Gaze into the fire of the Memories,to move forward into the future

” Memories are what we have, so our futures can and will be better as we move forward”


We all walk a path through this journey of life and within this Society, we all have this idea that it is “I” that is the only one that knows the key to success. It isn’t about the letter I, but it is totally about the word We, it is all about what we bring to Society and not about what I bring to Society, this is how a healthy Society grows better and stronger moving forward.

We all have these Memories whether good or bad, as we walk our paths of this journey through life. With these memories we all want to forget and try too hard in order to to forget these bad memories, that we totally lose sight of just who we truly are, simply because these memories bring us much pain and hurt. We suppress these memories so far deep within our souls, that we then suppress our true feelings and emotions, these feelings and emotions are what helps us move forward better and stronger along this journey.

Without the Memories we are not truly living our lives as we walk these paths, we then try to move forward being someone we truly are not and portraying a fake self towards those around us. We then create a world around us that we think is perfect and then get caught up in trying to keep this fake creation going as we try to keep moving forward. As we all try to move forward without truly being of who we are, then our Society hurts very deeply with real pain, as it to try’s to move forward better, like we ourselves in our own little worlds.

When we all move forward on our paths without being of who we truly are, we then try to do anything to fit into a Society of many, we do things without truly understanding why we are doing what we are doing, then when we don’t truly understand, we try real hard to get others to follow us, as we try to look like we are right in our actions and more powerful than all that is around us. This Society we are in today is prime example of just how fake we all our within our own little worlds, it also shows just how out of touch we are of each other and how we have also lost totally the feeling of our true empathy, that is within each of us, this empathy is the feeling of love deep within our souls, that fills our hearts with warmth, so we then can share this love with each other. Instead our hearts have become so cold because we have buried this empathy deep within our souls, which now we have not only lost sight of who we truly are and lost touch with ourselves, that we have lost sight of each other and have lost touch of everything that is around us, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Memories are what we remember whether good or bad, so we can move forward stronger and better throughout this journey of life”

” the memories are what we have so we can remember of who we truly are”

” No one is perfect as they walk their paths of this journey, which is why we have the memories in order to help us be better throughout this journey”


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