The Sadness is all around us…..



We are living in a very sad World today, through this sadness you have some that try too look the other way, so they can move forward along their path of this journey. Then their are some that without truly knowing of what they are doing, simply add to all the sadness around them. Then their are some that try to take down others as they try to look on the outside, more powerful than the ones they are taking down, everybody has their own ideas of the way things should be, that doesn’t mean that their ideas are correct? Some may look at this picture and think this is ugly, with all the dead tree’s and mud at the shore of the water, but unless you look deeply into what you see, identify what you are seeing, you will never truly know of the true beauty within this picture.

With all the crap happening around us and the fact our leaders can’t truly identify of where the crap is coming from, will only prove the fact that this sadness will never go away. You need to first identify the problem, identify with where the ugliness is coming, so you than can properly fix what you need to fix, when you acknowledge the sadness and where it is coming from, now you can proceed in starting to fix the problem, so one day all the sadness turns to happiness and then we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace.

I get the fact we all deal with our own issues, but when these issues then get in the way of us walking our paths in solidarity with each other and creating sadness among us, now you have a problem that will overwhelm us, if we don’t identify it and fix it.

This journey through life really isn’t that hard to figure out, it is us the People that walk our paths of this journey, that make it very difficult to walk. Then you add in the fact that, in this Society we all want the power and control over each other, now you have a journey that is full of ugliness and sadness.

This group of ISIS is merely a group of Cowards, that have taken their warped sense of reality and are trying to get the rest of us to follow them? These Cowards are very easily brainwashed, because they have a very low self esteem of themselves and if you go against them, then you become the enemy to them, you become a Racist toward them and then to them all they want to do is kill you, so they then can proceed with their warped agenda and twisted views. To defeat a warped group like this, we first have to identify who they are, ” Radical Islamic Terrorist”. This by no way means that all Muslims are this way, it is only a small percentage that are this way, so we have to first identify this, so we then can proceed in fighting the enemy properly.

Self esteem and knowing truly who you are, goes along way in how you walk your path of this journey through life. When you use the word “Racist”, it is merely a cop out excuse and does nothing but make you lazy in doing the work needed, to fix what you need to fix, so you can walk your path of this journey in peace and happiness, everyday of your existence.


” Racism is the lazy mans way to walk this journey, showing just how low your self esteem is”

” A Terrorist is a Coward that uses fear to achieve its goals, no matter how warped the goals are”

” This sad World we live today can change, when we identify truly of what makes us sad and fix our problems and warped sense of reality”

” To identify any solution, first we need to identify the problem, then have a game plan to fix what we need to fix”


We are all Sinners, it’s our Faith that keeps us moving forward…



” He said to her, ” Your sins are forgiven”. The others at the table said to themselves, ” Who is this who even forgives sins”. But he said to the woman, ” Your Faith has saved you, go now in Peace”, “.



” Our journey isn’t always smooth and sometimes we can’t see our reflection, but with our Faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, we will be forgave of our sins so we can then move forward on our journey”



We all along our paths of this journey through life, have sinned at some point. When our Faith in not only ourselves, but our Faith in Jesus Christ stays strong within us, our sins will always be forgave. Even when we think our sins are so great, when we can’t see our reflection, or even as we become so lost within ourselves, it is our Faith that will help us through even the worst of times.

The woman is so sad of her sins, that Jesus acknowledges her sins and says to her, because your Faith is strong in yourself and your true love is real, your sins will be forgave and go now in peace. The others at the table say who is this man that forgives, shows that their Faith is weak and they need to acknowledge their true love, so they to can find the Faith of themselves and the man known as Jesus Christ.

Faith in all we do and especially in ourselves, is so very important for us too move forward stronger and better along this journey, with this Faith we will totally see our reflection in whatever we look into, we will feel the love of God that is deep within our souls and in our hearts, when we feel this love we then can share it with all those around us, instead of going down the other path that breeds anger and hate of each other. This anger and hate comes from Satan and all he wants is for us to sin against ourselves and each other, then as we do this we then become cold with no feelings of love, we walk the path of destruction which we can clearly see within our Society today, we become so lost within this journey, we then become someone for which we truly are not.

