Comfort the Afflicted



” Blessed be….. the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God”


2 Corinthians 1:4


Robin Williams made us all laugh til our stomachs hurt and our eyes were filled with tears from laughing so hard, he was a great man that not only was funny, but he to cared for all those around him. What we didn’t know of him til it was too late, is that he was hurting very deeply inside with Depression, this depression was eating him from the inside out. We should honor him in a way that will make him smile from above and that is too remember him, as we truly acknowledge that we all have some kind of Affliction that we need to be comforted, so we can move forward on our path of this journey through life.

Everybody ( just look around), is troubled by something but yet we keep trying to move forward like nothing is wrong, this something could be small and trivial, or this something could be causing us such great pain, that we will do anything just to rid ourselves of the pain and hurt. Robin Williams used comedy to hide his hurt and pain, he made us all laugh, even though he was hurting deep inside, this goes to show you, that you just never know what others around you are truly going through?

People that we pass on the street, do we really know what is troubling them deep inside? Do we really know what kind of affliction they hold within themselves?  This is where our true Empathy comes in, so we then can comfort those who are hurting, to help ease there pain and help them over come there troubles. When we truly believe in God and his son Jesus, we then can have faith in them, which then not only will they comfort us from our afflictions, but they will give us hope to help us comfort those around us, from whatever afflictions they are going through.

Empathy is a feeling deep within our souls, when we truly feel this Empathy, then we can share this feeling of Empathy with each other. The problem then lies with the way we walk our paths of this journey and what kind of obstacle we have to overcome, When we struggle to get over the hurdle, is when we then become troubled with an affliction, that brings the pain and hurt to ourselves and our journey, through this affliction we then lose sight of who we truly are, as we then bury the feelings of Empathy deep within ourselves, in order to rid ourselves of the pain and hurt. Robin Williams like many others around us, on the outside looked very normal as he made us laugh, but when he went home and behind the closed doors, is when the pain and hurt would bring him to tears, as the depression would eat him from the inside out. You just never know what others around you are going through, which makes it that much more important to show our feelings of Empathy with each other and help comfort those around you, from whatever affliction they may be going through, as they walk their paths through this journey of life.


” God comforts us through our afflictions and all we have to do is believe and have faith in him, then the hope will heal us to move forward better and stronger”

Robin Williams had a great affliction that we never knew til it was too late, just as many around us also suffer their affliction and hide it just as he did”

” Comfort the afflicted just as God has comforted us in our time of need”

” There are many that suffer the affliction of Depression, but it is silent and even the afflicted don’t realize it til it is too late”


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