The World of the Dictator no more



“The Ruler’s sneered at Jesus and said, ” he saved others, let him save himself if he is the chosen one”, the Christ of God”.

*** LK 23:35


These Ruler’s that sneered at Jesus are nothing but Dictator’s that think nothing of telling the people what to do and when to do it. This passage couldn’t fit our Society any better as a person who was the leader of Cuba for many decades has passed away, this leader I will leave nameless as he does not deserve the time, ruled his people like they were slaves to him and took everything from them. The way this Society has evolved and with all the technology we have today, there is no room for this kind of leadership, these are the dark days of our past and we need to move forward not backward, to be stronger and better as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

A Dictator does nothing for the people and does everything for his personal gain, those who think he was a great leader, clearly have become brain washed by his actions and have become blinded by the clouds of their own judgments, they say he stood up to other leaders? He only did so for one reason and that is for his own personal gain, which had nothing to do with the people he ruled which is why for years, the Citizens of Cuba tried to leave that country in many ways.

A Dictator in many ways is like a simple Bully, that tries to control us and gets us to do what they want, instead of doing what we want. They use fear and violence to control us, much like the group ISIS is doing now and when they can’t control us, then they refer to killing the ones they can’t control, so the ones that are left will bow at their every command.  Within this Society we are better than this, we are smarter than this and we can stand up to these Individuals, look them square in the eye and put the fear of God right back at them. Now I will admit from someone who was Bullied at a young age, this is very hard to do, when your Faith in yourself and your confidence in yourself has been stripped from you, to re gain your faith and confidence takes time, yes it will come back, but it also takes hard work over time, to re gain it to the point of actually standing up to anybody, looking them in the eye and showing them that they can’t hurt you no more. The pain and hurt is a whole different thing from the faith and the confidence, now your getting into burying deep inside your true feelings, so you can walk your path as normal as you think normal is? We have all gone through these feelings at one point or another, just depends on how bad you were Bullied and how you let it affect you?

A Bully and a Dictator are pretty much the same thing and if someone tells you otherwise, they really don’t know the difference and most likely have been bullied themselves? Both the Bully and the Dictator’s main goal is to control everything they can, so they can look to others as the most powerful, when in reality all they are, is just a Coward that is afraid to show their true feelings, or have buried their true feelings deep within themselves. Just like in the Animal Kingdom some species die off to make room for other species, we as Humans are no different as we to are creatures of this planet, like throughout the Animal Kingdom, The time for all the Bullies and the Dictator’s are far gone, time we all heal and unite, so we all can walk our paths in peace and happiness throughout this journey of life.


” A Bully and a Dictator are one in the same, all they want to do is control everything that they can”

” There is no room for Dictator’s in this Society, we need to heal and unite as a Society so we can move forward stronger and better”

” Fear and violence are the keys for a Bully and a Dictator, take that away and they are nothing but a Coward that will disappear”

” We have come a long way in this Society, we need not let any Bully or Dictator take from us what we worked so hard for”


Stay awake and prepare yourself



” Therefore stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come”.


***Mt 24:42


We now approach another Christmas day and with this the first day of Advent, may we all stay awake ( i don’t mean lose sleep in our lives), I mean let us all stay awake and prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior. By staying awake we all need to rid ourselves of all the hate and truly feel the love of God within our souls, he is always there and he fills our hearts with the warmth of his love, but through this Society for which we live, we are all guilty of not acknowledging him within our souls and losing Faith in his son Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a time for us all to truly feel the love of God within us and then sharing this love with each other, the first day of Advent is for us to clean our thoughts of all evil, so we then can open our hearts to the warmth of God’s love, as we stay awake to prepare ourselves of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Throughout this Society and all the evil we see everyday, this has become learned and ingrained in our minds, while the love of God is always within us and we need not learn anything, just be natural and let the love flow like water over a water fall. It is a lot harder to continue the hate and evil around us, as it is much easier to spread the love of God, simply because it is already within us to share.

