A Society lost within the clouds of judgment


This Society for which we all walk our paths of this journey through life, is so clouded within our judgments, that none of us can simply move forward without getting in each others way. Seriously now!!! I have never in my lifetime seen a Presidential Election, as dirty as this one, with all the mud slinging and accusations. come on people!!! Lets start using that Common Sense that we all have within us, that also has become lost within the clouds.

“My Theory is, if you can’t get elected to any office on your merits, than you should not be running for that office, or any office for that matter”.

The last eight years has been nothing but broken promises, okay there might of been some good, but the bad out weighs the good, but yet our so called leaders are selling it to us as it has been great the past eight years? Now you have one Candidate that all she wants is to become the first Woman President and will do what ever it takes to achieve that. Then you have another Candidate that is not a Politician, but a very successful Business man, now the way this Country has gone over the last eight years, I am leaning toward the Business man? Simply because maybe we should treat this Country as a Business and really fix the economy, so we can reduce the deficit and bring jobs back to the American worker once again, not too mention rebuilding our depleted Military from the past eight years.

I totally understand our Country was based on Immigration, but Immigration done the right way and if the word ” Illegal” is before the word ” Immigration”, than you are doing something wrong.  I am totally for shutting the borders for a short time, fix what we need to fix, then reopen the right way, so we all can move forward stronger and better than before. When I say fix what needs to be fixed, that includes keeping companies from leaving this Country and stranding thousands or even millions without a job, all because the company wants cheaper labor in another country? Plus that Company then sells their product back here, for even more money than it is really worth, only a true Businessman who knows how too close a deal and can fix this as he knows just how to achieve this problem.

This whole Country is going to Hell in a hand basket and quicker then we care to acknowledge, if we don’t do anything Now. This country of America is a far different country from the time I was a young boy and the direction it is going is backwards instead of forward. The biggest reason for this you ask? We don’t use our Common Sense anymore, or should I say it is not very Common anymore? Greed is also a big part in the direction of this country and the ones that are suppose to be leading us, have totally forgotten about the ones who voted them into office, so they can become even more Greedier, by robbing all us working folk, of all our hard earned money.

All our Veterans from years past are turning in their graves, as the Country they fought so hard for, so we all can be free, is quickly becoming not so free anymore, unless your willing to play the same power game, that is going on right now within the capital of this country in Washington D.C. All our so called leaders are bought and paid for by the Special Interest groups, so they can call the shots, instead of us the people, that vote these leaders into office, another reason why we need a successful Businessman as President, cause he is bought and paid for by no one and can help turn this Country around and moving forward in the right direction.

You also have a very Liberal Biased Media and they will do and say anything, just to get their Candidate elected and that includes all the negative/Hate ads that we see on our television screens, but don’t get me started on this topic as this will be for another blog, because these media types won’t stop at anything and that includes printing or saying facts that are untrue, then hide behind the first amendment? What makes them mightier than the hard working Individuals that, actually run this country with their blood, sweat and tears?    Come on people………. It’s time to wake up, smell the coffee of reality and get back to the Common Sense that is within us all, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” A Presidential election like no other, full of hatred and mud slinging, instead of the facts to get a country back on the tracks of prosperity”

” Common Sense is just that common……. but nobody uses what is within us all anymore”

” Liberal Biased Media needs to be called out for what they are and start being equally fair right down the middle once again”

” If you can’t publish the facts then you really shouldn’t publish anything anymore”


The Mountain top experience without climbing a Mountain



” And one of them realizing he had been healed, glorifying God in a loud voice, and he fell at the feet of Jesus then thanked him, he was a Samaritan”

** LK 17:15-16


You really don’t have to hike up a mountain in order to have a mountain top experience, this experience is the rush of adrenaline you get when you reach the summit of any mountain, feeling the high of the hard work you just went through, to get to the summit, that feeling of Wow!!! I made it through the rigorous  trail to get to this point of true beauty. This journey of life is very similar in the way that, we all walk our paths through this journey of life, we all go through our highs as well as our lows, but when we do it correctly, we all can feel the Wow!!! of a journey well walked.

