A Presidential Race like no other



The Presidential race of 2016, has so many twists and turns, it is hard to keep up to them, let alone all the plot twists. After the first day of the DNC one word comes to mind, “Hypocrisy”. Hillary Clinton wants to be the first woman President so bad, that she clearly does not think before she speaks, she will say whatever we want to hear so she can get our vote, then once in office do nothing like when she was a Senator. She really has said nothing yet, except for bashing Donald Trump in any way she can, She like Bernie Sanders is promising a lot of free stuff, but seriously!!! Who is going to pay for all this free stuff? She complains of this wall that Donald Trump wants to build to protect the Citizens of the U.S.Well what about the wall with armed guards on the other side of Mexico, protecting them from Freeloaders? It is okay for them but not for us? As far as Foreign Policy, she has collected so much from the Arab Countries, that she would never go against them, so we can forget about fighting ISIS, which means that they will be welcome in this Country to do their sick and twisted acts, although News Flash for you…….. they are already here on Obama’s watch. Everything we disagree with Obama on, will then become the status quo under Hillary, the National Debt….. let’s just say we all will have to work til we leave this journey through life, with no chance to enjoy our Golden Years.

Senator Warren on the other hand has become the pit bull for the Clinton’s, she is doing nothing but bash Donald Trump, when she should be in her office, working with the other Senator’s, trying to fix this mess and fix this Society, that is totally broken under the watch of President Obama. Our Government officials have become so out of touch, they don’t even know what true reality is anymore. Term limits? there should be term limits set, just like the office of the President, so the Career Politician doesn’t get too comfy in the chair of which they sit, of the office we vote them into. The Corruption is so bad and the lies being said everyday are so great, that you can’t tell when they are actually telling the truth. Senator Warren talks of Trump making big money in Real Estate through the 90’s when the market was low, but yet she conveniently doesn’t tell us of her money making in Real Estate through the same time frame.  The Hypocrisy is so bad within our Government, they themselves don’t even realize they are doing it.  To our Politicians it is just a game, to which the loser of the game is always we the hard working People throughout this Country.

There is an old saying, ” don’t step on another man’s shoeshine, well I think they have a shortage of Shoe shine Boys and this Political Correction among us? Lets just say….. it to needs to go, I get the fact we need to help each other prosper, but if we only showed more Empathy and love for one another, which is already within us, then we wouldn’t need this political Correction making us all weak, we wouldn’t be afraid to speak and truly help each other, without the fear of offending someone, then all the lies within the Government will stop, because now they are being held responsible to simply do their jobs they were voted in to do. Political Correction has taken away the art of handling the truth, instead we say nice things to your face, then when you turn around, insert the knife deep within your back.

I am sorry but nobody takes responsibility for their actions anymore and this needs to change so we all can walk our paths of this journey in peace everyday. Stop this walking on egg shells around each other and be totally truthful with each other, so we all can fix our own issues, which will then lead to fixing the issues of this Society, have you ever heard of ” constructive criticism”? this is a way for us all to help each other, but within this Political Correction Society we are in, constructive criticism will never exist and we all will forever…. never be held accountable for our actions, never be able to fix any issue that comes across our path through this journey of life.


” Political Correction only has us walking on egg shells around each other, where constructive criticism will have us help each other to be better and stronger moving forward”

‘ This Presidential election this time around is one big joke, time we hold each other accountable for our actions, to fix what we need to fix, instead of bashing each other with Hypocrisy”

” If your against something one day, then why be for it the next”

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