The four weeks of Advent is for us to stay awake and prepare for the coming of Jesus our Savior, no we don’t have to lose sleep which will affect our jobs and our lives, but to spiritually stay awake, open our hearts and our minds to the love of God within us, let the warmth of this love fill our entire bodies, so we then can share this love with each other, as we then cleanse our thoughts of all the Evil, so we all can move forward stronger and better and as Jesus comes to us on Christmas, we then can be at true peace and happiness, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

With this being the first day of Advent and with the recent events happening around us in this Society, these are truly a sign from God and a chance for us all, to cleanse ourselves of all the Evil, like a Dictator in Fidel Castro, so the rest of us can move forward, stay awake in preparing ourselves for the good and the love of God, as Jesus our Savior will come to us on Christmas day. When we feel the warmth of God’s love within our soul and have Faith in Jesus Christ, Evil will never win over our souls and the love will always fill us with warmth and happiness always, so we then can walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life.

Hatred comes to us from somewhere and is learned as we grow into this Society, Love is always within us and is very easy for us to feel the warmth, then spread this warmth with each other, as we all walk our paths through this journey, there are cross roads in place for us to make choices, there are also life events that come to us as well, with some being bigger than others, sometimes we make bad choices from the events, then struggle to find our way out of the bad choices, during the struggle we then lose all faith in not only ourselves, but we lose all faith in Jesus Christ as well, which then leaves us with no hope of where we want to go. As we lose the faith and have no hope, our true feelings and emotions become so suppressed deep within ourselves, we then forget they are there and try to move forward, while we put forth a fake portrayal of who we truly are, we think we are alone and the only one that is struggling, but there are many out there struggling with themselves, just as you are struggling, just that we have shut ourselves off from all that is around us. The Advent season is a way for each of us to stay awake spiritually, prepare ourselves for what is to come, so we then can not only get back in touch with ourselves, but get back in touch with each other and get back the Faith in Jesus Christ, which will give us all the hope to move forward on our paths of this journey through life and be at peace in true happiness.


” Evil and hate are one in the same and are learned, as true love is within us always and is very easy to feel and spread with those around us”

” Advent is for us to spiritually stay awake, so we then can prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior”

”  Love is part of who we truly are, we feel the love of God within our souls and that same love then fills our hearts with warmth so we than can share with all that is around us”


A Day through a journey



Trekking through the Wilderness will have you go through a wide range of feelings, especially after a long day when all the trees and surroundings look the same, when you know that no two trees are a like. The journey through the Wilderness in many ways is very beautiful and will bring you back in touch with yourself as well as all that is around you. When you start out your Trek you first check the map and trail head signs, to make sure you know where you are going, but when you actually start the trek, do you truly know what to expect along the path of your choosing? Just as you set the GPS in your car, it will tell you one thing, but it won’t tell you of the construction you may come across, as this construction just happened and not when the GPS was programmed or updated, you will always encounter some kind of unknown no matter what trek or journey you embark on.

With a good long day of trekking under your belt and the sun now beginning its set into night time, we need to think about setting camp for the night, with a warm camp fire to keep the chill away and boil some water for out much needed fueling up of our bodies, for the next days journey. There are many factors to consider for a safe campsite, but our tired and weary body tells us comfort is first, so we can set the tent and our sleeping bags, then jump in to create our own warmth and shut our eyes for some much needed shut eye. Perfect a nice grassy area behind a shrub to shield the wind and the grass to act as a soft cushion to lay on, this is as perfect as you will find in an area of seclusion, time to stop and set camp, gather wood for the fire and rest the weary bones.

Sitting by the fire while the water boils for our freeze dried nutrients, you sit back and relax and as you relax you suddenly realize what true quietness really sounds like, it is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop from miles away, your thoughts in your head sound as if someone is chatting next to you, the wind going through the trees will have you turn at every gust, as the wind sounds as if someone is creeping up from the darkness. Your not used to this kind of quietness, so it kind of creeps you out at first, then you get used to it and become one with your surroundings.

The water has finally boiled and is ready to fill your bowl of freeze dried nutrients, as you sit and relax and fuel your body once again, the atmosphere of your dinner time is like nothing you will get at any five star establishment and you have to do the dishes at meals end, but you don’t care as your body is becoming fueled for the next days trek. With the body all fueled and the dishes done, you stoke the fire for the night and turn into the tent, to climb into the sleeping bag, then once you are settled it is time to rejuvenate the weary bones and ready yourself for the next days journey, a good nights sleep within the quietness of your surroundings, will have you sleeping like a Bear on a cold Winters night and help the tired weary bones recharge for the next day.

