It’s a Rocky path sometimes…..



” The shores of the lake may be Rocky, but just look around at all the true beauty around it, to make the walk less bumpy”


We all walk a path through this journey of life, as we enter the Society of our journey, we may encounter that…….. Yes there are some bumps along the way that may bruise us? But when we fix the bumps and let our bruises heal, then our path will become a bit more smoother, as we move forward better and stronger.

Throughout a Society of many there will always be many things, as well as many others that will try to control us as we walk our journeys through a Society. Sometimes we get caught up in the fact that we will do anything just to simply fit in, we think that others around us are better than we are, cause we think they have no issues unlike the issues we have going on? We then get so caught up in trying to fit in, that we totally lose sight of who we truly are, we become someone that we ourselves don’t even know, then as we try to move forward, we have to keep this lie going cause we really don’t know how to get out of it.

There are many others around us that go through the same crap that we are going through, just that each one of us hide it deeply within us, like there is nothing wrong. Each and every one of us have something we regret, or something we keep from each other, just to keep from being made fun of, but seriously…….. We could all really make fun of each other, as we all have that something that we are truly ashamed to share with each other.

This journey through life is a precious thing, but yet we take so much for granted, that we can’t see the precious of any life anymore. We all want to be the best at all we do so bad, that we then cloud our judgments with things that really shouldn’t be there, then when things don’t go as we planned, we then lets the clouds control who we truly are and do things that we later regret. Some may go deep within themselves and so deep that they then pull back from all that is around them, they don’t let anything or anyone get close to to them, for the fear of others finding out of their troubles, which they then start to become negative of everything that may cross their paths.

We all throughout this Society have become so troubled, that the whole Society is very quickly crumbling right before our eyes. This goes way beyond what your background is, what Country you are from, or even what religion you may be, this is deeper and by deeper I mean this is a Human being problem that none of us are strong enough to accept. To be strong enough to accept all our troubles, we first have to understand truly of why this Society has become this way, we have some that won’t even blink an eye before they take the life of another, this is so troubling that we ourselves can’t even see the true reason of the why, only because we truly don’t want to understand the why because it may bring up some hidden pain and hurt, that we ourselves have been hiding.

What is the most thing that is so troubling within this Society is that, there are some going into an Elementary school and shooting innocent Children and the shooter only has the true answer to this, but only they through the right kind of help, can bring light to this huge problem going on around us, and a bit deeper, the rest of us within this Society also have a role in this problem, simply because we are letting it happen by not seeing the warning signs early enough and then trying to hide from all this crap to keep the pain and hurt from truly fixing what needs to be fixed. The time is now to truly fix what we need to fix deep within each one of us, so we all can walk our paths peacefully, being in true happiness throughout this journey of life.


” This journey through life is a precious thing, time we start treating it as such to move forward better and stronger”

” We all hurt with real pain in our lives, we first have to understand then address it, to truly have this pain and hurt go away”

” Through a Society of many, there will be many who suffer with real pain and hurt, true Empathy of each other will help all of us move forward along our paths”


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