The Great Outdoors……..



The rocky shores of the pond, the bright and dark of the color green,

the blue skies where our vision gets drawn to, as we kick back and enjoy,

the cool water of the pond looks inviting for us to cool from the stare of the sun,

but we pass on the invite as we simply enjoy the peace with our eyes in full gleam,

to some it is the beach where many others go, for me that is not as much fun,

the great outdoors is a lot more than the sandy beach,

it is getting outside in the wilderness and exploring your own serenity,

finding that quiet sanctuary to be able to truly unwind and clear the negative thoughts,

the only thing you hear around you, would be the birds chatting and singing to each other,

you find yourself looking around to see how many different tree’s there are,

looking at all the plant life then thinking I don’t see that one back home,

maybe you see a Bear and realize it is more afraid of you than you of it,

you suddenly realize that this journey through life just got more interesting.


We all walk a path through this journey of life,

but yet some get stuck in neutral and never explore all there is around,

our jobs, greed, being lost within the clouds of our judgement are things that control,

when we let these things control us, we never then find that quiet sanctuary to enjoy,

we then become someone we are not and never get outside to explore,

the great outdoors is more than just going out in the back yard,

it is going out a place you have never been and exploring what is around you,

looking deeply at everything around you to understand better about this journey,

understand better of ourselves, so we can go to our sanctuary and find peace when needed,

to walk our paths of this journey stronger and better moving forward.


” the great outdoors is greater than we think it is, we just have to get out and explore more to truly see it’s greatness”

” don’t get sucked in to all the crap of today, step outside… explore… find true peace… so we can unwind with a smile and not a frown”

” being outdoors is stepping out of the ordinary and doing something you normally never do”




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