A True Christmas Miracle



With yet another Holiday season approaching, this time of year brings out the best and the worst within us all. Depression is one way for some to go through, what is supposed to be a joyful time of year, others may just put up a fake front and simply survive just to get through this time of year, while the rest are truly happy and enjoy everything about this time of year. None the less the true spirit of the Holidays and especially Christmas, are the Miracles that warm our hearts and bring joy to our faces.

Thanksgiving……. A Holiday that we all are thankful of something in our lives, a time for some to come back home and enjoy a home cooked meal with the family and catch up on the special times for which they missed, a time to come home and enjoy the company of past friends that they haven’t seen for some time, With this fast paced Society of today, none of us do a whole lot of this anymore and is reason why, we are a broken Society today. I remember as a child, not only did the immediate family sit down nightly at the dinner table together, but on Sunday’s after Church, we all gathered with entire family, to enjoy each others company and have dinner all as one. Now it is just one day of the year and that day is Thanksgiving. Just maybe to heal us from this broken Society, we should all have more Thanksgiving meals throughout the year, instead of just one day of the year, then maybe we all can heal and walk our paths of this journey through life, in happiness and be at peace finally in our lives.

Christmas time is a time we should cherish with our families together, sit around the Christmas tree together and talk deeply with each other and not make it just about           (what did you get for me), Christmas should be more of the giving and less of the receiving, when someone gives you a gift, it should fill your heart with warmth, as this shows the love of each other and the fact that you were thought of in a special way. The true Christmas miracle is the love that warms your heart, the having Faith that your miracle will come true and then the Hope to keep that Faith alive. Some may lose sight of the miracle, simply because they have lost the Faith, which then the Hope disappears as well,  within this fast paced Society of today and the fact that some will make fun of you, because they themselves have lost their Faith in their miracle, so they don’t want to see another keep their Faith in theirs, this is why we are a broken Society and why we don’t interact properly with each other anymore. We all have our issues with some being greater than others, these issues will have us lose our Faith in our miracles if we let them, when we lose the Faith then there is no Hope that there is any miracle at all. A true Christmas miracle is deep within our souls all the time, it is when we lose Faith in ourselves, we then have no Hope for any miracle coming to us and warming our hearts with love. The true miracle is the way we walk our paths of this journey, keeping the Faith, so we then can have Hope of everything around us, while we be at peace with each other and become happy with a smile everyday of our lives.


” The true miracle is not just at the time of Christmas, it is having the Faith in ourselves, giving us the Hope of the greatest miracle”

” A true miracle is like that special song, they fill our hearts with the warmth of love that we then share with each other”

” The Holiday season should bring out the love of each other, not divide or depress us into isolation”

” Being thankful for all we have is a lot more than just being thankful for a game on our computers”


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