Stop being fake and find the true you



” Life is not about walking a path in the clouds and pretending to be someone you are truly not, you can not keep up with the lies it takes to be that fake self”


Through this journey of life there are a lot of paths that we choose, which leads us to a life of being fake, being someone we truly are not and then struggling to create more lies to keep this act going as we try to move forward along our path we chose. Hollywood is the one path and probably the biggest culprit to us not being of who we truly are, they spend Billions and make even more than they spend on making movies that create all this fake reality around us, they pay Millions to People to act a part and be someone they truly are not. Then as they try to make these movies as real as they can, we the ones who pay to watch them, get sucked in and brain washed into thinking that this fake reality can actually become reality? When you act a part you first have to try to be the part in order to be effective, when you play enough parts then you lose sight of what true reality is, then simply just create more lies, to keep this fake reality going, cause in your own mind you think it is actually better than your true real world. With all this fake reality going on within Hollywood, it is easy to get lost within the clouds of your judgments,  lose sight of what true reality is, then keep moving forward with the lies created, as if they are actual truth of who you truly are.

We walk our paths through this journey of life and as we walk these paths, we need to work our jobs so we can keep moving forward along these paths. There are a lot of jobs out there that have you play a part and wear a uniform, so these jobs can be attractive and attract as many customers as they can, which brings to the Company more money each and every day. Big Corporations like Walt Disney, have there Employees dress up and play a part to earn their pay, if an Employee does not want to play the part, then they are replaced with someone that will play the part. Companies like this are just like Hollywood and operate around Fantasy, with no sense of what true reality really is and all for as much greed as they can achieve. While people work for Disney and play a part all day during their shift, they then keep the Fantasy going when they go home, cause simply their reality at home isn’t as good as when they are at work, which then the problem of keeping the lies of the fantasy going and creating more lies, has us then losing sight of who we truly are. There are many other jobs out there with the same agenda as Hollywood and Disney and all for as much greed as they can get, then you add in all the Political Correction within this Society, no wonder why we are a broken Society, in need of a major fix.

This political Correct World that engulfs us today, is totally turning us all into someone we truly are not. We are afraid to say what we really want to say, simply for the fear of hurting someones feelings, if we only can get back to the days of Constructive Criticism, just maybe we all can get back to walking our paths with strength, to be better and be truly of who we are. Political Correction has made us all weak as Individuals, and has turned our Society weak as well. Political Correction has become bigger than Hollywood and jobs like Disney, in the fact of having us all walk our paths of this journey through life, being of not who we truly are and having us all continue the creation of the lies in order to keep our fake realities going. Political Correction is the main culprit for all the ugliness around us today, it has stopped us from being truly of who we are, so others can use it to push their agendas further over and above any other agenda. Political Correction is all about not being able to handle the truth, so we then try to bury not only the truth, but we bury who we truly are, so we can move forward with the lies and the fake reality and when others hit us with the truth of reality, we then cry fake tears, to get those around us to stop and come to our little fake world with us. We all walk a path through this journey of life, to be better and stronger as we walk these paths, we first have to end the Political Correction and be truly of who we are.


” Crying is a sign of true strength, it helps us heal our soul, so we can move forward stronger and better than before”

” Political Correction keeps us from crying properly, which has us all hurt deeply and become someone we truly are not”

” Stop being fake and creating the lies of not being of who you truly are, so we all can walk our paths of this journey with strength to be better and happy”

” ” You can’t handle the truth!!!” this is a quote from the movie A few good men, this sadly is how we all have become, through the world of political Correction”


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