The Beauty all around us



There is true Beauty in all we see when we look deep enough,

The different tree’s that live and breathe the same air as us,

The mountains with their different sizes and their grandeur,

The bodies of water with their unknown deep beneath the surface,

The shoreline of the water and the different vegetation that feed from the water,

There is a lot of Beauty just that all the ugliness consumes us so tough.


A good percentage of us get so consumed with all the video games,

We then forget there is a whole big World out there,

We stay inside at the controllers so much within our homes,

We totally forget about the real World around us,

We then become the game, leaving the true beauty out of sight,

As we become the game we then let the game control us,

We have no idea of how to control cause the game does it for us,

The game then brainwashes us to a point of we forget our names.


Go outside and take a walk, breathe in the fresh air with a feeling of openness,

Every neighborhood has it’s own beauty we just have to go out and see,

When we stay inside for too long the whole World passes us by,

The walk may help us see the beauty and also give us some exercise,

The outside brings nature with much more to see and admire,

Even walking a nature trail there is cool beauty all around you,

Walking nature trails the games, it’s about moderation and the fairness.


To see the true beauty you have to look deeply at what you see,

You can not see any beauty with your face in a game,

True beauty is everywhere even in your own backyard,

Your house has it’s charm which is another way of saying beauty,

The grass you mow in your yard has it’s own beauty to it,

Beauty is everywhere we can’t get away from it,

Beauty is from country to country and sea to shining sea.



” True beauty is more than skin deep and deeper then we may portray”

” Beauty is in all we see, not just in what we want to see”

” Some may see true beauty in one thing, as others see it in other things”


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