Just the facts… Simply just the facts!!!



” Danger thin ice or maybe walking on eggshells, you pick within this Political Correct World for which we live”


The Debate last night to me didn’t really accomplish a thing, nor did it prove one over the other in this Presidential race of 2016. First you had a Moderator that clearly Favorited one over the other, then one Candidate was favored over the other, with the other Candidate being cut off before he could get a word in edge wise, This debate was clearly un professional and for me, I hope they don’t schedule another, unless they can get it right and find a moderator that is right down the middle, with zero bias toward any one Candidate.

The biggest problem you have with any election of today is, the Media. The Media clearly has a bias when it comes to liking one Candidate over another, when the Media doesn’t like one Candidate, they will go out of their way to discredit that Candidate whenever they can. All the big Executives within the Media totally think that they are more powerful than everybody that walks a path through this journey of life and also thinks that they can control everybody, just by moving us like the pieces on a chess board. When a Candidate says something the Media then twists those words to best fit their agenda and that will create the most drama towards us all. Drama is the main ingredient on the plate of the Media’s agenda and it is also what sells to make them the most money, greed is what runs the Media, instead of reporting on the facts and only the facts.

The other thing that should disappear from all elections are the attack Ads, these Ads are a big turn off for me and proves further that the Candidate that runs these kind of Ads, truly can not do the job they are running for. If you can’t win an election on your merits and have the confidence to do the best job you can, or be confident over the one you are running against, then you should not be running for that office you are running for. With all this ugliness and attacking of one another in this Society, I can clearly see where it is all coming from, our so called leaders we have in our Government, are the ones that need to be held accountable and are the ones that start all this crap, because all they think about is themselves and truly do not care of the People that vote them into office.

The time is now for us all to smarten up, stop acting childish and truly be responsible for your actions. All the Government offices within Washington D.C. are what I call the ” Power Game”, when a Candidate gets into office they then join the game and that is when they forget the ones that voted them in and only think of themselves, so they than can become as Powerful as the rest of the Public Officials within Washington D.C. The New England Patriots football team had a slogan a couple years ago which helped them win the Superbowl, that slogan was ” Do Your Job”. When we all have confidence in our abilities and take proper action with those abilities,  then our confidence goes up and we find we can do anything we set out to do, without stepping on anyone’a shoe shine, quite simply when we all do our jobs to the best of our abilities, without stepping on the shine, or attacking them with Ads, then we all can walk our paths with confidence, throughout this journey of life, while we all live within peace and happiness everyday of our existence.


” The Washington power game should not be played just by our so called leaders, it should be open for the everyday People to join if they want”

” ” do your job” was what the new England patriots did and won a championship, time for us all to do the same, so we all can be the champion of our path along this journey of life”

” The Media thinks they are more powerful than the rest of us, I got a news flash!!! you are simply someone walking a path like the rest of us throughout this journey of life”


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