The Samaritan is of someone that we today within this Society, think of being low man on the totem pole, the one that really shouldn’t have a say in anything, but it is the hard work of this Samaritan that pushes this Society forward, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life with great strength, to be better from Society to Society. The Samaritan as they work hard in their lives are the ones that make their mistakes. then learn from their mistakes and continue moving forward, while still others become someone they truly are not and then think that they themselves are more powerful than the rest. We all make mistakes, but when we let them stock pile, without fixing them as they come, that is when we become someone we are not, while moving forward and then regret later of our faults. To truly have that Mountain top experience, we first have to admit our faults, admit we are Human and have the faith in Jesus, so he can forgive us of our faults, so we can truly move forward better and stronger.

This journey of life has its moments of joy and sadness, it also will reward those who walk their journey correctly and that reward comes in the way of, The Wow factor you feel as you reach the top of the mountain, without even hiking at all. This Wow feeling  is of, a feeling you have when you have been healed of all your wrongs, so you then drop to your knees, while thanking Jesus for all he has done for you and has forgave you for all you have done. This Wow feeling and the mountain top experience, it can not happen if we don’t have complete faith in Jesus as well as ourselves, so then the hope can be the reward that, keeps us stronger and better.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, a lot of times we stray from truly walking our paths as we become fragile from all the bumps and bruises along the path. This is when we become some one we truly are not, as we move forward hiding the real pain and hurt that has come to us, through this hidden pain and hurt, keeps us from achieving that mountain top experience and then regretting it later, through our regrets we will never be Wowed from anything, let alone having that mountain top experience, that helps us all heal from truly walking our paths along this journey of life, while we truly never lose who we are and become better and stronger moving forward.


” Regret is something we all go through, but to get through the regret correctly is something we all don’t do correctly”

” The mountain top experience is a feeling we all have within, when Jesus forgives us from our wrongs, so we then can move forward better and stronger”


” The Samaritan is the worker that works hard and helps pushing everybody around them to be better, the one that fixes their wrongs quietly and moves forward with their actions speaking loudly”


Change will come to all of us along our Journey of Life…..


” This is a post that I wrote a couple years ago and I chose this pix as it used to be home of the Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire. With a few tweaks this post shows that through change, we all can walk our paths peacefully, while being happy along our journey of life”

” This journey through life really is too short to have it bring us great pain and sorrow, but through change and done correctly, we all can walk our paths in peace and be stronger and better moving forward”



Our Journey of life is far different, than any journey or trek we take, in a vacation sort of way, a vacation is a journey that we set up and control, so we can get away from reality for a bit and unwind to also relax, a Journey we all walk through life, is reality and a journey that we can’t control where we go, only walk the journey correctly, in order to make it a safe and happy passage.

Throughout this Journey of life, we as Humans go through many changes, these changes comes to us in many different ways, these changes can also be very ugly for us if we let them control our being, as these changes come to us, yes we will not accept them at first, that is perfectly okay, it is a natural feeling within all of us, when we are resistant to these changes, is when we become something we truly are not, if God thought these changes were bad for us, he wouldn’t allow these changes to come to us along our journey of life.

Change is good for the soul, if we handle them correctly and learn to accept, instead of not acknowledging that they happen for a reason, to help us be better and stronger moving forward on our paths of our journey of life.

The Journey of our vacations, is very different than our journey of life, the journey of life is all our realities and how we walk our paths through life, these changes come to us at the cross roads of our paths, God puts them there for us to see them, but it is up to us to truly see them and to acknowledge them, so we can accept them and make our journeys better and stronger moving forward, there is so much more to life than all the materialistic things we acquire, it is the spiritualistic things that drive us to walking our journey being safe, while moving forward with the strength to be better, not just for ourselves, but for all we meet along our journey.

When change comes to us, it happens in many ways, sometimes change is needed and sometimes it is unwanted, but what makes all change very ugly, is us as Humans not accepting it and resisting it, which makes us become bitter and become something/someone we are truly not.

