The Crown of Jesus to guide us all



” No Servant can serve two Masters, he will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other, you can not serve both God and Mammon”.


***LK 16:13***


Within this Society we live today and being so far removed from the journey of Jesus Christ, it is sad that we have moved backwards instead of forward and have lost all the teachings that Jesus left for us. Jesus showed us that when we feel his love within our hearts, we will love those around us as we would want them to love us, through this love we will serve no one, as we move forward toward the path of righteousness.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, along our path there will be some who try to make us their servant, these are the troubled ones, that think they are above all that are around them, there is no one above anybody in this World, we are all equal in the eyes of Jesus, but because of the actions of a few, this Society has become lost within itself, leaving us all within this broken Society.

Some of our leaders in recent years, have lost their ability to lead, as they become consumed with trying to gain power of all around them. This is not how Jesus taught us to lead each other, all this does is give others a feeling of being a servant in this Society. We go to our jobs so we can earn money and live our lifestyles in comfort, we come across some Bosses that think we are there to serve them? These are the ones we learn to hate and then get caught up in the World of Hate, instead of having and showing our Empathy of them, so we then can move forward stronger and better and not move backwards in regretment, or get caught up within the hate that engulfs us all today.

God gave us his son so we all could learn from him, to be better and stronger as we move forward on our paths of this journey, not so we can go backwards as we think we can do it better alone. Since we are so far removed from the journey of Jesus, makes it that much more important for us to keep our faith in him, so we all can have the hope to move forward stronger and better. When we have faith hope always comes with it, as you can’t have one without the other, the hate comes from the loss of faith in Jesus, which then leaves us with no hope.

In the eyes of Jesus there are no Servants among us, we are all equal to each other, we may have our differences, but these differences comes from being unique to each other and nothing more, no matter how we may spin it. Until we come to fully understand the process of this journey through life, get back to having faith in Jesus Christ, we may never see this hate leave our Society? This hate comes directly from we the people of this Society, simply because we have lost our faith in Jesus, buried our true feelings and emotions deep inside ourselves, so we then can move forward without the pain and hurt that comes to us along our paths, through all this suppression is where we then think that we are superior to each other and that we all should have a servant to serve our every needs.

A Boss is not someone who should look down on you as a servant, he should lead you by guiding you, so you can move forward stronger and better, we all walk a path through this journey of life, regardless of your status you have or think you have? We all need to get back to our faith in Jesus, so we then can have hope along our paths, share our Empathy with each other and then maybe this hate will leave our Society, so we then Can move forward better and our Society can fix itself to be stronger moving forward also, as we walk our paths in peace and happiness always.


” Faith and hope go together and helps us move forward along our paths of this journey through life”

” There are no Servants among us within this Society, it is only we the people that have lost our way and true feelings that think others should serve our needs”

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