Prayer… the quiet hope



” I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for all Men”


1 Timothy 2:1


” Faith and hope are always together, with no faith there is no hope and with no hope there is no faith”




The light will always shine on those who have complete faith in themselves as well as in Jesus Christ. We all walk a path through this journey of life, this journey is never perfect, nor will there be anybody that goes unscathed throughout this journey, we all have our troubling times, some may be more troubling than others, but yet we all go through them and the key is to fix what we need, so we can move forward better and stronger.

Somewhere along this journey we have gone either backwards or have become stagnate? Simply because our Society that we live within has become broken and in need of an intervention. When we get overwhelmed by the life events that come before us along our paths and with the pain/ hurt that comes with them, we then lose sight of who we truly are, then bury our true feelings and emotions deep within our souls, simply to escape all the pain and the hurt. When we are not truly of who we are, we then reach out in areas we never have before, to try to be like someone else, like children growing up and becoming influenced by other sources, sometimes these sources aren’t quite what we planned, but we reach out anyways, cause we just want to be excepted and as close to normal, as we think normal is?

Hollywood Actor’s or Singers are what most children try to be like, with Pro sports players close behind, now most in these groups are okay to try to be like as they become great role models, but yes there are some that don’t think of what their actions will have on others. Ones like Miley Cirrus, now she was okay growing up as Hannah Montana, but once she became Independent, now her role model status just went completely down the tubes. Justin Beiber always into some kind of mischief and totally thinks he is someone that all children should follow? he is nothing but a trust fund baby, that thinks he deserves everything. Children growing up with these kind of role models, then think that they to need to be like them, which they then try to be like them and don’t want anything to do with who they truly are, all this does is, create a Society of people that think fantasy should be reality, this makes it hard on the Parents that want to raise their children correctly with love, then there are some Parents that really could care less of their children so they can go out and party all the time? Well…….. that’s for another post.

” To see the light brightly, you have to go through some darkness, as the darkness is what makes you stronger moving forward”.

Just like you need faith to have hope, you also need darkness to see the light. This is God’s way of showing us that nothing is perfect along this journey of life, we may think we are perfect? But the only things that are perfect is like bowling a perfect game, which is a score of 300 and you cannot score any higher, or maybe a Pitcher in baseball, with a perfect game like no hits, no walks, etc….. nothing but 27 strikeouts that is needed in a nine inning game. You cannot achieve these things without lots of practice, as perfection like this comes with work and that is something some just don’t do anymore. Now a days in this broken Society some will cheat to make themselves as perfect or great as they can, this does nothing but make the Individual doing the cheating look foolish, as they will always be in the darkness, with no light at the end of the tunnel. In order to see the light and truly be of who you are, you need to get through the darkness, so you can be better and stronger along your path of this journey through life.


” In order to truly see the light and be of who you truly are, there is some darkness you need to get through to be better and stronger moving forward”


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