Fly as Free as the Eagle…….



Within this Society of today as we walk our path through this journey of life, the free have lost their wings from walking within the clouds of their judgments and becoming lost along this journey. here in the United States of America, a place where many have fought and died for all our freedoms, suddenly isn’t so Free as our Government has become to big, with many committees that have been created that really do nothing, with Public Officials that act for their own agendas over the agenda of those that put them in their office, The huge wasteful spending of the Tax Payers money, just so these officials can live their exotic lifestyle while screwing the American People even further, all the corruption and the lies within the Government, that they don’t want to except the responsibility for, then there is a healthcare that got pushed through, before it really had a chance to be scrutinized, true there are some good to it, but the bad outweighs the good and should be revised and changed, but the Government don’t really care, as they have the best care and free to them, paid for by……….. you guessed it, we the People of the United States.

The Eagle stands today as our symbol of this great Country, simply because it is large and free, to fly where it wants, when it wants. The road this Country is heading down has us all headed to less freedom and a Government that will control everything we do, when we want to do it, the time for ” Real Change” is now, before it is too late to turn off this road and move in another direction through change, so we all can be free and be better and stronger moving forward, the Great Americans before us that fought hard and perished, so that we can walk freely, are turning in their graves for what we are doing with their hard work, time to make them proud, as we make the right changes and continue where they left off.

The first place we need to start is the voting process for the President of the United States. This Electoral College needs to go. This does nothing but get the wrong person in office, as the right one may get the popular vote, but comes short of the Electoral College? Plus you have these Candidates only going to key States just so they can get the numbers needed to win the Electoral College? All this does is turns the Candidates in one direction and completely ignores the other States like they don’t even exist. All this shows is, some votes in this Country truly count, while the rest of the votes aren’t needed and a complete waste of time for the ones who vote within this great Country. All votes from all the true American Citizens within this Country, should matter and it don’t matter which State you are voting from, we the People of this great Nation work hard everyday and do our part in building this Country stronger, this should count for something and we all as American People should be counted and rewarded for our hard work, so we all can enjoy this Country, which is what our true American hero’s wanted, when they fought so hard for all our Freedoms.

America is truly the greatest Country on this Planet, as our Ancestors proved with their hard work and as they fought hard and perished from fighting for this Country, so we all can live in peace while being free, to do as we want, when we want. Right now we are doing nothing but slapping these Great Individuals in the face and moving forward like they never existed. We need to treat each other better and show more Respect of each other, We need to stop all the Hate of each other and show more Love of one another, we need to work together and treat each other as we ourselves want to be treated, we need to no matter of what your status is, treat each other equally, without demeaning each other and looking down on one another, we the People are what is wrong with this Country and we the People can change how we move forward in this Country, then the biggest thing is, not only should we Respect one another, but we should Respect the Constitution of the United States, showing the Great Americans who wrote it and the Great Americans who fought hard and perished defending it, that we to want to make and keep this Country great, so we all now and the ones in the future, can walk their paths of this journey through life, freely, peacefully and in happiness everyday.


” The Eagle is a big powerful bird that flies freely in the sky, which shows we to can fly freely along our paths of this journey through life”

” Respect, equality, love, working together, are all the qualities that made the United States great and we all need to get back to these qualities”

” The Electoral College is the farthest thing from a fair and equal election, we need to change this so all votes count just as equally”

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