The Clouded Judgment…….



” This journey through life isn’t always going to be a bed of roses, or beautiful green pastures”


We all walk a path through this journey of life, the path we chose will not be always perfect and there will be a few hurdles to overcome, some bumps and ruts that will knock us down, but it is not on how you fall, it is all about how you pick yourself up and fix what is needed, to continue moving forward while learning to be better and stronger throughout this journey.

While we hit some of the hurdles and stumble through the ruts, yes it is very easy to self doubt yourself, very easy to hide the pain and hurt, so we can try to move forward like nothing is wrong, but while we are stumbling we also get lost within the clouds of our judgments and become someone we truly are not. Most of the times the troubles we think are from another source are really from our selves, because we don’t want to admit that there is something wrong? the rest of the time our troubles comes from a source of another that is also troubling, but deflects their troubles toward you, in order for them to try to hide their own troubles and feel Superior to all that is around them.
None the less we all have our troubles and these troubles are very different to each other.

God didn’t create Man for them to be perfect, or go through this journey unscathed, he wanted us to learn from the bad, so we could move forward in the good better and stronger.  When we see things around us that is not appealing to our eyes, then look out further and see nothing but clouds, that should be a sign to each of us that, we need to work harder to make better what is in front of us, so we then can look further down our paths and see prosperity and the light of the true path of righteousness. When we can’t see through the clouds of our judgments, we then become so negative of everything around us, that nothing seems like it should, nor do we see any true beauty that is around us.

There is no text book on this journey through life, nor does any one journey the same as those around us, simply because we all chose our own path to get through the journey, we have to learn as we go and when we learn correctly, we then walk our paths correctly, which leads us down a journey of true peace and happiness. The key to all our troubles comes from not getting up correctly from the knockdown and not fixing the problem then, but instead suppressing it deep inside, to hide our pain and hurt, so we can try to look normal to others around us? When we all suppress our true feelings and emotions, it does nothing but leading into a Society of many troubles, as we walk through the Society together along our journey through life. Our pain and hurt may bring us many scars, but these scars don’t have to dictate our destiny, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The pain and hurt may bring many scars, but these scars don’t have to dictate who we become, or our destiny through this journey of life”

”  We may get tripped up and fall along our paths, but it is not how we fall, but exactly on how we pick ourselves up from the fall”

” When things don’t look so good around you, then work harder at making them look better and then we can see clearly through the clouds of our judgments”


It’s a Rocky path sometimes…..



” The shores of the lake may be Rocky, but just look around at all the true beauty around it, to make the walk less bumpy”


We all walk a path through this journey of life, as we enter the Society of our journey, we may encounter that…….. Yes there are some bumps along the way that may bruise us? But when we fix the bumps and let our bruises heal, then our path will become a bit more smoother, as we move forward better and stronger.

Throughout a Society of many there will always be many things, as well as many others that will try to control us as we walk our journeys through a Society. Sometimes we get caught up in the fact that we will do anything just to simply fit in, we think that others around us are better than we are, cause we think they have no issues unlike the issues we have going on? We then get so caught up in trying to fit in, that we totally lose sight of who we truly are, we become someone that we ourselves don’t even know, then as we try to move forward, we have to keep this lie going cause we really don’t know how to get out of it.

There are many others around us that go through the same crap that we are going through, just that each one of us hide it deeply within us, like there is nothing wrong. Each and every one of us have something we regret, or something we keep from each other, just to keep from being made fun of, but seriously…….. We could all really make fun of each other, as we all have that something that we are truly ashamed to share with each other.

This journey through life is a precious thing, but yet we take so much for granted, that we can’t see the precious of any life anymore. We all want to be the best at all we do so bad, that we then cloud our judgments with things that really shouldn’t be there, then when things don’t go as we planned, we then lets the clouds control who we truly are and do things that we later regret. Some may go deep within themselves and so deep that they then pull back from all that is around them, they don’t let anything or anyone get close to to them, for the fear of others finding out of their troubles, which they then start to become negative of everything that may cross their paths.