Change is something we all go through along our journeys, change could be something very simple to us, like not putting sugar in your coffee, or other change can be very difficult, like a lifestyle change, which the latter is usually the one most likely to be resisted, but when we  resist this change, is the start of us moving forward being someone we are not and not truly  being ourselves, another type of change we deal with is, when a life event happens to us, these events come to us in many ways, just like change comes to us,  these events can be very emotional and painful to us as well, which is when we change ourselves in ways that truly isn’t who we are, change will happen to all of us as we walk our paths, it is part of the journey that God try’s to guide us into the right direction, it is how we deal with the change that makes us into who we are, the choice is always given to us by God, we can either accept or resist the change, but each will either make our paths along our journey of life be very emotional and much pain, or we can be in peace to be better and stronger moving forward.

” Change is a part of life, we can accept or resist, then either way we have to live with our choice, by becoming someone we truly are not”

” Change can be ugly, or change can be beautiful, the choice is ours to make as we walk our journeys of life”

” God puts this change at our crossroads of our paths, the choice is ours to accept or resist all these changes”

True Primitive camping



” Claim your own little Island for a week of true primitive camping, for a real adventure of rest and relaxation”


Your own piece of solitude for a short time to enjoy and see the true beauty all around you everyday. Throughout the Northern woods of Maine there are plenty of different sizes of lakes and ponds, all over these bodies of water there are different size islands everywhere, some already have camps on them, but there are still a lot that are uninhabited. All that is needed is a sense of adventure and a boat to gather your gear, for a great week of true primitive camping.

No electricity, no running water and make your heat by building a campfire, some may say no way? But yet there are others that will jump at the chance to completely get away from all the crap that surrounds them within this Society. Once you get to your Island, search for the perfect spot to set your camp, then set up camp and gather enough wood for the fire and chop the bigger logs into smaller logs for the fire to burn for hours, the rest is just maintaining, while you completely enjoy your home away from home, or your own piece of peace and serenity.

As you wake at the break of dawn, you can put a pot of coffee on the fire, place a camp chair on the side of the island that gives you the best vantage point, for viewing a beautiful sunrise and watch the sun wake up with you. Maybe if your lucky enough see a Moose or a Bear by the waters edge, fishing for their breakfast, or even bathing in the water? Then as you look out into the lake, maybe even seeing an Eagle diving into the water for its breakfast as well, this is what true beauty really is and why God created this Earth, so we can all enjoy it’s true beauty every where we turn.

Throughout this Society we get so engulfed within the crap and the working to make ends meet, that we totally forget about the real true beauty that is around us. We forget how to truly live and explore deeply what is around us, simply because through the crap brings us pain and hurt, which has us staying within a comfortable rut that we know, in order to keep the pain and hurt from growing bigger and hurting even more than we like. As we get stuck within the rut we then throw away the ladder, so we can’t get out to explore the true beauty that is around us.

Now as we explore our little Island and become familiar with our surroundings, we notice that the sun has moved across the sky, to the other side of the island. We then go grab the camp chair and place it at the best vantage point to see a beautiful sunset and have our breathe taken away, from the beauty before our eyes. As the sun sets we then turn to the campfire and stoke it for the cool night that has come upon us. Now as we sit by the fire staring deeply into the glowing coals, every now and then we look to the night sky and look at all the stars throughout the sky, this is a sight we can not see in the city lights back home, so we now see something very different as we now try to name the stars and planets that we do know. While sitting beneath the night sky and listening to the quietness all around us, we suddenly hear a few Loons chatting to each other, maybe a few coyotes howling to the moon, or even some Owl’s chatting to each other from one side of the lake to the other? the beauty of true primitive camping is upon us and as we sit back in our chairs in front of the fire, we totally become relaxed and fully enjoy our own little Island, which we only thought before within our dreams, sleeping in our beds within our homes.


” An Island of dreams can truly become a reality if we want it to and when we are ready to explore and take on some true primitive camping”

” Some may say no to the world of true primitive camping, but they truly don’t know what they are missing”

” To us primitive camping is a lot of hard work, but for the ones like the Native American Indian, it was a way of life and survival”


Depression… the hidden disease



This quote by the late Stuart Scott can be used in so many different ways, if you change the word Cancer and replace it with the word Depression, it works just as well, It shows that no matter the circumstance of which what your going through, there are similarities that helps us walk our paths through this journey of life.

