The many faces of Uniqueness



” Being unique doesn’t just come to us within this Society, as it also comes to many other things in many different ways”


This Tree stump is so unique I had to capture it in a photo, the way one main stump comes up through the Earth, then travels in two directions, much like the shape of the “U”, Putting a new meaning to the word ” Unique”. This is a cool picture in many ways, which gets you thinking of each one of us within this Society, we to are unique in our own way, some may find that uniqueness, but most never do. We also have these Life Events that happen to us, that rob us from finding our uniqueness, these events will also change us in many ways and mostly in a way that truly isn’t of who we truly are, which leaves us to never find our true uniqueness. We all walk a path we choose along this journey of life, these paths are not perfect, nor will they come life event free, we all face these events as well as, twists, turns, bumps and bruises, no matter of the path we chose.

With all we face along our paths, it is the way we face these adversities, pick ourselves up, so we can move forward stronger and better along our paths. There are no guarantees on the paths of this journey through life and you only get what you truly work at getting, yes these paths come with work and we all have to work at getting around the hurdles we face and when we work hard, then we can be in control of what our destiny will have in store for us. This work is hugely different from the work we do at our jobs so we can live within Society, as the work we do to get around the hurdles of our paths, gives us greater rewards, so we all can live in peace and be happy everyday, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

There are many similarities between our uniqueness and the uniqueness of all that is around us, everything comes to us all for a reason, we just have to find the reason, so we can move forward better and stronger, along this journey through life. This is what God envisioned as he created Mankind, this is how we become stronger moving forward, it does come with some work on our parts, but God never leaves us as he always is there when we need, we just have to have faith, so the hope will always be there. Uniqueness is who we are, to let the Uniqueness be our strength, we first have to work at letting it be who we truly are, instead of trying to take the easy way, which only brings much pain and hurt to all our paths of this journey through life.


” Uniqueness is who we are and we have to embrace it, so we can move forward better and stronger”


















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