Going with the flow……..


Going with the flow out on the lake on a windy day, you can see the scene stays the same and as you get closer into shore, from the waves and the wind driving you, you then get into a predicament that forces you into scrambling to keep from hitting the obstacles under the water, or becoming stranded because you went over a rock which put a whole in the bottom of the boat. Going with the flow may work for a short time, but eventually there comes a time, you need to get out of the flow and put in the work, so you can find a better flow, that helps you become better and stronger moving forward.

This theory is so true as we walk our paths through this journey of life, when we go with the flow within our Society, we then get caught up within a comfortable rut, that we dig ourselves into a hole and become stranded along our paths of this journey. When we become stranded in our comfortable rut, it then becomes very hard to dig out of the rut, some may give up as they become lazy and tired from the digging, some never give up and get out of the rut, then work even harder to find a better flow that helps them flourish moving forward, none the less as you just go with the flow, eventually you need to change the flow, so you can keep moving forward on your path of this journey, then through the change we learn we can be better and stronger as we walk our path through this journey of life.


” The theory of life can come to us in many different ways, when it does we have to be willing to change so the theory can work in our favor”

” Going with the flow on a windy day on the water, can eventually lead to a rough day on the water”

” Going with the flow in life will lead to digging into a comfortable rut, which keeps you from moving forward to become better and stronger”


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