Peace and Serenity along the Shoreline



The Rocky shore may be a bit rough on the bare feet with each step,

When you wear good sandals then it helps you walk and enjoy the beauty around you,

Walking the shore as far as you can see you listen to the water slapping the rocky shore,

The more choppy the water the harder the waves slap the rocks as you watch with glaring eyes,

The sound of the water on the rocks is all part of the sounds of nature’s chorus,

As the water makes it sounds on the rocks the breeze is also making noise through the trees,

as the wind travels through the trees you hear the crackling of the branches as they sway in the air,

Then there is the swooshing of the air traveling through the leaves as the leaves wave hello,

Then the air itself as it blows in the wind whistling by as we walk along the rocky shore,

You add in the sounds of the Wild life throughout Nature now there is an Orchestra as we walk,

The Loons floating and singing within the depths of the lakes ,

The grunting of the Moose on the shore with an occasional bear for a new dimension,

These are the sounds that bring peace and serenity to us all as we enjoy in relaxation,

These are the sounds that helps us clear the crap out of our minds as we walk along the shore,

True Wilderness camping deep within the woods of nature is where it’s at,

it is where you totally relax and unwind from the crap of the Society for which we live,

It is the place that we go to totally get away and find who we truly are deep inside,

Simply because there are no distractions to side track us along our journey,

We don’t have a set time to wake up to, as our biological clocks gets back in sync,

We do as we feel and if we want to do nothing but sit by the camp fire than so be it,

Through all the crap around us within this Society this is something we all need to get back to,

Recharge our inner core, get back in touch with the sounds of nature,

So we then can get back in touch with the sounds of our inner selves,

Which will help us walk our paths with strength and become better,

With confidence along this journey of life.


” The rocky shore may look a bit rough, but it will heal us as we walk it’s rough shore”

” The sounds of nature are like an Orchestra of instruments that make beautiful music”



Faith and Hope is within us all



” When he reached the place, Jesus looked up and said, ” Zacchaeus, come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house” and he came down quickly, then received him with joy”

LK 19:5-6


True Faith and Hope are within us all and when we acknowledge both of them, we will not only have Faith in ourselves, we will also have Faith in Jesus Christ, then through the Faith we will never loose Hope moving forward with confidence always.

True Faith and Hope is more than just being Faithful in your job, or maybe putting your Faith in another, so you then can Hope to move forward better. True Faith and Hope is doing the right thing in all you do with complete Faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, so you then can have the Hope to not only walk your path of this journey correctly, but have the Hope that brings you the confidence, to move forward to be better and stronger throughout this journey, so you can be at peace and live happily every step of the way.

True Faith and Hope is always within us no matter what, just that we have to acknowledge them, so we then can except Jesus Christ and he can guide us to the path of righteousness. Throughout this Society we all live, it is much easier to except Jesus Christ, have complete Faith in ourselves and Jesus, with the Hope he will always guide us in the right direction toward the path of righteousness, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life. The hard part of this journey is getting caught in all the crap and ugliness that is around us, while we try to walk our paths, is when we get caught up in the ugliness and is when the ugliness then controls every fiber of our being and we lose who we truly are. When we lose who we truly are, then it is very Hard to have the Faith in anything, which then there is no Hope for us moving forward. Our Faith is the most important part of us, as it will help us walk this journey with Hope, not too mention excepting that Jesus is inside us always, as we feel his love within our hearts, so we then can share this love with each other.

” it is much easier to share our love, then to spread the Hatred that we learn from what is around us”

Hatred is learned from what is around us, that warm feeling within your heart? It is  more than just our blood passing through our body, it is the love of Jesus within us, so we can feel it and share it, with all that is around us as we walk our paths of this journey through life. May the love of Jesus Christ be with us always, as we walk our paths of this journey, so we all can be stronger to push away the ugliness and the Hatred, completely feel the love of Jesus, so we then can have the Faith in him and we ourselves moving forward and then our Hope will follow, as we will always be received by Jesus and have great joy in all we do, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Faith and Hope will always go together, you can never have one without the other”

” Love is always within us all, just we have to acknowledge it to truly feel it”

” The Hate we see all around us comes from somewhere, as it is learned from somewhere and was never within us at any point”

” May the love of Jesus Christ be with you always and may we always feel his love to share it with all that is around us”


Through the Lies there is real Truth



We as a Society have evolved through the decades, into something that we are all in jeopardy of falling through the thin ice of life. We have all lied to one another at one point or another, these lies either being a small white lie, or a lie so big, we then have to continue the lie because we have no way out of it. When we continue the lies we then become someone we truly are not, we think we have control of our situation and our feelings or emotions, but we are only furthering our lies not just to others but of ourselves as well. This is one of the biggest reasons why we as Individuals and we as a Society hurt with real pain today, as others become wise to all the lies, they then alienate the one telling the lie and want nothing to do with these People, eventually the lies bring you to a World of Isolation and low self worth.

