The Crown of Jesus Christ



” There is a Baptism with which I must be Baptized, and how great is my anguish until It is accomplished”.



**** LK 12:50



This picture was taken as I was Kayaking around a pond in the northern woods of Maine. This proves that when you look deeply into what you see, you also can see cool things, that spark your interest further than you will ever imagine. I call this wooden stump the Crown of Jesus Christ, as it resembles the sharp thorns that was put together and placed on the head of Jesus, before he took the long walk where he died for the good of all Mankind.

We within this Society and being so far removed from the time Jesus came and walked his journey with us, will never see this stump and look at it this way, only because we don’t look deeply into what we see, we don’t let ourselves feel our true feelings and emotions, simply because we don’t want to be looked at as weird for actually feeling the true feelings that are within us all. We may see a lot of ugliness around us today and through this ugliness there is a lot of Evil, then being so far removed from the journey of Jesus Christ, we then let the thoughts of Jesus never existed, cause we ourselves never seen him. You don’t have to see him, he is within each one of us and when you have deep faith of him and yourself, he will come to you in a sign, like this stump came to me, along my journey of the pond within the Kayak I was in.

There will always be good and evil, it is the way Jesus gives us all a choice for which path you want to follow, as you walk this journey through life. The path of Good will bring you into happiness and love, with plenty of Peace and Serenity. The path of Evil is all dark, with no light to light up the path you choose to walk, Evil is not only full of darkness, it also breeds hatred and violence, which does nothing but turn all of Mankind against one another. With all the ugliness around us today, we tend to think that Evil is winning the battle? on the contrary, Evil may consume us for a short time, but in the long run it is the Good that always ends up conquering all Evil and all we have to do is, have complete faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life in peace and happiness, at every turn and cross road, that we come to.

This stump was formed naturally as it floated its journey through this pond, through it’s journey it became so smooth that it now shows its true beauty to all that look deeply into what they see. The true beauty and uniqueness of each one of us may have this stump look very different to each of us? That is part of the true beauty all around us, just because you see something being different than someone else doesn’t mean it is ¬†wrong, it only proves further of just how unique we are to one another. I see this stump as the thorns put together to make a crown that was put on Jesus’s head, simply because I have faith and believe in him, those that have no faith and belief may see something else, there really is no difference, this is how Jesus wants us to be and he gives us that choice to see whatever we want to see, the problem then lies in the hands of each one of us, as the choices we make when we don’t look deeply into what we see, can turn ugly not just for ourselves, but for those who are around us, along our path of this journey through life.


” Choices are a part of all our journey’s, there is no wrong choice, just a choice that may bring either Evil or Good”

” You may look at something and see one thing, somebody else may look at the same thing and see something totally different”

” To take a journey into a place you have never been before, is like natural medicine that can change you for the better”

” When you have faith in yourself and in Jesus Christ, there will always be good to follow you, without the faith then the Evil will always find a way to corrupt you”


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