Faith and Love are the key components for each of us to walk our paths of this journey in Peace, when we are at peace we can clearly see our reflection of who we truly are, we then can feel the Love within us and share it with all that is around us, then as we ask Jesus in our Prayers to forgive us of our sins, he will say to us also what he said to the woman, ” Your faith has saved you and your love is real, go now in Peace”.

This journey through life has many obstacles and hurdles to overcome, they will test us in many ways, sometimes we sin even when we think we have not, sometimes we become someone we truly are not, but when we keep the faith of ourselves and in Jesus Christ, there is no sin big enough that Jesus won’t find it in his heart to forgive us, then as Jesus forgives us, we then can forgive ourselves, so we can not only be true to who we are, but we can also truly feel the love that is within our hearts and souls. then as we walk our paths of this journey through life, we can do so in Peace, while we share our Faith and Love with each other.


” Faith and Love is within us all, we only have to acknowledge them to unleash their true power”

” The Holy Spirit is within us all no matter of who you are, it is this Spirit that helps us walk our path of this journey in Peace”

” the obstacles and hurdles along our paths will derail us for a short time, but as we keep the faith and feel the love within us, we will over come the derailment, Jesus will forgive us, so we than can forgive ourselves,  and continue this journey in peace”


Karma will always avenge those with false acquisitions



It is sad that in today’s Society some will accuse others of things they have never done…… Why? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe it’s the fact that they lack their own self confidence and this is a way for them to try to move forward, while thinking they are better than you?  Could also mean that they have some hidden issues that they are afraid to address? I get the fact we all have our own issues that we deal with on a daily basis, but when we deal with issues that are brought on by others, that make false accusations, shows just how people in this Society need to grow up, accept the responsibility of their actions, learn how to be confident in their abilities and instead of burying their issues deep within their sole, fix what needs to be fixed, so we all can move forward in peace and happiness, along our paths of this journey through life.

Self Confidence is something we all learn as we grow along our paths of this journey, self confidence doesn’t just happen as it is achieved by the way we learn to be better at all we do along our paths. When we lack this Self Confidence shows that we have become lazy at earning and achieving it, we forget how to practice whatever we need to practice, so we can achieve the confidence to move forward, within this Society we have become so lazy, we forget what it is to work hard for what we want, to work hard to gain our self confidence and when we get that lazy we then get lost within the clouds of our own self doubt. When self doubt enter onto our paths, we then will do anything, in order to move forward, even if that means knocking others down, so we then what we think is moving ahead of them? This is only one thing and that is, the fact that we lack the confidence in ourselves to move forward correctly, so we then can achieve success correctly, while we all become happy everyday of our journey.

Self Confidence isn’t just in the ability of a person that plays a sport, it is within each of us along our paths of our journey, we strive for the confidence to be great at whatever we are doing, when we lack the confidence and we become lazy to work hard at achieving it, we then will do anything to try to achieve it, yes that means we will try to bring down others around us,  to make it seem like we are better, even though they do the job better than I? Simply look at some one like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, he works very hard, not just at practice, but within the game of football he plays, with that hard work and practice, he has enough self confidence in his abilities, that he is by far the best Quarterback in football, those within the game that chats ill of him are simply jealous and are lazy to work as hard as Tom, not too mention the reason why some hate on him so much. Life along our paths of this journey will go so much smoother if we all work hard and practice everything we do, fix whatever issues we have, so we can achieve our self confidence and be better and stronger moving forward.


” Self Confidence isn’t something that just comes to us, we have to work hard in achieving whatever we do to gain the Confidence”

” To bring another down is not the way for us to achieve success, or even move forward stronger and better”

” When we lack self confidence only means we have issues that we need to fix, so we can achieve the confidence to be better and stronger moving forward”


When are we going to grow up in this Society


There is a fire burning uncontrollably within this Society, that it is engulfing each and every one of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. That fire is in fact the way we treat each other, along our paths, without first thinking of our actions, before we take the action.