We are all guilty of these lies at one point or another, but the ones more guilty are our elected officials. These Individuals have made their careers built on lies, they look us in the eye and tell us one thing to get our vote, then stab us in the back with the reality of the office for which they hold. All our elected officials are Lawyers and what do Lawyers do best? They lie, they will say anything in order to get their Client off from whatever they have done, these Lawyers lie so much, they themselves wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the back side of the Anatomy. These Lawyers make a lot of money on furthering the lies and we the People see this, but yet we do nothing to stop it? Then these Lawyers run for an office, whether within the State they are in, or whether it’s within the Federal Government, they base their campaigns on these lies and try to dupe us the People, so they can further screw us, as they go against us in the office that they get elected to.

This election year of 2016 is all the proof we need, to see all the corruption and lies that our elected officials have sold us over the decades, this corruption is not limited to one party, it is throughout both the parties of the Democrats and the Republicans. Now with all the lies being told throughout our so called Leadership, we the People have no idea of who to trust anymore and have lost total faith in the system and with no faith their will never be hope. Trust, Faith and Hope are what helps us move forward better and stronger and without them, we are all lost within the clouds of our judgments.

Through the World of Political Correction their is nothing but more lies and the not admitting to the wrongs, not to mention the fact we are so scared to offend anyone, we say nothing at all? We are all guilty of doing things, then not stepping up and excepting what we did, when we do this we are doing nothing but keeping the lie going. Then when a Candidate like Trump comes along, who shoots from the hip and cares nothing for the Political Correct World we are in, we have no idea on how to handle him, so we then take to hating him and hope he goes away? As much as he may be a bit rough around the edges, he does have America’s best interests at heart and more so then Hillary Clinton, as she is doing nothing but furthering the corruption and the lies, I have no idea how she can keep giving her speeches, looking into the camera and telling us things that she will never do? Although her lies may be coming top a screeching halt, as the FBI has ignored Obama’s order and is now reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. The lies, corruption and the Political Correction is not of who we truly are, it is time we all restore the trust, faith and hope of not just each other, but within this Society as well, so we all can move forward along our paths of this journey through life, to be better and stronger, as we live our lives peacefully and full of happiness throughout our existence.


” Political Correction has made us all weak as we do nothing but further the lies within it”

” Stop dancing around the fire as sometimes you need to get burned, in order to feel real pain then become better and stronger from the pain”

” The lies and the corruption are not truly of who we are, then why don’t we stop them in their tracks so we all can move forward in peace”

” Trust, Faith and Hope are what we need to move forward better and stronger, time we restore these Traits within ourselves and our Society”


A Troubled Society

” A Society is only as strong as the People within the Society, when the People are troubled, then the Society has troubles only bigger with many People within it”


This Election 2016 has become the biggest Clown and Pony show of my lifetime so far, with all the other Countries simply laughing at us all, because we the People are letting it happen and not standing up to these Clowns running for office. We the working People who with our blood, sweat and tears, are the ones who run this Country and vote in our Leaders. Vote is the word of the day, because we need to vote smarter and wiser, instead of voting for a Candidate, just for popularity reasons. All this crap we see today and the mess this Country is in, goes back a couple decades of elected officials and their failed actions, or non actions. This is not a Republican or Democrat thing, this is a thing by each and every one of us within a Society over these years, it is on us the People for voting in the wrong officials, as much as it is on the so called Leaders, for not doing the job they said they would when they were looking for our vote. Then you add in all the corruption and greed, with the fact that our leaders have become career Politicians, that have become bought by every special interest group out there, just to bye votes in their favor,  this whole system stinks like a freshly hit skunk on the side of the road, which is why we the People can “change” and I mean really ” change” the course this Country is on, simply by making a smarter and well informed vote on November 8th.

Most of this crap we are hearing of this election of 2016 is being brought to us by a very corrupt left biased Media, which makes it that much more important for us the People to weed through the crap and get to the true facts of each of the Candidates. Now each Candidate has their flaws and one is more corrupt then the other, plus the fact that each one has their own agenda for running for the highest office in the land, this makes it that much more important for us the People to do our own investigation of each Candidate, see which one is more in tune with us the hard working Individual, which Candidate has America in their blood and heart and which Candidate, totally has the stamina to keep up with the hardest job on the Planet, not too mention deal with the Congress and the Senator’s, who are all bought by the special interest groups and will only vote on Bills that affect them and not us the People that put them there.