We all throughout this Society have become so troubled, that the whole Society is very quickly crumbling right before our eyes. This goes way beyond what your background is, what Country you are from, or even what religion you may be, this is deeper and by deeper I mean this is a Human being problem that none of us are strong enough to accept. To be strong enough to accept all our troubles, we first have to understand truly of why this Society has become this way, we have some that won’t even blink an eye before they take the life of another, this is so troubling that we ourselves can’t even see the true reason of the why, only because we truly don’t want to understand the why because it may bring up some hidden pain and hurt, that we ourselves have been hiding.

What is the most thing that is so troubling within this Society is that, there are some going into an Elementary school and shooting innocent Children and the shooter only has the true answer to this, but only they through the right kind of help, can bring light to this huge problem going on around us, and a bit deeper, the rest of us within this Society also have a role in this problem, simply because we are letting it happen by not seeing the warning signs early enough and then trying to hide from all this crap to keep the pain and hurt from truly fixing what needs to be fixed. The time is now to truly fix what we need to fix deep within each one of us, so we all can walk our paths peacefully, being in true happiness throughout this journey of life.


” This journey through life is a precious thing, time we start treating it as such to move forward better and stronger”

” We all hurt with real pain in our lives, we first have to understand then address it, to truly have this pain and hurt go away”

” Through a Society of many, there will be many who suffer with real pain and hurt, true Empathy of each other will help all of us move forward along our paths”


Just the facts… Simply just the facts!!!



” Danger thin ice or maybe walking on eggshells, you pick within this Political Correct World for which we live”


The Debate last night to me didn’t really accomplish a thing, nor did it prove one over the other in this Presidential race of 2016. First you had a Moderator that clearly Favorited one over the other, then one Candidate was favored over the other, with the other Candidate being cut off before he could get a word in edge wise, This debate was clearly un professional and for me, I hope they don’t schedule another, unless they can get it right and find a moderator that is right down the middle, with zero bias toward any one Candidate.

The biggest problem you have with any election of today is, the Media. The Media clearly has a bias when it comes to liking one Candidate over another, when the Media doesn’t like one Candidate, they will go out of their way to discredit that Candidate whenever they can. All the big Executives within the Media totally think that they are more powerful than everybody that walks a path through this journey of life and also thinks that they can control everybody, just by moving us like the pieces on a chess board. When a Candidate says something the Media then twists those words to best fit their agenda and that will create the most drama towards us all. Drama is the main ingredient on the plate of the Media’s agenda and it is also what sells to make them the most money, greed is what runs the Media, instead of reporting on the facts and only the facts.

The other thing that should disappear from all elections are the attack Ads, these Ads are a big turn off for me and proves further that the Candidate that runs these kind of Ads, truly can not do the job they are running for. If you can’t win an election on your merits and have the confidence to do the best job you can, or be confident over the one you are running against, then you should not be running for that office you are running for. With all this ugliness and attacking of one another in this Society, I can clearly see where it is all coming from, our so called leaders we have in our Government, are the ones that need to be held accountable and are the ones that start all this crap, because all they think about is themselves and truly do not care of the People that vote them into office.

The time is now for us all to smarten up, stop acting childish and truly be responsible for your actions. All the Government offices within Washington D.C. are what I call the ” Power Game”, when a Candidate gets into office they then join the game and that is when they forget the ones that voted them in and only think of themselves, so they than can become as Powerful as the rest of the Public Officials within Washington D.C. The New England Patriots football team had a slogan a couple years ago which helped them win the Superbowl, that slogan was ” Do Your Job”. When we all have confidence in our abilities and take proper action with those abilities,  then our confidence goes up and we find we can do anything we set out to do, without stepping on anyone’a shoe shine, quite simply when we all do our jobs to the best of our abilities, without stepping on the shine, or attacking them with Ads, then we all can walk our paths with confidence, throughout this journey of life, while we all live within peace and happiness everyday of our existence.