When we don’t think through the action, before we actually take action, now without looking deeply into all we do, we are creating a Victim and these Victim’s are every where we turn, no matter what walk of life we come from, or what side of the street you are on.  A Victim don’t ask to be a victim, they become a victim because someone took advantage of them and because the Victim has feelings of Guilt and why me? Among many other feelings as well as emotions, The Victim now try’s to hide within themselves, instead of communicating and working on fixing the wrong that just happened to them.

the Individual that created the Victim, does so by not thinking through their actions, before they actually take that action, maybe even they themselves have been a Victim and this is how they try to take back control, that was taken from them? This is one big vicious circle that will continue, unless we extinguish the fire that burns throughout this Society.

With this case of the Student from Stanford University, he says if he wasn’t drinking that he would not of done what he did? I got a News Flash!!! for you, drinking lowers your inhibitions and then makes you do the things that are deep within you, that sober you would be too scared to do. Could be that he was abused as a child and through the drinking, he felt he could take back the control that was taken from him? We don’t truly know, only he himself knows, as it is deep within him and he probably suppressed it so deep within himself, that the drinking……. with his sub conscious, brought it out in a very wrong way and unless he himself wants to address this, then it will stay buried deep within his sole. To look at him in Court, he was emotionless with no remorse that I saw , the way he looked tells me he is hurting inside from something, but only he has the answer to truly fixing himself and the wrong that he just made.

Enough of the one that committed this awful act, it is the Victim that nobody really pays attention to and it is the Victim that suffers from and act such as this, for a long time too come. The one that created the Victim might of only got six months in jail? But what about the Victim that will suffer in many ways years to come? Unless the Victim gets the proper help, they may never get over their trauma, it may only take a simple smell, or a certain word spoken to them, that triggers their memory and right back into the world of being a Victim they go. It is sad that we pay more attention to the Perpetrator, than we do the Victim and the Victim ends up hiding within themselves, in order to try to move forward along their path of their journey through life. If you look at some of the Victims, they are the ones that become Perpetrator’s and a high percentage at that. The way you extinguish the fire that burns throughout this Society is, pay more attention to the Victims that have been created, help them get the proper help they need, so they can properly fix what is wrong, then not only themselves will be better moving forward, but we all throughout Society will be better as well. Then we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace and happiness everyday.


” The fire that burns throughout our Society is a towering inferno right now, cause their are Victims being created everywhere, everyday”

” True the Perpetrator has hidden issues that need attention, but only they know what the issues are in order to truly fix them”

” A Victim is created not by their choice, but by a choice of another that needs to think through their actions before taking action”

” We all hurt deep inside and only we as individuals know of the hurt, to act out on another is not the proper way to address our hurt”


Intriguing things throughout this journey



Sometimes along this journey of life, you will come across some intriguing things. These things will intrigue you in a way that they are actually cool to look at, but in order to see these things, you need to slow down, stop, and actually truly see what you are looking at.

This twin tree trunk as I might call it? looks intriguingly cool, as one trunk has broken down behind the other that is curved, just like as we walk our paths along this journey through life, we are all intriguing to each other, we all have our ways in which we grow, some tall some short, some like their hair long and some short, but what we tend to forget is, that is who we truly are, the problem is we just glance over each other and don’t take the time to truly know each other, we never see each other as intriguing, just maybe a few choice words of each other? This is the problem of our Society, we don’t stop, slow down and really look at what we are seeing, instead we just look at the surface and then make our own judgement whether right or wrong that judgement is.

It’s intriguing to see just how the twin trunks have grown out of the one base trunk, but you know what? this tree was born just like us, the tree was from a seed in the ground, as we were a seed within a Womb. then at time of birth, the twin tree trunks grew from the main base trunk, as we came from the Womb through a tunnel into the World we see today. The twin trunks may still be attached the the main trunk, as once the tube is snipped that is connecting us to our Mother’s, we then grow separately into a big World for us to learn.