We wake to the morning birds chatting and whistling with each other, the sun rising over the peak in front of us, we let out a big sigh and yawn to stretch our very relaxed body as we think of rolling out of our sleeping bag, the cool morning dew and the warmth within our bags, has us think twice to exit, but we have to so we can start the next days journey and reach the next campsite for us to relax and unwind throughout the Wilderness. The journey through the Wilderness and the path for which we take, may be full of the unknown, but it will always stay unknown, if we don’t get out and explore all that is around us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” A day through a journey will have us explore in ways we usually would never explore, it will help us become better and stronger at all our crossroads in life”

” Trekking through the Wilderness will not only keep us in tuned with what is around us, but keep us in tuned with ourselves as well”

” True quiet may seem creepy if your not used to it, but it is the true quiet that helps us get more in tune with our inner selves”

” The sounds of nature so beautiful and relaxing, it helps us recharge as we become better and stronger moving forward”


Everything comes as a Mystery



We arrive at our destination, we know what we are going to do, but do we really know of how we will accomplish what we are to set out to do? The destination is within the mountains, we plan to hike at least one of them, but we really have no clue as to which trail we will embark on, as each trail has a sort of mystery about it, we really don’t know what to expect? As the mystery creates a sort of fear within us, that pushes us further into the Abyss of this mystery, that has us except the challenge to conquer the fear and explore all that is before us.

We look at the trail signs at the trail head, pull out the map to see just where we really are? Although this may tell us where we are, or which direction to take, this really says nothing of what we may run into along the way on this trail. Maybe erosion has washed parts of the trail away? maybe a Black Bear family has taken up Homestead along the trail? There really is no way of telling, unless we take the first step into the Abyss of this trail.

We take the first steps of our trek, find that the trail leads us deeply into a thick wooded forest, as we try to keep our eyes on the marks of the trail, we find our anxiety rises with the fear from the mystery of the trail. Some parts of the trail, from the erosion of past storms are soft and squishy beneath our feet, now that we have this mud on the sole of our feet, now we have to pay attention on not slipping and becoming hurt, while the closest Hospital is many miles away and with nobody around……. how then do we even get to the Hospital? You always need a contingent plan and then work the plan for which we planned to help us get through the beginning parts of this trail, that now has us deep within it’s Abyss.

The trail now starts to become steeper and the grade has our calf muscles getting to be like a fire inside our legs, we continue to walk this trail, cause we are now sucked into the Abyss, as well as being very intrigued , like finding that their is more to the hike, than what we really have planned. The mountain stream,  working it’s way down the mountain and becoming one with the mountain, as we step from rock to rock, to make it safely to the other side, now we become mixed as the Abyss throws a new challenge at us.

The Trek up the mountain and what the Abyss will come to teach us, go hand and hand with each other, as they both will teach us to Persevere and never give up no matter the odds against us. All trails everywhere will have us travel through the Abyss, because when we learn from God, we can move forward into the Abyss with less fear, as we explore more trails, while we walk  our paths through this journey of life.


” Walk gently into the Abyss, as it is this Abyss that will help us move forward with strength and confidence”

” The Abyss is the mystery that has us except the challenge, to conquer and explore all that is around us”


The Bowling Community travels within togetherness



Just two short days a small Bowling Center in a small rural town, brings together some of the World’s elite Bowler’s, with us ordinary folk and all for a small charity known as the High Hopes Foundation. The High Hopes is an organization similar to the Make a Wish Foundation, with the difference being, Make a Wish is World wide and High Hopes helps Children throughout the State of New Hampshire. Striker’s East Bowling Center in little Raymond, New Hampshire may be a small Bowling Center, but it’s heart beats bigger than the Heart beat of America, the team of Bowler’s throughout it’s community and for a short week end, come together to help support a great charity in the High Hopes, this proves that yes we the People can make a difference, we the People can come together and do great things as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we the People can come together in unity and work together for a great cause and if we can do it for a short week end, then why can’t we do this always and everyday, so we all can live in happiness and peace, as we walk this journey of life, sharing our love within our hearts with each other?