” The Washington power game should not be played just by our so called leaders, it should be open for the everyday People to join if they want”

” ” do your job” was what the new England patriots did and won a championship, time for us all to do the same, so we all can be the champion of our path along this journey of life”

” The Media thinks they are more powerful than the rest of us, I got a news flash!!! you are simply someone walking a path like the rest of us throughout this journey of life”


To soar as the Eagles within Peace



” Then Abraham said, If they will not listen to Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead”.


LK 16:31


The Eagle so big and Majestic, full of so much beauty as it flies through the sky with the greatest of ease as free……. as free can be. The Eagle is a protected bird within this Country as it is the symbol of this great Nation, just too bad we can’t see the true beauty of this bird anymore, which is the reason we are so troubled in this Society.

God created this World for which we all live, it is time we thank him, by living as many others before us and have found the true path of righteousness, throughout this journey of life. Through this troubled World of today, we are a long way from even simply seeing the true path of righteousness, because quite simply…… We are too busy pretending to be someone we truly are not and we are too busy pretending we know everything, then becoming frustrated and stubborn, when our way doesn’t quite work as we originally planned. Life is full of ups and downs, it will also pull you in many different directions and with the life events that come to us, Life will also try to control who we are, as well as who we become.

This journey through life may have us as Individuals as we walk a path to become better and stronger, but the path we walk is on the inside of the journey, as the journey is the big picture for where we walk. Being an Individual as we walk our path, we take so much for granted that we then become lost within our judgments and lose sight of who we truly are, then as we walk our paths without being of who we truly are, now we are an Individual that walks a path blindly with thoughts of, my way is the highway and no other way should exist and with so many ” my ways”, no wonder why thing has stopped and has ceased to move forward anymore.

We the people of this Society are whats wrong with this Society and we also can fix the wrongs, not with just having faith in ourselves, but having faith in God also, so we all can have the hope, to walk our paths of this journey better and stronger as well. We walk this path so we can learn from our mistakes, learn how to fix our issues properly and not leave them out there to further our troubles in the long run, God also wanted us to learn how to use our uniqueness as a strength to be better This journey through life is not a race and we all should take the time to do it right, slow down and truly enjoy what is around you, because we only get one shot at it, so we might as well do it correct right? When we do it correctly we to can fly as freely as the Eagle, with no worries and share with one another, when we share with each other, we then can walk our paths peacefully, while we get through this journey smiling in true happiness.


” We the people are what is wrong with this society, we the people are the ones also responsible for fixing our wrongs so we all can walk a society peaceful and happy”

” We are Individuals walking a path through a journey, with the path being inside of the journey and the journey being the bigger picture”

” We the people are whats wrong with this society, as we the people can also fix those wrongs, so we all can be better stronger moving forward”


Prayer… the quiet hope



” I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for all Men”


1 Timothy 2:1


” Faith and hope are always together, with no faith there is no hope and with no hope there is no faith”




The light will always shine on those who have complete faith in themselves as well as in Jesus Christ. We all walk a path through this journey of life, this journey is never perfect, nor will there be anybody that goes unscathed throughout this journey, we all have our troubling times, some may be more troubling than others, but yet we all go through them and the key is to fix what we need, so we can move forward better and stronger.

Somewhere along this journey we have gone either backwards or have become stagnate? Simply because our Society that we live within has become broken and in need of an intervention. When we get overwhelmed by the life events that come before us along our paths and with the pain/ hurt that comes with them, we then lose sight of who we truly are, then bury our true feelings and emotions deep within our souls, simply to escape all the pain and the hurt. When we are not truly of who we are, we then reach out in areas we never have before, to try to be like someone else, like children growing up and becoming influenced by other sources, sometimes these sources aren’t quite what we planned, but we reach out anyways, cause we just want to be excepted and as close to normal, as we think normal is?