None the less this tree was cool to look at, and intriguing to see just how the one trunk broke and fell, maybe somebody placed it there? I doubt it cause of the location to where i was and saw this in the middle of no where, along my trek through Nature. You will never see things like this within Society, nor will you ever see anything intriguing, unless you slow down, stop, take the time to look around you and truly look deeply into what you see. We all get caught up in the crap that Society feeds us, which forces us to stop truly seeing what is around us, not to mention the fact that we don’t take the time to truly know who is around us, we look at something briefly and then pass judgement like we have known of it forever, like we know more than the others around us, but on the contrary, you truly know nothing unless you really look deeply into what you see and understand better while you learn what it is you are looking at. we all walk a path along this journey of life, some walk their paths shorter than others? which makes it even more special when we truly know who we are and truly know more of who or what is around us. It is never too late to see cool things around you, you just need to stop and take the time to truly look deeply into what you see.



” Simply being intrigued is only just looking deeply into what you see”

” The intriguing mind is a good mind that truly knows who it is and sees cool things always”


The Train ride of Life…..



” Train Tracks we over look cause we are on the train to where ever we are going, but these tracks are like our paths along this journey and with the right choice, we can reach our destination of happiness and good will”.


Just like we walk our paths along this journey through life, the Trains follow their tracks to reach their destination of their journey. True there is a Conductor that drives the train along it’s destination, yes the Conductor flips a switch that changes the tracks for which the Train follows, but if the Conductor makes a bad choice, now the train will never reach the destination it set out to go, hence the path of the train may become rough and into the unknown.

We like the Train follow a path throughout a journey, sometimes along the path we get caught up in crap whether of our own, or from another that guides you in the wrong direction? but none the less we still follow the path and become lost within our judgments, when we become lost then our choices we make, aren’t as well thought out as they should be, when we get to a cross road along our path, we then make a bad choice and follow the wrong path, which then leads to a path of self destruction, riddled with bumps that will bruise us on the inside as well as the outside, we become so hurt that we will do anything in order to escape the pain, the biggest thing we will do is, bury our true feelings and emotions so deep within, that we then move forward without feeling a thing and never show any emotion, to anything that may cross our paths.

When the Train travels too fast and the Conductor doesn’t flip the switch to the other track, then try’s to turn the train at a high speed, disaster will happen and the train will derail, which then causes the train to fly off the track, as it not only hurts the train, but all those who are aboard the train. Within this fast paced Society and all of us walking our paths rapidly, without noticing all that is around us, will have us derail along our paths and become bruised from the bumps, then pick up the pieces, so we can get back on the tracks, through this journey of life.

Some may pick up the pieces, fix what needs to be fixed faster than others, so they can get right back on the tracks and get back to making the right choices within the paths they follow, but many others procrastinate and become so lost within their judgments, that they can’t see clearly as they move forward, they will also bury their own true feelings and emotions so deep in order to escape the pain, that they then become someone for which they truly are not, which makes them  wander, instead of walking along their paths of this journey through life.

The Conductor may drive the train and make all the choices for the train on which tracks to follow, we make the choices ourselves, that determine which path we follow along this journey and when we make bad choices, they will lead us down the wrong paths, which will further us into the unknown and force us to bury our true feelings and emotions deeper within us. Not all will be lost forever though, as one day we will realize we are on the wrong path, realize that we don’t feel anything, or have emotion towards anything, which will then have us ask ourselves why? Then we can take the steps necessary that will guide us in the right direction, that will lead us back to the tracks, so we can also reach our destination, as  we walk our correct path along this journey through life.

The Train ride of life in a lot of ways is similar to the paths we walk in life, they can derail us and have us lose the direction for which to go, when we get derailed we then become hurt that will bring great pain to our lives, then as we try to escape the pain and hurt, we become lost and wander anywhere just to forget, everything around us has to be repaired even ourselves, when we fix and repair correctly, we will always make good judgments and always be in touch with our true feelings and emotions, then as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we can do so in true happiness and peace, which will help us all coincide with each other always and truthfully.


” The Train on the tracks will go rickety when we don’t look deeply into what we see”

” The Train ride of life isn’t as smooth as we like, we are the ones that can determine the ride with our good choices along our paths”