A Troubled Society

” A Society is only as strong as the People within the Society, when the People are troubled, then the Society has troubles only bigger with many People within it”


This Election 2016 has become the biggest Clown and Pony show of my lifetime so far, with all the other Countries simply laughing at us all, because we the People are letting it happen and not standing up to these Clowns running for office. We the working People who with our blood, sweat and tears, are the ones who run this Country and vote in our Leaders. Vote is the word of the day, because we need to vote smarter and wiser, instead of voting for a Candidate, just for popularity reasons. All this crap we see today and the mess this Country is in, goes back a couple decades of elected officials and their failed actions, or non actions. This is not a Republican or Democrat thing, this is a thing by each and every one of us within a Society over these years, it is on us the People for voting in the wrong officials, as much as it is on the so called Leaders, for not doing the job they said they would when they were looking for our vote. Then you add in all the corruption and greed, with the fact that our leaders have become career Politicians, that have become bought by every special interest group out there, just to bye votes in their favor, ┬áthis whole system stinks like a freshly hit skunk on the side of the road, which is why we the People can “change” and I mean really ” change” the course this Country is on, simply by making a smarter and well informed vote on November 8th.

Most of this crap we are hearing of this election of 2016 is being brought to us by a very corrupt left biased Media, which makes it that much more important for us the People to weed through the crap and get to the true facts of each of the Candidates. Now each Candidate has their flaws and one is more corrupt then the other, plus the fact that each one has their own agenda for running for the highest office in the land, this makes it that much more important for us the People to do our own investigation of each Candidate, see which one is more in tune with us the hard working Individual, which Candidate has America in their blood and heart and which Candidate, totally has the stamina to keep up with the hardest job on the Planet, not too mention deal with the Congress and the Senator’s, who are all bought by the special interest groups and will only vote on Bills that affect them and not us the People that put them there.

All these so called Leaders that have become career Politicians will do and say what we want to hear just so they can get our vote, then once in office they will stab us in the back, so they can put their hand out for money in the back room deals within our Nations Capitol by the special interest groups, not to mention the free health care that is paid for by……….. You guessed it, us the People. This screams very loudly of term limits within all branches of our leadership, whether on the State level or the Federal level. This whole Society is screwed up to the point of, not just we the People are troubled, but this Society is very troubled, as we are all responsible for this and the time is now, for all of us to step up, own our troubles instead of pawning them off on somebody else, so we all can get back to walking our paths through this journey of life, within Peace and happiness moving forward.


” Term limits are what needs to be within all branches of elected officials, to keep them all honest and truly fix America for the better moving forward”

” The Clown and Pony show which has engulfed our lives of today, November 8th we the People can make Real Change with a well informed vote”

” If you can’t run for an office on your own abilities and need to turn to dirty Politics, then you really shouldn’t run for any office at all”

” The left biased Media think they have all the power and control over all of us, time we let them know they are nothing, just by paying no attention to them”


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