Hollywood Actor’s or Singers are what most children try to be like, with Pro sports players close behind, now most in these groups are okay to try to be like as they become great role models, but yes there are some that don’t think of what their actions will have on others. Ones like Miley Cirrus, now she was okay growing up as Hannah Montana, but once she became Independent, now her role model status just went completely down the tubes. Justin Beiber always into some kind of mischief and totally thinks he is someone that all children should follow? he is nothing but a trust fund baby, that thinks he deserves everything. Children growing up with these kind of role models, then think that they to need to be like them, which they then try to be like them and don’t want anything to do with who they truly are, all this does is, create a Society of people that think fantasy should be reality, this makes it hard on the Parents that want to raise their children correctly with love, then there are some Parents that really could care less of their children so they can go out and party all the time? Well…….. that’s for another post.

” To see the light brightly, you have to go through some darkness, as the darkness is what makes you stronger moving forward”.

Just like you need faith to have hope, you also need darkness to see the light. This is God’s way of showing us that nothing is perfect along this journey of life, we may think we are perfect? But the only things that are perfect is like bowling a perfect game, which is a score of 300 and you cannot score any higher, or maybe a Pitcher in baseball, with a perfect game like no hits, no walks, etc….. nothing but 27 strikeouts that is needed in a nine inning game. You cannot achieve these things without lots of practice, as perfection like this comes with work and that is something some just don’t do anymore. Now a days in this broken Society some will cheat to make themselves as perfect or great as they can, this does nothing but make the Individual doing the cheating look foolish, as they will always be in the darkness, with no light at the end of the tunnel. In order to see the light and truly be of who you are, you need to get through the darkness, so you can be better and stronger along your path of this journey through life.


” In order to truly see the light and be of who you truly are, there is some darkness you need to get through to be better and stronger moving forward”


We all hurt in so many ways



” Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer everyone”.


Colossians  4:6


” This World full of hate and ugliness needs a major intervention, so we all can get back to treating each other with respect”




May God bless little Martin Richard, who was taken from us at a young age in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Yes I have and will keep using this picture, simply because this sign Martin made at the age of eight years old before he was taken from us, has a suttle…… but strong message and a message that we are all guilty of. Martin may have been a young boy, but he acted much older than most within this Society,  as some among us would rather speak with violence, then speaking quietly when something angers or troubles them.

South Carolina another hot spot of violence and even before any of the real evidence or truth comes out, before the investigation begins, these people would rather take to the streets and create chaos among us? Really!!! This proves even more of just how broken this Society has become. Now before you take a knee and disrespect a flag that so many have fought and died for, think before you act which is something that we all take for granted in this Society.

Before you talk of any group of people being oppressed among us, seriously re think your thinking, You would think after this Country voted in the first Afro American as President, this ugliness would of become better? on the contrary it has become worse and is now affecting each and everyone within this great Country of America. You also have many Afro Americans in the public sector that have become very successful and we need to ask ourselves why? The only answer that matters is, they have worked very hard to achieve their success, while the majority are very lazy and refuse to do any kind of work at all, they think and expect that everybody should feel sorry for them, then give them whatever they want? When you work hard at achieving success is when respect will flow from you like water over the falls, with success comes happiness and peace and when you achieve any kind of success, the last thing you should worry about, is some punk coming and trying to take it from you, simply because he is too lazy to put the work in, so he to can have the same peace and happiness that success brings.

In order to end this ugliness around us, we first have to seriously look deep within ourselves, ask ourselves how can I change so others around me can change as well. True change will never happen over night, true change can and will bring some hurt to our lives, but when we achieve this true change, it is the most beautiful thing that we will ever do, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life. We don’t have to live with all this ugliness around us and I throw a lot of blame toward the Propaganda Media, as they do nothing but keep this drama front and center in all our lives just to keep earning their Millions, while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. We can end this power that the Media has on us and all we have to do is, quite simply pay no attention to them and move forward with our own lives, move forward with our hard work so we to can have the success as others have had, stop dwelling on what was and move forward on our paths of this journey through life.


