September 11, 2001 (never forget)



” I tell you, there will be rejoicing among the Angels of God over one Sinner who repents”


Lk 15:10


” In order to truly believe in God and his son Jesus, you first have to feel him within yourself and his love will always be within your heart”




It was fifteen years ago today that a tragedy took place here on American soil, a tragedy so huge, many have perished, were hurt and are still feeling the effects of this terrible day. 9/11/2001 was a horrific day for us here in America, a day that a few took an act of Terrorism, to inflict fear, hurt and pain on us here in America, no matter if you were at ground zero or not, you felt the effects of this day and with so many effected, there are so many brought closer to this horrific act, because we knew, or was close to those at ground zero.

The picture of people jumping out of the twin towers from very high above to escape the terror inside the buildings will never leave my mind and as I remember  these pictures, I will always honor the fallen on that day, as well as the ones hurt and are still hurting today. When you are in touch with your Empathy that is within you, then you will show your love toward all as you walk your path of this journey through life, but when you bury your empathy as to never be in touch with it, then you will create very sad days for the rest of us as you walk your paths of the same journey through life. Empathy is a very powerful force within us all and if you don’t truly understand the full power of this force, then bury it deep inside, you not only make your path full of chaos and uncertainty, you also make those around you full of the same chaos and uncertainty. As we truly feel the power of our empathy, then the love of God within our hearts will flow through our bodies and be shared with all that is around us.

Let’s not just remember this terrible act for one day, let’s remember this terrible act everyday we walk our paths of this journey, so we than can be stronger and better moving forward, which will help us not only feel our empathy, we can then share our love with each other, which then through the power of love, will keep the evil of hate from hurting us again, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

It is sad that the actions of a few will have us all hurt as we walk our paths, but the reality is, this is God’s plan for us all, so we can learn from our mistakes, learn from the pain of the hurt, so we then can move forward stronger and better along our paths, we can also learn the true power of our empathy as we then truly feel the love of God within all our hearts and not only feel this love, but share this love with all that is around us and when we do this, make this Society better and stronger as well, as it to moves forward for us all.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all will face adversity in the way of some life events that will come across these paths, it is how we deal with these events, that not only keeps ourselves strong, but keeps the Society around us as strong as we are, when we don’t deal with these events properly, we then become an Individual along a path, keeping us from being within a society, that will prosper as one. God never loses sight of us no matter what path we chose through this journey of life, his love will always be within our hearts, it is how we deal with the adversity of the life events, that keeps us from truly feeling the power of our empathy and truly feeling God’s love within our hearts, so we then can share this love with each other, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” May we never forget 9/11/2001, so we can all move forward stronger and better through this journey of life”

” Fifteen years ago today is a day most want to forget because of all the pain and hurt, but let’s remember so the pain and hurt will bring us better days full of love throughout our society”


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