The Lonesome Loon



The sound of the Loon so awesome and a one of a kind sweet sound,

it’s a hard sound to describe forget about trying to make the sound of the Loon,

The Loon is truly a beautiful bird that swims through the water quietly,

The Loon also swims under water and for distance as well as a mere dunk,

The Loon is a great Fisherman as he makes it look easy with no bait,

The Loon likes his peace with the serenity at every turn.



The Lonesome Loon may not be lonesome at all with all the beauty around,

For the Loon enjoys his surroundings so much,

he sings with enjoyment and for us to relax from the sounds of nature,

The call of the Loon can be heard all around the lake.



True primitive wilderness camping has a beauty of its own,

The camping deep in the woods will have plenty to watch for,

The Moose…The Bear Oh my!!! will alone keep you on your toes,

Which is why the Loon relax’s us with it’s beautiful voice.

The background of the mountains keeps the beauty fresh,

then as we watch the sunset and sunrise over the mountains,

Enhances the beauty even more.


The joy of camping is in itself the best time spent for all,

Add in all the wildlife… the mountains…and peacefulness,

Now it becomes a whole new level of beauty to relax.


Camping for some may be in an RV with the comforts of home,

but true primitive camping gets you back in touch with Nature,

as well as back in touch with who we truly are.


The campfire at night becomes the center piece of the camp site,

staring into the Abyss of the center of the flame,

watching the coals glow and flicker inside the center,

as you yourself become hypnotized by the glowing coals,

you then become so relaxed that you fall asleep for a short nap,

Then when you awake and the fire has died down,

you then add another log and repeat the Abyss of the flame.


True primitive camping is the only way to fully relax,

as we get back in touch with what is truly around us,

to watch and listen to the Loon sing happily by,

then watch the sunset and sunrise over the mountain,

is nothing short of spectacular and will take your breathe away,

just to sit by the water and listen to the sound of peace and serenity,

is enough to soothe the soul and help you heal the wounds from Society,

To get away and leave your troubles behind will alone lift the weight,

of Society from your shoulders and have you feel much lighter.


Society will have us all uptight with anger and bitterness,

simply because a Society of many brings with it much drama and negativity,

when we escape to the wilderness and within the peace and serenity,

watch the wildlife in their habitats and see the true beauty around us,

that is when we can actually feel the weight of anxiety lift from our shoulders,

removing the burden of the Society from our souls even for a short time,

this is something we all need to experience at some time throughout,

this journey of life, so we can become better and stronger as we walk our paths,

then we all can see the true beauty instead of the ugliness within Society.


” True primitive camping may not be for some, but it will help us all become better and stronger moving forward along our paths of this journey”

” To stare into the Abyss of the hot coals of the campfire, will alone hypnotize you into real relaxation”

” The Loon is a quiet bird that sings beautifully as we listen in awe”




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