To soar as the Eagles within Peace



” Then Abraham said, If they will not listen to Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead”.


LK 16:31


The Eagle so big and Majestic, full of so much beauty as it flies through the sky with the greatest of ease as free……. as free can be. The Eagle is a protected bird within this Country as it is the symbol of this great Nation, just too bad we can’t see the true beauty of this bird anymore, which is the reason we are so troubled in this Society.

God created this World for which we all live, it is time we thank him, by living as many others before us and have found the true path of righteousness, throughout this journey of life. Through this troubled World of today, we are a long way from even simply seeing the true path of righteousness, because quite simply…… We are too busy pretending to be someone we truly are not and we are too busy pretending we know everything, then becoming frustrated and stubborn, when our way doesn’t quite work as we originally planned. Life is full of ups and downs, it will also pull you in many different directions and with the life events that come to us, Life will also try to control who we are, as well as who we become.

This journey through life may have us as Individuals as we walk a path to become better and stronger, but the path we walk is on the inside of the journey, as the journey is the big picture for where we walk. Being an Individual as we walk our path, we take so much for granted that we then become lost within our judgments and lose sight of who we truly are, then as we walk our paths without being of who we truly are, now we are an Individual that walks a path blindly with thoughts of, my way is the highway and no other way should exist and with so many ” my ways”, no wonder why thing has stopped and has ceased to move forward anymore.

We the people of this Society are whats wrong with this Society and we also can fix the wrongs, not with just having faith in ourselves, but having faith in God also, so we all can have the hope, to walk our paths of this journey better and stronger as well. We walk this path so we can learn from our mistakes, learn how to fix our issues properly and not leave them out there to further our troubles in the long run, God also wanted us to learn how to use our uniqueness as a strength to be better This journey through life is not a race and we all should take the time to do it right, slow down and truly enjoy what is around you, because we only get one shot at it, so we might as well do it correct right? When we do it correctly we to can fly as freely as the Eagle, with no worries and share with one another, when we share with each other, we then can walk our paths peacefully, while we get through this journey smiling in true happiness.


” We the people are what is wrong with this society, we the people are the ones also responsible for fixing our wrongs so we all can walk a society peaceful and happy”

” We are Individuals walking a path through a journey, with the path being inside of the journey and the journey being the bigger picture”

” We the people are whats wrong with this society, as we the people can also fix those wrongs, so we all can be better stronger moving forward”


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