” Martin Richard may have been taken from us through a senseless tragedy, but his Spirit lives on through this sign he left for us all”

” We all hurt in so many different ways, violence is not the answer for any of us through this journey of life”


Oppression has no boundaries


” The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed”


*** Luke 4:18


” This stream flows along it’s path within it’s boundaries, as it shares all the land around it with all the other Vegetation”


*** BowlingChef***


Within this Society of today, the ones that are truly Oppressed move forward quietly as to not bring attention to themselves, yet there are others using a sport that they play as their platform and then disrespect a flag, that men and woman have fought hard to protect, so these Individuals can make their millions playing their sport, is this really a good way to voice your concerns? Our Military of the past and the present, have fought for our flag, so we can be free here to do what we want and travel wherever we want to go. These men and woman of the Military are made up of our Mother’s, Father’s, Brother’s and Sister’s, some never made it back home, others came home but never the same as they left to fight for the flag, then as they come home to re join Society with us, they become neglected and disrespected by the rest of us throughout this Society. These Veterans are the one true oppressed people of this Society, cause they worked hard so we can be free and safe in this Country, as the ones that think they are oppressed, don’t work and expect the rest of us to tale care of them, as they become even lazier throughout this Society.

There are many that are oppressed within this Society, but they work hard to get out of the oppression, so they can be as vibrant and happy like many others. The ones that bicker and complain become lazy and never work hard at doing anything of value in their lives, then they try to disrupt the lives of those around them, by doing stupid things and forcing their opinions on those around them. Oppression is what you make of it and if your not willing to reach out, lend a helping hand to others at their time of need, then I blame we the people for letting this Oppression become bigger than it really needs to be.

There are some that cry they are oppressed, but do nothing to help themselves, they do nothing to get out of the oppression, then they rely on others to not help them out of the oppression, but to disrupt the lives of others around them. ” God helps those who help themselves”, so when there is no hope of any help, only means you have lost the faith in yourself as well as in God also. Don’t rely on others to over step the boundaries in a Society, as it is like the stream and if the stream over stepped it’s boundaries, then all the Vegetation around it dies as it becomes flooded.

Before you take a knee in protest, really know what you are protesting, I understand that there is oppression going on around us but, this oppression has affect on a lot more than one kind of person in this Society, to take a knee before a game to not pay tribute to a flag of this Countries colors, to which many have fought and died, so we can be free and you can earn millions from the sport where you are taking the knee, this is not a good idea and shows that people need to re think the way to protest. By taking a knee you are doing nothing but showing disrespect of those who fought hard, died and came home not of the same person defending the flag, so we all can be free to be anything of which we truly want to be. Find another way in which to protest that won’t show any disrespect of anything or anyone around you, Let’s all be a little smarter with our actions, so we all can walk our paths in peace, while being truly happy throughout this journey of life.


” Oppression comes from relying heavily on others to work on our behalf, without we ourselves working hard to get out of the Oppression”

” oppression is what you make of it and with no faith there will be no hope of getting out of the Oppression”

” Many have died fighting for the red, white and blue so the rest of us can be free in this country, let’s not disrespect their spirit by taking a knee in it’s honor”


Comfort the Afflicted



” Blessed be….. the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God”


2 Corinthians 1:4


Robin Williams made us all laugh til our stomachs hurt and our eyes were filled with tears from laughing so hard, he was a great man that not only was funny, but he to cared for all those around him. What we didn’t know of him til it was too late, is that he was hurting very deeply inside with Depression, this depression was eating him from the inside out. We should honor him in a way that will make him smile from above and that is too remember him, as we truly acknowledge that we all have some kind of Affliction that we need to be comforted, so we can move forward on our path of this journey through life.

Everybody ( just look around), is troubled by something but yet we keep trying to move forward like nothing is wrong, this something could be small and trivial, or this something could be causing us such great pain, that we will do anything just to rid ourselves of the pain and hurt. Robin Williams used comedy to hide his hurt and pain, he made us all laugh, even though he was hurting deep inside, this goes to show you, that you just never know what others around you are truly going through?

