The Clouded Judgment…….



” This journey through life isn’t always going to be a bed of roses, or beautiful green pastures”


We all walk a path through this journey of life, the path we chose will not be always perfect and there will be a few hurdles to overcome, some bumps and ruts that will knock us down, but it is not on how you fall, it is all about how you pick yourself up and fix what is needed, to continue moving forward while learning to be better and stronger throughout this journey.

While we hit some of the hurdles and stumble through the ruts, yes it is very easy to self doubt yourself, very easy to hide the pain and hurt, so we can try to move forward like nothing is wrong, but while we are stumbling we also get lost within the clouds of our judgments and become someone we truly are not. Most of the times the troubles we think are from another source are really from our selves, because we don’t want to admit that there is something wrong? the rest of the time our troubles comes from a source of another that is also troubling, but deflects their troubles toward you, in order for them to try to hide their own troubles and feel Superior to all that is around them.
None the less we all have our troubles and these troubles are very different to each other.

God didn’t create Man for them to be perfect, or go through this journey unscathed, he wanted us to learn from the bad, so we could move forward in the good better and stronger.  When we see things around us that is not appealing to our eyes, then look out further and see nothing but clouds, that should be a sign to each of us that, we need to work harder to make better what is in front of us, so we then can look further down our paths and see prosperity and the light of the true path of righteousness. When we can’t see through the clouds of our judgments, we then become so negative of everything around us, that nothing seems like it should, nor do we see any true beauty that is around us.

There is no text book on this journey through life, nor does any one journey the same as those around us, simply because we all chose our own path to get through the journey, we have to learn as we go and when we learn correctly, we then walk our paths correctly, which leads us down a journey of true peace and happiness. The key to all our troubles comes from not getting up correctly from the knockdown and not fixing the problem then, but instead suppressing it deep inside, to hide our pain and hurt, so we can try to look normal to others around us? When we all suppress our true feelings and emotions, it does nothing but leading into a Society of many troubles, as we walk through the Society together along our journey through life. Our pain and hurt may bring us many scars, but these scars don’t have to dictate our destiny, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The pain and hurt may bring many scars, but these scars don’t have to dictate who we become, or our destiny through this journey of life”

”  We may get tripped up and fall along our paths, but it is not how we fall, but exactly on how we pick ourselves up from the fall”

” When things don’t look so good around you, then work harder at making them look better and then we can see clearly through the clouds of our judgments”


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