Like everything else the Bowling World has changed, with change you go through a wide variety of feelings, But the Bowling Community and especially the Community around Striker’s East becomes stronger. Sometimes it is not just about the game and you have to look much deeper than the game, to truly see what makes the game of Bowling so great and at Striker’s East they have done that, with the way they unite the Bowling Community for one short week end. Sometimes in any sport including Bowling, you have players that play the game because they love the game, but then it all changes as some of the players turn Professional and become elite to the sport they love, then now the money starts to come in, they get a bit more Greedier and now you think you are bigger than the game itself? I am not saying it happens to all Athletes, but it happens less within Bowling, simply because, Bowler’s play a game they love and seldom lose sight of everything around them and this shows with the Pro\Am Tournament at Striker’s East in Raymond, New Hampshire. No matter how big you become in your sport, it’s the Bowler that is always happy to give back, so others can achieve success like they did, playing a sport for which they love.

Bowling is a sport that you have to navigate around the oil that is on the alley’s within the Bowling Center, just like we navigate around our paths throughout this journey of life, it becomes a struggle and has us become frustrated at times, but if we stay strong, we can become better and prove that, no matter what you do and no matter how much you struggle, we all can move forward to be better, as we navigate through this journey of life. If a small Bowling Center in Raymond, New Hampshire named Striker’s East can unite the Bowling Community with the Elite Bowler’s (for a short week end) we see within the Professional Bowler’s Association, then why can’t we all unite throughout the paths we walk along this journey of life?


” It takes two days to unite a Bowling Community for a good cause, why can’t we all unite for the good of each of us”

” With any charity it is not about the ones that organize the charity, it is all about the ones the charity helps”

” A Bowling Community and Elite Professional Bowlers come together for a good cause, time we all come together for the good of us all”


Father time slows down in the Camping World


Not everybody goes camping, some won’t be bothered and some can’t get enough of the camping world, the ones that do camp, enjoy very much of the peace and serenity that surrounds them at every turn. We all walk a path through this journey of life and with the way that Society has become, the ones that do camp and I mean true wilderness camping, do so to escape the crazy Society, to escape the troubles of everyday lives, so for a short time they can have Father time slow down, as they truly enjoy all that is around them, with the added bonus that they can see and enjoy, what true peace and serenity really is.

We all have our issues and we bring these issues to each other throughout Society, which makes our Society so troubled. Through these issues we….. whether we acknowledge it or not, bring much pain and hurt to ourselves as well as each other, we push our views and what we think is the right way on each other, then when others don’t see our views we then, become angry and do whatever we can, to try to bring each other down, so we then can seem more powerful over each other? This is what our Society has become and we each throughout this Society are totally responsible for the whole mess. Just because you don’t get what you want, or you don’t get your way, is not a reason good enough to go out and bring much pain and hurt to all the others of this Society, in some ways we need to get back to the simple life, learn from a time that……. yes they worked hard to get what they wanted in life, but they did it in a way of, mutual RESPECT for each other, without bringing another down and without bringing hurt or pain to each other. We are supposed to enjoy this journey while we are here walking it and enjoy everything around us, we are not supposed to bring hatred and chaos to this journey, to make the journey difficult with much pain and hurt, to those that are around us.

The Camping World in the true wilderness around us, is a place for us to go to unwind, to clear our heads of all the crap, let Father time slow down so we than can enjoy the peace and serenity and totally see just what it means, to enjoy this journey through life and enjoy everything around us, showing us that there is good around us throughout all the crap that engulfs us. We the People are the problem in this Society and we the People can be the solution as well, all we need to do is, see all the good around us and let go of all the bad. True it may seem hard as the bad has engulfed all our lives, but it is really quite simple as we all get back in touch, with who we truly are.

The good, the bad, the ugly, they are all part of this journey through life, we as People walking a path through this journey, have to do a better job at determining between each and then, enjoying all that is around us, by showing our love of one another, knowing when we need some time to get away, so we then can move forward better and stronger, as we all walk a path through this journey of life.


” True wilderness camping isn’t just going outside, it is getting back in touch with who we truly are”

” Father time slows down so we can truly enjoy what is around us and truly enjoy the peace and serenity”

” Some may not like camping, only because they don’t take the time to truly enjoy everything about it”


A White Winter blanket

early winter


The white blanket of the winter so white and so soft,

The white Winter blanket coming to a driveway and yard near you soon,

With the white Winter blanket brings cold days to wrap up in multi layers,

The white Winter blanket covers the ground to help the spring thaw and rejuvenation,

