Through the Lies there is real Truth



We as a Society have evolved through the decades, into something that we are all in jeopardy of falling through the thin ice of life. We have all lied to one another at one point or another, these lies either being a small white lie, or a lie so big, we then have to continue the lie because we have no way out of it. When we continue the lies we then become someone we truly are not, we think we have control of our situation and our feelings or emotions, but we are only furthering our lies not just to others but of ourselves as well. This is one of the biggest reasons why we as Individuals and we as a Society hurt with real pain today, as others become wise to all the lies, they then alienate the one telling the lie and want nothing to do with these People, eventually the lies bring you to a World of Isolation and low self worth.

We are all guilty of these lies at one point or another, but the ones more guilty are our elected officials. These Individuals have made their careers built on lies, they look us in the eye and tell us one thing to get our vote, then stab us in the back with the reality of the office for which they hold. All our elected officials are Lawyers and what do Lawyers do best? They lie, they will say anything in order to get their Client off from whatever they have done, these Lawyers lie so much, they themselves wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the back side of the Anatomy. These Lawyers make a lot of money on furthering the lies and we the People see this, but yet we do nothing to stop it? Then these Lawyers run for an office, whether within the State they are in, or whether it’s within the Federal Government, they base their campaigns on these lies and try to dupe us the People, so they can further screw us, as they go against us in the office that they get elected to.

This election year of 2016 is all the proof we need, to see all the corruption and lies that our elected officials have sold us over the decades, this corruption is not limited to one party, it is throughout both the parties of the Democrats and the Republicans. Now with all the lies being told throughout our so called Leadership, we the People have no idea of who to trust anymore and have lost total faith in the system and with no faith their will never be hope. Trust, Faith and Hope are what helps us move forward better and stronger and without them, we are all lost within the clouds of our judgments.

Through the World of Political Correction their is nothing but more lies and the not admitting to the wrongs, not to mention the fact we are so scared to offend anyone, we say nothing at all? We are all guilty of doing things, then not stepping up and excepting what we did, when we do this we are doing nothing but keeping the lie going. Then when a Candidate like Trump comes along, who shoots from the hip and cares nothing for the Political Correct World we are in, we have no idea on how to handle him, so we then take to hating him and hope he goes away? As much as he may be a bit rough around the edges, he does have America’s best interests at heart and more so then Hillary Clinton, as she is doing nothing but furthering the corruption and the lies, I have no idea how she can keep giving her speeches, looking into the camera and telling us things that she will never do? Although her lies may be coming top a screeching halt, as the FBI has ignored Obama’s order and is now reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. The lies, corruption and the Political Correction is not of who we truly are, it is time we all restore the trust, faith and hope of not just each other, but within this Society as well, so we all can move forward along our paths of this journey through life, to be better and stronger, as we live our lives peacefully and full of happiness throughout our existence.


” Political Correction has made us all weak as we do nothing but further the lies within it”

” Stop dancing around the fire as sometimes you need to get burned, in order to feel real pain then become better and stronger from the pain”

” The lies and the corruption are not truly of who we are, then why don’t we stop them in their tracks so we all can move forward in peace”

” Trust, Faith and Hope are what we need to move forward better and stronger, time we restore these Traits within ourselves and our Society”


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