Peace and Serenity along the Shoreline



The Rocky shore may be a bit rough on the bare feet with each step,

When you wear good sandals then it helps you walk and enjoy the beauty around you,

Walking the shore as far as you can see you listen to the water slapping the rocky shore,

The more choppy the water the harder the waves slap the rocks as you watch with glaring eyes,

The sound of the water on the rocks is all part of the sounds of nature’s chorus,

As the water makes it sounds on the rocks the breeze is also making noise through the trees,

as the wind travels through the trees you hear the crackling of the branches as they sway in the air,

Then there is the swooshing of the air traveling through the leaves as the leaves wave hello,

Then the air itself as it blows in the wind whistling by as we walk along the rocky shore,

You add in the sounds of the Wild life throughout Nature now there is an Orchestra as we walk,

The Loons floating and singing within the depths of the lakes ,

The grunting of the Moose on the shore with an occasional bear for a new dimension,

These are the sounds that bring peace and serenity to us all as we enjoy in relaxation,

These are the sounds that helps us clear the crap out of our minds as we walk along the shore,

True Wilderness camping deep within the woods of nature is where it’s at,

it is where you totally relax and unwind from the crap of the Society for which we live,

It is the place that we go to totally get away and find who we truly are deep inside,

Simply because there are no distractions to side track us along our journey,

We don’t have a set time to wake up to, as our biological clocks gets back in sync,

We do as we feel and if we want to do nothing but sit by the camp fire than so be it,

Through all the crap around us within this Society this is something we all need to get back to,

Recharge our inner core, get back in touch with the sounds of nature,

So we then can get back in touch with the sounds of our inner selves,

Which will help us walk our paths with strength and become better,

With confidence along this journey of life.


” The rocky shore may look a bit rough, but it will heal us as we walk it’s rough shore”

” The sounds of nature are like an Orchestra of instruments that make beautiful music”


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