Some may like the ground cover to be green, as others like the white,

The white Winter blanket brings different outside activities to enjoy,

When we roll around on the white blanket we find it to be very cold,

The blanket may cover the ground but it is not the type to cover us for warmth,

Walking on the white blanket may be tricky as we find we sink within it,

After a fresh white blanket drops from the sky, it makes all so beautiful,

Then after the beauty, time to get to work in clearing the white blanket from the driveway,

The white blanket wasn’t meant to be driven on, as it then becomes padded down and slick,

With the White blanket it makes for a very special day on Christmas day,

The white blanket on Christmas eve makes for a soft landing for Santa Claus,

Skiers love the white blanket as they go up the mountain and ski down,

Then there are the Alpine skiers who use the blanket to trek through the woods,

You like engines then go out and Snowmobile on top  of a White blanket,

You need a very deep and thick blanket to navigate the trails for the Ski-Doo,

There is a lot to do on the white blanket, just have to go out and do them,

You can’t have Winter without a white blanket just as you can’t have the blanket without winter,

The white Winter’s blanket comes to us all as the cold winter air chills us to the bone,

The cold Winter days brings this white Winter blanket as we all walk our path through this journey of life.


” Survival skills in the wilderness you can melt down the white blanket on the fire to make drinking water, just stay away from the Yellow variety.

” The white blanket of Winter covers the ground with real beauty especially on Christmas day.

” The white blanket of the Winter comes from the sky and covers all with the beauty of a White Winter’s day”

A True Christmas Miracle



With yet another Holiday season approaching, this time of year brings out the best and the worst within us all. Depression is one way for some to go through, what is supposed to be a joyful time of year, others may just put up a fake front and simply survive just to get through this time of year, while the rest are truly happy and enjoy everything about this time of year. None the less the true spirit of the Holidays and especially Christmas, are the Miracles that warm our hearts and bring joy to our faces.

Thanksgiving……. A Holiday that we all are thankful of something in our lives, a time for some to come back home and enjoy a home cooked meal with the family and catch up on the special times for which they missed, a time to come home and enjoy the company of past friends that they haven’t seen for some time, With this fast paced Society of today, none of us do a whole lot of this anymore and is reason why, we are a broken Society today. I remember as a child, not only did the immediate family sit down nightly at the dinner table together, but on Sunday’s after Church, we all gathered with entire family, to enjoy each others company and have dinner all as one. Now it is just one day of the year and that day is Thanksgiving. Just maybe to heal us from this broken Society, we should all have more Thanksgiving meals throughout the year, instead of just one day of the year, then maybe we all can heal and walk our paths of this journey through life, in happiness and be at peace finally in our lives.

Christmas time is a time we should cherish with our families together, sit around the Christmas tree together and talk deeply with each other and not make it just about           (what did you get for me), Christmas should be more of the giving and less of the receiving, when someone gives you a gift, it should fill your heart with warmth, as this shows the love of each other and the fact that you were thought of in a special way. The true Christmas miracle is the love that warms your heart, the having Faith that your miracle will come true and then the Hope to keep that Faith alive. Some may lose sight of the miracle, simply because they have lost the Faith, which then the Hope disappears as well,  within this fast paced Society of today and the fact that some will make fun of you, because they themselves have lost their Faith in their miracle, so they don’t want to see another keep their Faith in theirs, this is why we are a broken Society and why we don’t interact properly with each other anymore. We all have our issues with some being greater than others, these issues will have us lose our Faith in our miracles if we let them, when we lose the Faith then there is no Hope that there is any miracle at all. A true Christmas miracle is deep within our souls all the time, it is when we lose Faith in ourselves, we then have no Hope for any miracle coming to us and warming our hearts with love. The true miracle is the way we walk our paths of this journey, keeping the Faith, so we then can have Hope of everything around us, while we be at peace with each other and become happy with a smile everyday of our lives.


” The true miracle is not just at the time of Christmas, it is having the Faith in ourselves, giving us the Hope of the greatest miracle”

” A true miracle is like that special song, they fill our hearts with the warmth of love that we then share with each other”

” The Holiday season should bring out the love of each other, not divide or depress us into isolation”

” Being thankful for all we have is a lot more than just being thankful for a game on our computers”


Perseverance will see you through the hate

Forest Flowers

” You will be Hated by all because of my name, but not a hair on your head will be destroyed. By your Perseverance you will secure your lives”

LK 21:17-19


We all walk a path through this journey of life, we also share the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts, with this love and our own Perseverance, there is nothing that will come before us on our path, that will destroy us. The destruction of this Hatred we see today, simply comes from each of us not having the confidence in ourselves, or the confidence in Jesus Christ our Savior and the one who who laid down his life for each of us, so we can learn from him on the way to the path of righteousness.

