Through Faith there will be Hope


” The Apostles said to the Lord, ” Increase our Faith”, The Lord replied, ” If you have Faith the size of a mustard seed, you would say to this Mulberry tree, ” Be uprooted and planted in the sea and it would obey you”, “.

LK 17:5-6


” When you have Faith the Hope will never leave you, then you can have the confidence to over come and the strength to do anything along your path of this journey through life”



When you have complete Faith in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, There will always be Hope for anything you want and do along your path, but when you lose the Faith, then you lose Hope and become lost within the clouds of your judgments.

Faith is a powerful source within us all, it helps us stay strong even through the times we need to be strong the most. A lot of times we have these Life events that come before us on our paths, we don’t know truly of how to deal with them, so we then bury them deep within us to keep the pain and hurt they bring, from hurting us on the outside, but that pain and hurt never leaves us, as it stays within us as we try to move forward on our paths. Because we don’t deal properly with the Life events, we then suppress our true feelings and emotions so deep within ourselves, we then become numb of everything around us.

Being numb of everything around us will have us becoming someone we truly are not and have us walk our path of this journey through life with no confidence of anything we do, without the confidence we will never be as strong as we think we are, we will never be as good as we could be and we will become lost within the clouds of our judgments. When we are lost within the clouds, we will never see the true beauty around us and will always be negative of everything. Negativity breeds the unnatural thoughts of Hatred we see today, it is our Love that is within us, that is truly natural to all of us, only that we have buried it deep within, with our true feelings and emotions.

We all go through no matter what path you chose, trials and tribulation. These trials and tribulations come in the form of our life events, and all the bumps that will bruise us along our path. When we hit these bumps in our paths, not only will they bruise us, they will knock us down and unless we pick ourselves up correctly? We will never fix properly our troubles, we will never remove the pain and hurt totally from within us and we will never walk our paths with confidence, as we will always be lost within the clouds of our judgments. This journey through life has many paths within it and we pick which path we want to walk, we don’t pick the the life events that come to us along our path, but when we deal properly with the events, we can always be at peace with them and never lose sight of who we truly are. The one thing within us that we all have in common is our Faith, with this Faith the Hope will always be with us to achieve whatever we set out to do, Jesus taught us all this when he came and walked his path with us along this journey of life, but being so far removed from this time, you then have a lot of doubt that enters in with us along the paths we walk today, then with all the doubt we have within this Society, you now have so many walking within the clouds of their judgments and becoming someone for which they truly are not, which then has us all walking our paths of this journey through life, seeing all the ugliness around us and hiding our true selves deep within, in order to try to move forward with our own lives. We have all become so self centered that we only see what we want to see, which leaves us never seeing the true beauty that is around us and has us all walking within the clouds of our judgments.

Within this true beauty around us, is us being truly of who we are, we ourselves having complete Faith in ourselves, so the Hope will never leave us and we will always show the true feelings and emotions that is within us with each other, as we do this we will always feel the love of Jesus within our hearts and share this love with each other, so all this hate will cease to exist, Then we all can get back to walking our paths peacefully and happily through this journey of life.


” Faith and Hope go together like peas in a pod, you can never have one without the other without turmoil coming to your life”

” The journey of Jesus Christ may be so far removed from all of us in today’s Society, but with the Faith staying strong within us we will never lose sight and always be truly of who we are”


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