Change is everywhere around us



” Change comes to us in many ways, it is we the people that resist the change simply because we are afraid to tackle anything different in our lives”


You see the Sunset in this picture, at first glance you say ” how beautiful”, but what we tend to forget is, with each passing Sunset there is change within each, every second of the time the sun finally comes to rest for the day and gives way to the night sky.

There is so much change going on around us that it is very easy to lose track of it all, some of the change may be difficult and is what scares the Heck out of us, but most of the change is suttle and because of the hard change, forces us to ignore because of the fear factor. Change is good for all when handled correctly, it is when we don’t understand the change and when we fear the change, that we then let the fear of the change stir us in the wrong direction.

” Change is good when we embrace it and understand it, so we can move forward better and stronger”

Change………. When it comes to a big election like the President race of 2016, you have to actually put some work in, research everything and all the Candidates, so you can make the right change for the better of ourselves and those around us. True both these Candidates scares the Hell out of us all, but there is one that scares us most and one that scares us least, that is for each of us to decide? First you have one that is a Businessman and not a Politician, that says what he wants to say and don’t care who he offends? the other is a career Politician that has come accustomed to lying and quite frankly, I think she doesn’t even realize of the lies she tells? Forget about the two Candidates and lets get to this Election, this is the biggest election of my lifetime so far with the stakes being, we the people going from United States of America, or just America? The United States of America has gone through some huge changes throughout my lifetime, but none bigger than what could happen if we the people elect the wrong Person to run this Country, which makes it even that much more important for us to show up at the voting booths and not just show up, but show up with a well informed decision of who we are voting for.

This Election is all about the the Establishments of both parties versus the blue collar, hard working American, the ones that actually run this Country with our blood, sweat and tears, but over the years the Establishments has created this big Government and bleeding us dry, for their own Personal gain. This is the greatest Country on this Planet and our Veterans of the past and present, work very hard for us to be free to do as we want, but the Establishment don’t want to recognize them and they leave them in the cold, I say ” screw the establishments”, let’s get back back to respecting the men and woman who serve and have served and fought hard, so we can be free to do as we do within this great Country. America is the greatest Country on this Planet and can certainly become great again, as we the people have a very big decision to make on November 8th. Who do we want to lead us into prosperity? A pathological liar, or a Businessman that tells it like it is? The choice is ours to make and we need to make a well informed decision, that not only will affect ourselves, but that will affect all that is around us.

Now the Liberal bias Media will do what ever they can to influence our vote and that also includes, lying to us and feeding us either half stories, or stories that are totally false and bias for their agenda. Then you have others within a campaign that will stop at nothing, to demean or make their opponent look completely of someone they are not? We the hard working blue collar worker and voter, have to be smarter and look deeply into all the crap, sift through the garbage, so we then can make a good well informed decision, on who we want to vote for, so our Candidate can lead us into prosperity and make America great once again, instead of selling our Country out right from under our feet. This is America and we all walk our own paths we choose, but the journey through life is the same for each of us, do we want the journey to be full of bumps that will bruise us, or do we want the journey to be, smooth so we all can live in peace and be happy? The decision is our to make, so lets make a well informed decision, vote for the right Candidate, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life in peace and be happy everyday of our existence.


” The Establishments are a group of people that only have “their” interests in mind and only do whatever they need for their own Personal gain”

” America is a great country and a great place to live, which we owe our Veterans of the past and present simply by showing them respect and taking care of them for taking care of us”

” Change is along all our paths of this journey, it is up to us, to embrace it and understand it so we can be better and stronger moving forward”


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