Depression… the hidden disease



This quote by the late Stuart Scott can be used in so many different ways, if you change the word Cancer and replace it with the word Depression, it works just as well, It shows that no matter the circumstance of which what your going through, there are similarities that helps us walk our paths through this journey of life.

When we mention the word Depression today, we automatically think of someone being Mental and needs to be in a Facility and locked down? On the contrary, Depression affects around 350,000,000 million people within this Society and most are what is known as, ” highly functional Depression”. When you stop at the Barista for your morning coffee and are waited on by the cashier, you don’t know that this person struggled to get out of bed and with headaches daily? But yet they chat with you on a TV show from last night, they look as normal as normal we think is? The late Robin Williams is prime example, as he used comedy to escape the pain of Depression.

This type of Depression affects more people in this Society than we care to acknowledge. Depression comes from a chemical in balance in the brain and we are all subject to it, as it does not discriminate. You could look on the outside as very successful, with plenty of money and a very good job, the big house with a family and all the toys, but yet you suffer in private with major headaches, troubles with keeping it together and a low energy level that sometimes has you struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

Depression is the silent killer, only because we suffer in private and we don’t want others to know that we are less than they think we are. It could be some one close to you like a family member, a close friend or a co worker, you don’t know who could be suffering from this silent killer, which is why we need to always show our empathy, that is within us all, with each other, as just maybe we can help without knowing, someone get through their day, much easier than other days they may have.

Just because someone on the outside looks very well off and is always going on a trip, or looks like they have a lot of money, doesn’t mean they are not struggling on the inside, you are not inside them and can’t determine just by looking. They could be a very high Functioning person with Depression? For us to judge them and alienate them cause they are not like us, is wrong simply cause you just don’t know. There is to much of this judging going on around us and reason why we see all this ugliness within our Society today. If we could only just get a long, show more empathy of each other, just maybe we all could walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and within true happiness everyday of our existence.


Depression is the silent killer, because the ones who suffer are afraid to come our as being different then the rest of us”

” As a high functioning person suffering Depression, you don’t have to hide behind closed doors anymore”

” The next time you go to the Barista, don’t just order your coffee, share your empathy as you might just be helping someone out”

” Depression is a chemical in balance in the brain and we are all subject to this in balance”


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