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With this Election 2016 finally in the rear view mirror, this was probably one of the ugliest of my lifetime either Candidate had their flaws and each attack the other way too much, this is not what running for office should be, as if you can’t run on your experience and merits, you shouldn’t even be running for any office.

This Presidential race was a Clown and Pony show at best and in the end, the winner wasn’t determined by any party whether Republican or Democrat, this race was determined by the American People, as they were pissed off at what our Government was doing and even further they were pissed of at the direction this Country was going. Eight years ago when an unknown Barrak Obama ran for President, his platform was Hope and Change to which he never delivered on the Change, that gave us all no Hope, ┬áthis election of 2016 you had one Candidate that would do nothing but further the direction this Country was heading and another Candidate, that okay is a successful Business man, but really has no experience running a Country, Who do you pick? The American people spoke and spoke loudly especially the silent majority, as Donald Trump is our new President elect and the people put their Faith in him, to deliver that ” Real Change: that we all are desperately seeking.

Real Change is what this election was all about, all the failed policies and the non working together of our so called leaders as well, then there was a Healthcare that was not just passed, but was jammed down the American People’s throat. yes there are good to this Healthcare, but there is a lot that needs to be re worked to make it better, the fact that our premiums are sky rocketing, simply because the Insurance companies were taken out of the equation, making the competition not there, you need the competition to keep the premiums low as the insurance companies are now fighting for your business. President Elect Trump will be working with Dr. Ben Carson on the re working of the Healthcare system, so I am confident that it will be made better for all. This is the good part of having a Business man as President, as a good Business man will surround himself with good people, to move forward with success and this makes me feel good about not just my President, but about this Country of America once again.

Now that the Election is over, we are seeing some ugliness take to the streets because their Candidate didn’t get elected? This shows just how broken this Society truly is, it also shows that through all the failed policies and the signing of some bills that made some people become dependent on the Government, hence…….. making the Government more powerful than it really should be. Now we are seeing some take to the streets, cause they fear that now they will have to find a job, as their free ride is about to come to a close. To make America great once again, doesn’t just fall on the shoulders of the President, we the People have to do our share as well and part of that is, working and paying our taxes, so we all can prosper and be free to do as we want, just like what the Constitution says and our for Father;s worked very hard ┬áto create it, so we all can live in Peace and happiness, as we always have hope and change. With a successful Business man as President, he is not bought and paid for by all the special interest groups or the Corporate companies, as they look for all the breaks, so they can make more money to which the top Executives of these companies live their exotic lifestyles and we the people struggle to make ends meet. This President has in mind the ones that matter and that is, The American People. The time is now for ” Real Change”, let’s get behind President Elect Trump, do our part as he does his, so we together can make America great once again, then we all can get back to walking our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, with prosperity with every turn.


” Real Change isn’t just taking a different route to work, or changing you under garments on a daily basis, it is all about each one of us working hard everyday to make it happen”

” America is very beautiful and we are doing nothing but make it ugly with all the failed policies and the not working together to keep it beautiful”

” The election of 2016 is behind us, time to heal as a Nation, so we can work together to make America great once again and move forward better and stronger”

” Nothing is free in this Nation, you want freedom you have to work hard at creating that freedom”


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