People that we pass on the street, do we really know what is troubling them deep inside? Do we really know what kind of affliction they hold within themselves?  This is where our true Empathy comes in, so we then can comfort those who are hurting, to help ease there pain and help them over come there troubles. When we truly believe in God and his son Jesus, we then can have faith in them, which then not only will they comfort us from our afflictions, but they will give us hope to help us comfort those around us, from whatever afflictions they are going through.

Empathy is a feeling deep within our souls, when we truly feel this Empathy, then we can share this feeling of Empathy with each other. The problem then lies with the way we walk our paths of this journey and what kind of obstacle we have to overcome, When we struggle to get over the hurdle, is when we then become troubled with an affliction, that brings the pain and hurt to ourselves and our journey, through this affliction we then lose sight of who we truly are, as we then bury the feelings of Empathy deep within ourselves, in order to rid ourselves of the pain and hurt. Robin Williams like many others around us, on the outside looked very normal as he made us laugh, but when he went home and behind the closed doors, is when the pain and hurt would bring him to tears, as the depression would eat him from the inside out. You just never know what others around you are going through, which makes it that much more important to show our feelings of Empathy with each other and help comfort those around you, from whatever affliction they may be going through, as they walk their paths through this journey of life.


” God comforts us through our afflictions and all we have to do is believe and have faith in him, then the hope will heal us to move forward better and stronger”

Robin Williams had a great affliction that we never knew til it was too late, just as many around us also suffer their affliction and hide it just as he did”

” Comfort the afflicted just as God has comforted us in our time of need”

” There are many that suffer the affliction of Depression, but it is silent and even the afflicted don’t realize it til it is too late”


Stop being fake and find the true you



” Life is not about walking a path in the clouds and pretending to be someone you are truly not, you can not keep up with the lies it takes to be that fake self”


Through this journey of life there are a lot of paths that we choose, which leads us to a life of being fake, being someone we truly are not and then struggling to create more lies to keep this act going as we try to move forward along our path we chose. Hollywood is the one path and probably the biggest culprit to us not being of who we truly are, they spend Billions and make even more than they spend on making movies that create all this fake reality around us, they pay Millions to People to act a part and be someone they truly are not. Then as they try to make these movies as real as they can, we the ones who pay to watch them, get sucked in and brain washed into thinking that this fake reality can actually become reality? When you act a part you first have to try to be the part in order to be effective, when you play enough parts then you lose sight of what true reality is, then simply just create more lies, to keep this fake reality going, cause in your own mind you think it is actually better than your true real world. With all this fake reality going on within Hollywood, it is easy to get lost within the clouds of your judgments,  lose sight of what true reality is, then keep moving forward with the lies created, as if they are actual truth of who you truly are.

We walk our paths through this journey of life and as we walk these paths, we need to work our jobs so we can keep moving forward along these paths. There are a lot of jobs out there that have you play a part and wear a uniform, so these jobs can be attractive and attract as many customers as they can, which brings to the Company more money each and every day. Big Corporations like Walt Disney, have there Employees dress up and play a part to earn their pay, if an Employee does not want to play the part, then they are replaced with someone that will play the part. Companies like this are just like Hollywood and operate around Fantasy, with no sense of what true reality really is and all for as much greed as they can achieve. While people work for Disney and play a part all day during their shift, they then keep the Fantasy going when they go home, cause simply their reality at home isn’t as good as when they are at work, which then the problem of keeping the lies of the fantasy going and creating more lies, has us then losing sight of who we truly are. There are many other jobs out there with the same agenda as Hollywood and Disney and all for as much greed as they can get, then you add in all the Political Correction within this Society, no wonder why we are a broken Society, in need of a major fix.