When we mention the word Depression today, we automatically think of someone being Mental and needs to be in a Facility and locked down? On the contrary, Depression affects around 350,000,000 million people within this Society and most are what is known as, ” highly functional Depression”. When you stop at the Barista for your morning coffee and are waited on by the cashier, you don’t know that this person struggled to get out of bed and with headaches daily? But yet they chat with you on a TV show from last night, they look as normal as normal we think is? The late Robin Williams is prime example, as he used comedy to escape the pain of Depression.

This type of Depression affects more people in this Society than we care to acknowledge. Depression comes from a chemical in balance in the brain and we are all subject to it, as it does not discriminate. You could look on the outside as very successful, with plenty of money and a very good job, the big house with a family and all the toys, but yet you suffer in private with major headaches, troubles with keeping it together and a low energy level that sometimes has you struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

Depression is the silent killer, only because we suffer in private and we don’t want others to know that we are less than they think we are. It could be some one close to you like a family member, a close friend or a co worker, you don’t know who could be suffering from this silent killer, which is why we need to always show our empathy, that is within us all, with each other, as just maybe we can help without knowing, someone get through their day, much easier than other days they may have.

Just because someone on the outside looks very well off and is always going on a trip, or looks like they have a lot of money, doesn’t mean they are not struggling on the inside, you are not inside them and can’t determine just by looking. They could be a very high Functioning person with Depression? For us to judge them and alienate them cause they are not like us, is wrong simply cause you just don’t know. There is to much of this judging going on around us and reason why we see all this ugliness within our Society today. If we could only just get a long, show more empathy of each other, just maybe we all could walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and within true happiness everyday of our existence.


Depression is the silent killer, because the ones who suffer are afraid to come our as being different then the rest of us”

” As a high functioning person suffering Depression, you don’t have to hide behind closed doors anymore”

” The next time you go to the Barista, don’t just order your coffee, share your empathy as you might just be helping someone out”

” Depression is a chemical in balance in the brain and we are all subject to this in balance”


Through Faith there will be Hope


” The Apostles said to the Lord, ” Increase our Faith”, The Lord replied, ” If you have Faith the size of a mustard seed, you would say to this Mulberry tree, ” Be uprooted and planted in the sea and it would obey you”, “.

LK 17:5-6


” When you have Faith the Hope will never leave you, then you can have the confidence to over come and the strength to do anything along your path of this journey through life”



When you have complete Faith in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, There will always be Hope for anything you want and do along your path, but when you lose the Faith, then you lose Hope and become lost within the clouds of your judgments.

Faith is a powerful source within us all, it helps us stay strong even through the times we need to be strong the most. A lot of times we have these Life events that come before us on our paths, we don’t know truly of how to deal with them, so we then bury them deep within us to keep the pain and hurt they bring, from hurting us on the outside, but that pain and hurt never leaves us, as it stays within us as we try to move forward on our paths. Because we don’t deal properly with the Life events, we then suppress our true feelings and emotions so deep within ourselves, we then become numb of everything around us.

Being numb of everything around us will have us becoming someone we truly are not and have us walk our path of this journey through life with no confidence of anything we do, without the confidence we will never be as strong as we think we are, we will never be as good as we could be and we will become lost within the clouds of our judgments. When we are lost within the clouds, we will never see the true beauty around us and will always be negative of everything. Negativity breeds the unnatural thoughts of Hatred we see today, it is our Love that is within us, that is truly natural to all of us, only that we have buried it deep within, with our true feelings and emotions.

