The twisted path along this journey



The twisted path throughout this Society is full of obstacles and is quite ugly at first glance, these obstacles are from each of us with our carelessness, we all want to leave our mark when we depart this journey, but unfortunately….. it is like going to your favorite restaurant, you want to have the restaurant cater to you and make you a dish only you would like, but if a restaurant did this for all that entered through their doors, the restaurant would then go out of business, leaving a void in all of us, as now we have an obstacle that becomes run down and ugly.

We all want to walk our paths with the path giving us no resistance, or the path giving us everything we want, especially if the path has never been blazed ahead of us, we now have to make our path, cleaning it as we go, learning at every turn, ready to face whatever obstacle that may meet us around the corner and working very hard to move forward as easy as we want. There is no path that we can just skate through with no work or issues, but if we work hard enough, than all our paths can become smoother as we blaze our way through the path.

Some may want other’s to blaze ahead of us, then we just skate through as easy as we can, it don’t work that way as, a path blazed by one, may not be the right path for you, this holds a lot more obstacles to over come and some twists that you then become so tangled, that you then lose your way and inability to find any path properly. Every path may not be perfect, but if we clean as we go, take care of our own issues without involving those around us, take care of the obstacles around each turn, then even as the path may still have some cleaning, it will become easier as we go, with all our hard work we do as we walk the path we choose along this journey through life.

Within this Society of today, all our paths have become cluttered with ugliness, only because we have tangled ourselves among each other, we then try to force one another to do the cleaning, instead of we ourselves, doing the work to untangle from the twists of our endeavors. You can’t force another to do the work of untangling your twists, as you can’t force another to see things as you see them, you only create more ugliness and resistance all around you.

We have all lost the true feeling of Empathy within us, because we are all tangled so far within our twists, that we have lost the ability to not only love ourselves, but to love one another, so we then can end all this hatred that is around us today. This hatred is the biggest obstacle before us along our paths, when we overcome it, feel the true Empathy within us, then and only then, will our paths seem to be getting smoother and easier. This takes hard work on all our parts and not just one waiting for another to come and blaze the path ahead of us, we first have to blaze our own path, then as each path crosses each other, they can come together out of love and empathy for each other, so we than can share instead of feeling angered and feeling hate, that you crossed my path and messed it up in a way I didn’t like, these paths take hard work on all our parts, we just need to accept the work, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life, in peace and happiness everyday we step onto a different path, at each turn.


” Each path along this journey of life comes with its own obstacles, just we need to identify and work hard to overcome each obstacle, so we don’t become tangled in our own twists”

” In life not everything is of what we want, but when we work hard we than can create everything we want, making all our paths a joy to walk”

” Our paths may become cluttered with ugliness, only because we stop working hard to overcome the obstacles. so our paths can meet in harmony of each other”


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