Love thy Neighbor as we love ourselves.



Jesus replied, ” A man fell Victim to Robber’s as he went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, they stripped and beat him, then went off leaving him half dead. A Priest happened to be going down that road, but when he saw him, he passed by on the opposite side”.


*** Lk 10:30-31***


This quote in this Society will be taken in so many different ways, but to truly see this quote as Jesus did, we first have to look deeply into what we see.

We within this broken Society are so divided and have become lost within the clouds of our judgments, that we have totally forgotten how to love thy Neighbor as we love ourselves, we may throw around the word of love like candy at a candy store, with things like, I love that car, I love the weather, or maybe I love that house, these are all material things that can change at the drop of the word love, but we have totally become so removed from this, knowing and loving thy Neighbor, as we know and love ourselves. I remember when growing up, the next door neighbor was a great man and as he went on vacation, or we went on vacation, we would collect each others mail and then give it to each other on our return, we looked out for one another and helped each other at times of need, these are the sort of things we have forgotten and things we have wandered away from within this Society. To truly love thy Neighbor is really not that hard, it comes as natural as it does for us to love ourselves. Instead we put up fences around our yards, that do nothing but divide us from our Neighbors, which is the same thing we are doing within this Society. Nobody Trusts each other anymore, Trust is the most important ingredient, that makes our love of selves flow freely into one another.

I understand we all have our issues, but when we don’t fix these issues properly, now they mount up and instead of them just affecting ourselves, now they are affecting each and every one that is around us and with this formula, it now forces our Society to hurt and in need of a major fix as well. With all this ugliness that surrounds us today, shows perfectly just how, that when we enter a Society without properly fixing our own issues, bleeds into a Society and forces us all to become less trustworthy of each other, then reluctant to share our love with each other. The paths we walk through this journey of life, will have many twists and turns, bumps that will bruise us on the inside as well as the outside, but when we don’t let ourselves heal properly, don’t fix properly the issues that gave us the bruise, now we enter into a Society weakened and not strong enough, to enter into a Society of many.

This quote today to some may be an ugly quote, as they read of the Priest walking by on the opposite side, but for those who look deeply into what they read or see, will clearly see that, the Priest saw clearly that the Neighbor was coming to help, showing that he loved his Neighbor as he loved himself. When Jesus came and walked his journey with us, his biggest teaching to us, was for us to help each other and to love each other as we love ourselves, but unfortunately, we have gone in the other direction and have totally become self centered, so we can try to avoid all the ugliness we see around us. Through this ugliness we see some bringing further hurt to others, this is not the way Jesus taught us when he walked his journey, Jesus had no weapons on him and he even had only the clothes he wore, without any bag or bags on his back, he only came to us with the warmth of his heart and sharing the warmth of his heart, by loving each one that came along his path, it is really very simple and easy, just that we the People have made it very hard with our actions, then took it further with not loving thy Neighbor as we love ourselves. All this ugliness can disappear just as easy as it came to us, all we have to do is love thy Neighbor as we would love ourselves, fix our issues properly, before we then take them into a Society of many, when we do this, then we all can walk our paths peacefully with happiness, throughout this journey of life.


” Love thy Neighbor as we love our selves, this is what used to be, but now as we walk our paths further from this, only breeds further ugliness around us”

” Trust and Love are the two biggest ingredients missing within this Society, when we find and bring back these ingredients, all this ugliness will disappear”


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