Perseverance will see you through the hate

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” You will be Hated by all because of my name, but not a hair on your head will be destroyed. By your Perseverance you will secure your lives”

LK 21:17-19


We all walk a path through this journey of life, we also share the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts, with this love and our own Perseverance, there is nothing that will come before us on our path, that will destroy us. The destruction of this Hatred we see today, simply comes from each of us not having the confidence in ourselves, or the confidence in Jesus Christ our Savior and the one who who laid down his life for each of us, so we can learn from him on the way to the path of righteousness.

Through all this ugliness around us and especially here in the United States of America after an ugly election, you can see that we are a Nation that needs major healing, we are a Nation that has lost Faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, which leaves us no Hope of which direction we want to turn? The American People have spoken and we have elected a new President and it wasn’t even close, once this new President officially takes the oval office, that is the time we the People need to come together in unity and fully support our new President, so we all can heal our wounds, feel the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts and share this love with each other. We are Americans and we are the greatest Country on this Planet, it is time we get back to who we truly are, so we all can move forward better and stronger, through peace and happiness.

God our Father has sent his one and only son to us all, to teach us and show us, if we walk our paths as we truly are, feel his love within our hearts and then share this love with each other, plus share our true empathy that is within us, with each other then there is no Hate or ugliness that will ever destroy us. We are not just Americans of a Country, we are Humans like all others around the World and as Humans, we are a part of all Mankind. When we as Humans flourish and move forward with confidence, there is no space within any of our lives for hate, this hate is learned from somewhere and we all need to come together in unity, to wipe this hatred clean from all our paths.

Perseverance is the strength and it is the strength that is within each one of us, no matter of who you are. This Perseverance will help us through anything that may come before us along our paths, it will also help keep the ugliness or the bumps from harming us, in order for this Perseverance to be effective for us, we need first to acknowledge it within ourselves, then let the confidence guide us as the perseverance helps us to be stronger and better moving forward. Never under estimate the power of Perseverance, as it is this power that keeps us from all harm and keeps us safe, from anything that wants to harm us, as we walk our paths along this journey through life.


” The love of Jesus Christ is within all our hearts and it is what gives us confidence to feel the strength of perseverance to overcome anything”

” No matter who you are or where you are from, we all need healing at some point in our lives, that is where the confidence and perseverance within us help us move forward better”

” Our confidence will guide us, as our perseverance will give us the strength to overcome anything in our lives”



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