Through all this ugliness around us and especially here in the United States of America after an ugly election, you can see that we are a Nation that needs major healing, we are a Nation that has lost Faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, which leaves us no Hope of which direction we want to turn? The American People have spoken and we have elected a new President and it wasn’t even close, once this new President officially takes the oval office, that is the time we the People need to come together in unity and fully support our new President, so we all can heal our wounds, feel the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts and share this love with each other. We are Americans and we are the greatest Country on this Planet, it is time we get back to who we truly are, so we all can move forward better and stronger, through peace and happiness.

God our Father has sent his one and only son to us all, to teach us and show us, if we walk our paths as we truly are, feel his love within our hearts and then share this love with each other, plus share our true empathy that is within us, with each other then there is no Hate or ugliness that will ever destroy us. We are not just Americans of a Country, we are Humans like all others around the World and as Humans, we are a part of all Mankind. When we as Humans flourish and move forward with confidence, there is no space within any of our lives for hate, this hate is learned from somewhere and we all need to come together in unity, to wipe this hatred clean from all our paths.

Perseverance is the strength and it is the strength that is within each one of us, no matter of who you are. This Perseverance will help us through anything that may come before us along our paths, it will also help keep the ugliness or the bumps from harming us, in order for this Perseverance to be effective for us, we need first to acknowledge it within ourselves, then let the confidence guide us as the perseverance helps us to be stronger and better moving forward. Never under estimate the power of Perseverance, as it is this power that keeps us from all harm and keeps us safe, from anything that wants to harm us, as we walk our paths along this journey through life.


” The love of Jesus Christ is within all our hearts and it is what gives us confidence to feel the strength of perseverance to overcome anything”

” No matter who you are or where you are from, we all need healing at some point in our lives, that is where the confidence and perseverance within us help us move forward better”

” Our confidence will guide us, as our perseverance will give us the strength to overcome anything in our lives”



A Message that will never end……..


” A message for us all to stop all the hate, share our love that’s within ourselves, so we can move forward in peace and happiness”


I am going to keep sharing this picture of this young boy of eight year old Martin Richard, who was taken from us way too early and was a victim of the senseless tragedy, that was the Boston marathon bombing. This young boy in so many ways,was more mature than any one of us within this Society, for him to make this sign totally shows that he he was more grown up than what his age said and with all the ugliness around us, shows just how Childish some of us are within this Society.

We just elected a new President here in America and it wasn’t even close. This election wasn’t about any Political party, it was totally about the true silent majority American Citizen, being pissed off at how our so called leaders were leading us and in a direction of no return. The People have spoken but some in this country can’t handle the outcome, so they have turned to the streets, to disrupt the lives of the rest of us, Really!!! It is time for us all to grow up, show more love and respect of each other, unite with each other before it’s too late and as Martin Richard looks down on us, make him proud as we honor his words and his message, so we all can move forward in peace and happiness, throughout this journey of life.

We all have our struggles and we all are faced with some difficult challenges, but yet not all of us bring these struggles and challenges to those around us, as we are too busy fixing what is wrong, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, while others simply give up and blame everything else, instead of excepting what is wrong, taking responsibility and truly fixing what is wrong, so they too can move forward stronger and better, unless we all take more responsibility and respect each other, this ugliness will never go away, we are all equal within this journey of life, time we all start acting mature and  seeing this equality, or we will never be at peace and we will never be at true happiness.

Martin Richard might of been a young boy when he was taken from us, but he was so much more mature than some within this Society. This journey through life may not come with a text book, but it really is not that hard to walk through, all we have to do is, walk it correctly, respect all that is around you, take the love of God that is within us all and share it with each other, show more empathy of each other, so we than can walk our paths in peace and walk through this journey of life in true happiness.


” ” No more hurting people…………peace” A quote from an eight year old boy, that was taken from us too early and we all should live this quote everyday in his memory”

” Let us all remember this message and spread it like wildfire throughout all within this society”

” We all have our struggles, we all have our challenges, let us all fix what we need so we can move forward stronger and better”

” True strength is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it so we can move forward with confidence”