The Bowling Community travels within togetherness



Just two short days a small Bowling Center in a small rural town, brings together some of the World’s elite Bowler’s, with us ordinary folk and all for a small charity known as the High Hopes Foundation. The High Hopes is an organization similar to the Make a Wish Foundation, with the difference being, Make a Wish is World wide and High Hopes helps Children throughout the State of New Hampshire. Striker’s East Bowling Center in little Raymond, New Hampshire may be a small Bowling Center, but it’s heart beats bigger than the Heart beat of America, the team of Bowler’s throughout it’s community and for a short week end, come together to help support a great charity in the High Hopes, this proves that yes we the People can make a difference, we the People can come together and do great things as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we the People can come together in unity and work together for a great cause and if we can do it for a short week end, then why can’t we do this always and everyday, so we all can live in happiness and peace, as we walk this journey of life, sharing our love within our hearts with each other?

Like everything else the Bowling World has changed, with change you go through a wide variety of feelings, But the Bowling Community and especially the Community around Striker’s East becomes stronger. Sometimes it is not just about the game and you have to look much deeper than the game, to truly see what makes the game of Bowling so great and at Striker’s East they have done that, with the way they unite the Bowling Community for one short week end. Sometimes in any sport including Bowling, you have players that play the game because they love the game, but then it all changes as some of the players turn Professional and become elite to the sport they love, then now the money starts to come in, they get a bit more Greedier and now you think you are bigger than the game itself? I am not saying it happens to all Athletes, but it happens less within Bowling, simply because, Bowler’s play a game they love and seldom lose sight of everything around them and this shows with the Pro\Am Tournament at Striker’s East in Raymond, New Hampshire. No matter how big you become in your sport, it’s the Bowler that is always happy to give back, so others can achieve success like they did, playing a sport for which they love.

Bowling is a sport that you have to navigate around the oil that is on the alley’s within the Bowling Center, just like we navigate around our paths throughout this journey of life, it becomes a struggle and has us become frustrated at times, but if we stay strong, we can become better and prove that, no matter what you do and no matter how much you struggle, we all can move forward to be better, as we navigate through this journey of life. If a small Bowling Center in Raymond, New Hampshire named Striker’s East can unite the Bowling Community with the Elite Bowler’s (for a short week end) we see within the Professional Bowler’s Association, then why can’t we all unite throughout the paths we walk along this journey of life?


” It takes two days to unite a Bowling Community for a good cause, why can’t we all unite for the good of each of us”

” With any charity it is not about the ones that organize the charity, it is all about the ones the charity helps”

” A Bowling Community and Elite Professional Bowlers come together for a good cause, time we all come together for the good of us all”


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