All these so called Leaders that have become career Politicians will do and say what we want to hear just so they can get our vote, then once in office they will stab us in the back, so they can put their hand out for money in the back room deals within our Nations Capitol by the special interest groups, not to mention the free health care that is paid for by……….. You guessed it, us the People. This screams very loudly of term limits within all branches of our leadership, whether on the State level or the Federal level. This whole Society is screwed up to the point of, not just we the People are troubled, but this Society is very troubled, as we are all responsible for this and the time is now, for all of us to step up, own our troubles instead of pawning them off on somebody else, so we all can get back to walking our paths through this journey of life, within Peace and happiness moving forward.


” Term limits are what needs to be within all branches of elected officials, to keep them all honest and truly fix America for the better moving forward”

” The Clown and Pony show which has engulfed our lives of today, November 8th we the People can make Real Change with a well informed vote”

” If you can’t run for an office on your own abilities and need to turn to dirty Politics, then you really shouldn’t run for any office at all”

” The left biased Media think they have all the power and control over all of us, time we let them know they are nothing, just by paying no attention to them”


Being Humble is totally within us all



” I tell you, the latter went home justified, not the former, for whoever exalts himself will be humbled and the one who Humbles  himself will be exalted”


*** LK 18:14


The stream flows over it’s obstacle creating a small falls, as the water becomes Humbled and keeps flowing along its path. We also over come obstacles as we walk our paths of this journey through life, but somewhere over the obstacle we lose who we truly are and our humbleness becomes lost deep within our soul, then as we continue over the obstacle without being Humble, we will never be Exalted for our actions moving forward.

To truly be Humbled you must never compare yourself toward others nor, put yourself above anyone as well, when you simply walk your path to the best of your ability, without comparing or putting yourself above, you will find that you will be exalted and Good will surround you, as Jesus will notice and without telling you, he will help you be Humbled and exalted along your path of this journey.

We the People as we walk our paths, are the ones that bring the drama to our lives, simply by the way of our actions toward one another, When we hurt real pain, instead of understanding the why and where of the pain, we will dump it on each other, for one way to escape the clutches of the pain and then bury within ourselves, our true selves, for a way to move forward in this journey, with no further pain and when we do this, we then lose the ability to be humble and then we can’t be exalted from anything.

When we do our jobs to the best of our ability and when we practice our craft, we then get really good at what we do, then others around us will either become jealous, as they try to be like you and fail, or they will take notice and show you much respect. When we become jealous is only because we have given up and don’t want to work as hard with the practice, as we never give up then we learn that we to can be as good, but to be Humble we must never compare, because you may have two people working on the same craft, but when you compare you will never be Humble, then never get exalted for what you do.

There may seem to be so much within this journey of life, but seriously it is all within us and the ability comes down to how we walk our paths, or how we never give up, so we then can walk with confidence and be better and stronger moving forward. When we are Humbled within our lives, then the exalted part comes in the way of, us walking our paths peacefully, while being happy throughout this journey of life.


” We the People are the ones bringing the drama into this Society with our actions and through the drama we will never become humbled or exalted on anything”

” When we work hard through the practice, we then can get good at our craft and through the good comes being Humble and exalted leaving us with confidence”

” Tom Brady is very good at his craft and the hard work has given him respect and dignity throughout, while he stays humble and is exalted by those around him”


Love, Respect,Rewarding,Hospitality



We climb mountains like this, not just because they are there, or maybe simply to pass the time? We climb mountains like this because we Love the getting outside part, we Love the adventure part of the journey and we also Love what our Reward is, when we reach the Summit of the mountain. While Hiking our journey to the Summit, we quickly learn to Respect the mountain and the trail for which we climb, we Respect everything around us like the plant life and the animals that may cross our path. Then we come to realize all the Hospitality of all the other Hiker’s that we meet along the trail, with just a quick simple hello and have a great day, by an Individual that before then, you never knew existed as we walk our path through this journey of life.