This political Correct World that engulfs us today, is totally turning us all into someone we truly are not. We are afraid to say what we really want to say, simply for the fear of hurting someones feelings, if we only can get back to the days of Constructive Criticism, just maybe we all can get back to walking our paths with strength, to be better and be truly of who we are. Political Correction has made us all weak as Individuals, and has turned our Society weak as well. Political Correction has become bigger than Hollywood and jobs like Disney, in the fact of having us all walk our paths of this journey through life, being of not who we truly are and having us all continue the creation of the lies in order to keep our fake realities going. Political Correction is the main culprit for all the ugliness around us today, it has stopped us from being truly of who we are, so others can use it to push their agendas further over and above any other agenda. Political Correction is all about not being able to handle the truth, so we then try to bury not only the truth, but we bury who we truly are, so we can move forward with the lies and the fake reality and when others hit us with the truth of reality, we then cry fake tears, to get those around us to stop and come to our little fake world with us. We all walk a path through this journey of life, to be better and stronger as we walk these paths, we first have to end the Political Correction and be truly of who we are.


” Crying is a sign of true strength, it helps us heal our soul, so we can move forward stronger and better than before”

” Political Correction keeps us from crying properly, which has us all hurt deeply and become someone we truly are not”

” Stop being fake and creating the lies of not being of who you truly are, so we all can walk our paths of this journey with strength to be better and happy”

” ” You can’t handle the truth!!!” this is a quote from the movie A few good men, this sadly is how we all have become, through the world of political Correction”


The Crown of Jesus to guide us all



” No Servant can serve two Masters, he will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other, you can not serve both God and Mammon”.


***LK 16:13***


Within this Society we live today and being so far removed from the journey of Jesus Christ, it is sad that we have moved backwards instead of forward and have lost all the teachings that Jesus left for us. Jesus showed us that when we feel his love within our hearts, we will love those around us as we would want them to love us, through this love we will serve no one, as we move forward toward the path of righteousness.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, along our path there will be some who try to make us their servant, these are the troubled ones, that think they are above all that are around them, there is no one above anybody in this World, we are all equal in the eyes of Jesus, but because of the actions of a few, this Society has become lost within itself, leaving us all within this broken Society.

Some of our leaders in recent years, have lost their ability to lead, as they become consumed with trying to gain power of all around them. This is not how Jesus taught us to lead each other, all this does is give others a feeling of being a servant in this Society. We go to our jobs so we can earn money and live our lifestyles in comfort, we come across some Bosses that think we are there to serve them? These are the ones we learn to hate and then get caught up in the World of Hate, instead of having and showing our Empathy of them, so we then can move forward stronger and better and not move backwards in regretment, or get caught up within the hate that engulfs us all today.

God gave us his son so we all could learn from him, to be better and stronger as we move forward on our paths of this journey, not so we can go backwards as we think we can do it better alone. Since we are so far removed from the journey of Jesus, makes it that much more important for us to keep our faith in him, so we all can have the hope to move forward stronger and better. When we have faith hope always comes with it, as you can’t have one without the other, the hate comes from the loss of faith in Jesus, which then leaves us with no hope.

In the eyes of Jesus there are no Servants among us, we are all equal to each other, we may have our differences, but these differences comes from being unique to each other and nothing more, no matter how we may spin it. Until we come to fully understand the process of this journey through life, get back to having faith in Jesus Christ, we may never see this hate leave our Society? This hate comes directly from we the people of this Society, simply because we have lost our faith in Jesus, buried our true feelings and emotions deep inside ourselves, so we then can move forward without the pain and hurt that comes to us along our paths, through all this suppression is where we then think that we are superior to each other and that we all should have a servant to serve our every needs.

A Boss is not someone who should look down on you as a servant, he should lead you by guiding you, so you can move forward stronger and better, we all walk a path through this journey of life, regardless of your status you have or think you have? We all need to get back to our faith in Jesus, so we then can have hope along our paths, share our Empathy with each other and then maybe this hate will leave our Society, so we then Can move forward better and our Society can fix itself to be stronger moving forward also, as we walk our paths in peace and happiness always.


” Faith and hope go together and helps us move forward along our paths of this journey through life”

” There are no Servants among us within this Society, it is only we the people that have lost our way and true feelings that think others should serve our needs”