown, if we don’t get out and explore all that is around us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” A day through a journey will have us explore in ways we usually would never explore, it will help us become better and stronger at all our crossroads in life”

” Trekking through the Wilderness will not only keep us in tuned with what is around us, but keep us in tuned with ourselves as well”

” True quiet may seem creepy if your not used to it, but it is the true quiet that helps us get more in tune with our inner selves”

” The sounds of nature so beautiful and relaxing, it helps us recharge as we become better and stronger moving forward”


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