I just attended an event which very much had these same traits like, Love, Respect, Reward and the Hospitality. This event was for a sport that I very much enjoy not just for the competitiveness but for the game, this sport is Ten Pin Bowling. Bowling to some may be just a night out, or maybe a game for which to pass the time, Bowling to me is the Social interaction with others, making Friends with others that if it weren’t for the game, maybe you would of never met these People? It is also the fun you have competing with other’s, now some Leagues may be more competitive than others, or maybe you are good enough to compete in some Tournaments? The sport of Bowling teaches us all that, even through the competitiveness, we can still get along and have fun together, playing a game that we all, Love, while we Respect the game and each other, earn many Rewards and accolades, While we simply have fun and share much Hospitality with each other.

Now with all the Crap we see around us today and what the liberal Bias Media would want us to believe so they can sell their print and make money on our account, there are still good people around us and we can still enjoy each others company, without the word Hate even being a thought in anybody’s mind. Even through the competitive part of the game, when the game is over you can still shake hands regardless of the out come. The Hospitality part of Bowling is very seldom talked about, but yet is the part of the game that makes it the best sport out there. The Love and Respect that is shared by each bowler, is the biggest reward within the sport of Bowling. Unlike other sports, when an Athlete reaches a certain point, they lose the Love and respect, the Hospitality becomes non existent and the rewards then never come, which then makes us very Bitter and Hostile toward each other.

This Love, Respect, Reward and Hospitality will never die, only we as the people of this Society and the actions we take, makes it very difficult to truly see the good of these traits, makes it very difficult to receive any kind of a reward, as the Hospitality and the kindness will never be shared by we the people, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Love is within us all and much easier to share with all those around us, the hate is learned from our surroundings and harder to spread among us”

” Respect is a trait that when we acknowledge and care for one another, then the feeling within us fills us with great warmth”

” Rewards comes from all our hard work, without the work there are no Rewards”

Hospitality quite simply comes from us being nice to each other, as we share the Love within us with each other”

The Field of Dreams



” The Field of dreams was a movie of the sport of Baseball, but the real field of dreams is part of who we are in this journey through life”



Dreaming isn’t bad as we are thinking within ourselves and trying to put ourselves in a better place than our current place, although some may dream because their current situation stinks, but they either fail at, or don’t know how to make the dream a reality? Some may dream about winning the Lottery and not working anymore……… Well the odds of this kind of dream being a reality are to great, so maybe we should lower our expectations to a dream that we can actually work at achieving. When we dream of a better place and we work hard to get to that place, now your talking of us becoming better and stronger moving forward, with a self Esteem so strong that nothing can stop us from any kind of work, that brings us to any place for which we dream.

Dreaming is a way for us to escape reality for a while and get into that happy place that makes us smile. Some may dream and then become depressed because they can’t make it a reality, only because they don’t do anything to achieve that dream, or maybe because they set too high of a goal to accomplish whatever they were dreaming about? A dream is only Fiction in our heads, unless we work hard to make it a fact on the outside within our lives. We may not want to admit to others we dream, but we all do and it’s more common than we may know, when we dream we are afraid to say anything to anybody, simply because we don’t want others to label us a ” dreamer” and portray us as someone with no real touch of reality.

Some within this Society will dream of their past and try to make their present better than it is, as they then use the ” if this happened” scenario, to try to change their current situation? You can never get back what happened in the past, only learn from it, so you can move forward strong and better. When we dream of things, we usually do it of things for which are way out of our reach, then our self Esteem takes a huge hit when we can’t achieve our dream? When we do dream of that better place and we want to get to that place, the best way to do it is, set small goals and when we achieve one goal, then let ourselves celebrate a small victory, then set another small goal to achieve, this will not only make our self esteem stronger, but will also help us move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life, while we find peace, harmony and happiness.

It is totally okay to dream to escape our realities, but when we think our dreams should be our realities, without putting in the work to make them that, then we get caught up in expectations that will never happen and when our expectations become shattered, we then lose faith in ourselves, our self esteem becomes low or non existent, which we then never work at anything to make us better and stronger moving forward. Then as we walk our paths with no faith and a very low self esteem, we then wander instead of walk, we become negative of all that is around us and never truly become all that we could possibly be, nor do we truly become who we truly are. To dream is part of who we are and when we dream correctly, then we can walk our paths of this journey through life better with true strength moving forward, as we all find that peace and harmony within the happiness we try to reach.


” To dream is okay and is part of who we are, but we first have to dream correctly so we can have it become effective in our lives”

” We dream to find that better place, but to reach that place comes with some real work as we walk our paths of this journey through life”

” When we dream to escape our realities, should be a sign we need to work harder in order to make our realities better”

” The past is the past, we can never get that back, but if we learn from the past we can move forward better and stronger”

” To dream correctly we have to learn to set reachable goals in order to make the dream a reality”