We all go through no matter what path you chose, trials and tribulation. These trials and tribulations come in the form of our life events, and all the bumps that will bruise us along our path. When we hit these bumps in our paths, not only will they bruise us, they will knock us down and unless we pick ourselves up correctly? We will never fix properly our troubles, we will never remove the pain and hurt totally from within us and we will never walk our paths with confidence, as we will always be lost within the clouds of our judgments. This journey through life has many paths within it and we pick which path we want to walk, we don’t pick the the life events that come to us along our path, but when we deal properly with the events, we can always be at peace with them and never lose sight of who we truly are. The one thing within us that we all have in common is our Faith, with this Faith the Hope will always be with us to achieve whatever we set out to do, Jesus taught us all this when he came and walked his path with us along this journey of life, but being so far removed from this time, you then have a lot of doubt that enters in with us along the paths we walk today, then with all the doubt we have within this Society, you now have so many walking within the clouds of their judgments and becoming someone for which they truly are not, which then has us all walking our paths of this journey through life, seeing all the ugliness around us and hiding our true selves deep within, in order to try to move forward with our own lives. We have all become so self centered that we only see what we want to see, which leaves us never seeing the true beauty that is around us and has us all walking within the clouds of our judgments.

Within this true beauty around us, is us being truly of who we are, we ourselves having complete Faith in ourselves, so the Hope will never leave us and we will always show the true feelings and emotions that is within us with each other, as we do this we will always feel the love of Jesus within our hearts and share this love with each other, so all this hate will cease to exist, Then we all can get back to walking our paths peacefully and happily through this journey of life.


” Faith and Hope go together like peas in a pod, you can never have one without the other without turmoil coming to your life”

” The journey of Jesus Christ may be so far removed from all of us in today’s Society, but with the Faith staying strong within us we will never lose sight and always be truly of who we are”


The Lonesome Loon



The sound of the Loon so awesome and a one of a kind sweet sound,

it’s a hard sound to describe forget about trying to make the sound of the Loon,

The Loon is truly a beautiful bird that swims through the water quietly,

The Loon also swims under water and for distance as well as a mere dunk,

The Loon is a great Fisherman as he makes it look easy with no bait,

The Loon likes his peace with the serenity at every turn.



The Lonesome Loon may not be lonesome at all with all the beauty around,

For the Loon enjoys his surroundings so much,

he sings with enjoyment and for us to relax from the sounds of nature,

The call of the Loon can be heard all around the lake.



True primitive wilderness camping has a beauty of its own,

The camping deep in the woods will have plenty to watch for,

The Moose…The Bear Oh my!!! will alone keep you on your toes,

Which is why the Loon relax’s us with it’s beautiful voice.

The background of the mountains keeps the beauty fresh,

then as we watch the sunset and sunrise over the mountains,

Enhances the beauty even more.


The joy of camping is in itself the best time spent for all,

Add in all the wildlife… the mountains…and peacefulness,

Now it becomes a whole new level of beauty to relax.


Camping for some may be in an RV with the comforts of home,

but true primitive camping gets you back in touch with Nature,

as well as back in touch with who we truly are.


The campfire at night becomes the center piece of the camp site,

staring into the Abyss of the center of the flame,

watching the coals glow and flicker inside the center,

as you yourself become hypnotized by the glowing coals,

you then become so relaxed that you fall asleep for a short nap,

Then when you awake and the fire has died down,

you then add another log and repeat the Abyss of the flame.


True primitive camping is the only way to fully relax,

as we get back in touch with what is truly around us,

to watch and listen to the Loon sing happily by,

then watch the sunset and sunrise over the mountain,

is nothing short of spectacular and will take your breathe away,

just to sit by the water and listen to the sound of peace and serenity,

is enough to soothe the soul and help you heal the wounds from Society,

To get away and leave your troubles behind will alone lift the weight,

of Society from your shoulders and have you feel much lighter.


Society will have us all uptight with anger and bitterness,

simply because a Society of many brings with it much drama and negativity,

when we escape to the wilderness and within the peace and serenity,

watch the wildlife in their habitats and see the true beauty around us,

that is when we can actually feel the weight of anxiety lift from our shoulders,

removing the burden of the Society from our souls even for a short time,

this is something we all need to experience at some time throughout,

this journey of life, so we can become better and stronger as we walk our paths,

then we all can see the true beauty instead of the ugliness within Society.


” True primitive camping may not be for some, but it will help us all become better and stronger moving forward along our paths of this journey”

” To stare into the Abyss of the hot coals of the campfire, will alone hypnotize you into real relaxation”

” The Loon is a quiet bird that sings beautifully as we listen in awe”