The Field of Dreams



” The Field of dreams was a movie of the sport of Baseball, but the real field of dreams is part of who we are in this journey through life”



Dreaming isn’t bad as we are thinking within ourselves and trying to put ourselves in a better place than our current place, although some may dream because their current situation stinks, but they either fail at, or don’t know how to make the dream a reality? Some may dream about winning the Lottery and not working anymore……… Well the odds of this kind of dream being a reality are to great, so maybe we should lower our expectations to a dream that we can actually work at achieving. When we dream of a better place and we work hard to get to that place, now your talking of us becoming better and stronger moving forward, with a self Esteem so strong that nothing can stop us from any kind of work, that brings us to any place for which we dream.

Dreaming is a way for us to escape reality for a while and get into that happy place that makes us smile. Some may dream and then become depressed because they can’t make it a reality, only because they don’t do anything to achieve that dream, or maybe because they set too high of a goal to accomplish whatever they were dreaming about? A dream is only Fiction in our heads, unless we work hard to make it a fact on the outside within our lives. We may not want to admit to others we dream, but we all do and it’s more common than we may know, when we dream we are afraid to say anything to anybody, simply because we don’t want others to label us a ” dreamer” and portray us as someone with no real touch of reality.

Some within this Society will dream of their past and try to make their present better than it is, as they then use the ” if this happened” scenario, to try to change their current situation? You can never get back what happened in the past, only learn from it, so you can move forward strong and better. When we dream of things, we usually do it of things for which are way out of our reach, then our self Esteem takes a huge hit when we can’t achieve our dream? When we do dream of that better place and we want to get to that place, the best way to do it is, set small goals and when we achieve one goal, then let ourselves celebrate a small victory, then set another small goal to achieve, this will not only make our self esteem stronger, but will also help us move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life, while we find peace, harmony and happiness.

It is totally okay to dream to escape our realities, but when we think our dreams should be our realities, without putting in the work to make them that, then we get caught up in expectations that will never happen and when our expectations become shattered, we then lose faith in ourselves, our self esteem becomes low or non existent, which we then never work at anything to make us better and stronger moving forward. Then as we walk our paths with no faith and a very low self esteem, we then wander instead of walk, we become negative of all that is around us and never truly become all that we could possibly be, nor do we truly become who we truly are. To dream is part of who we are and when we dream correctly, then we can walk our paths of this journey through life better with true strength moving forward, as we all find that peace and harmony within the happiness we try to reach.


” To dream is okay and is part of who we are, but we first have to dream correctly so we can have it become effective in our lives”

” We dream to find that better place, but to reach that place comes with some real work as we walk our paths of this journey through life”

” When we dream to escape our realities, should be a sign we need to work harder in order to make our realities better”

” The past is the past, we can never get that back, but if we learn from the past we can move forward better and stronger”

” To dream correctly we have to learn to set reachable goals in order to make the dream a reality”


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