Hidden agenda… drama…hate…Oh My!!!



We all want the green grass and greener pastures, but is it really better the greener you get? The only way you will find true Peace, is too be in a place like in this picture, where there is nothing around you, for you to totally relax, unwind and clear your mind of all the negative thoughts.

Within this Society when things don’t go our way, we then turn to the next path thinking that it will lead us to the green grass of the easy life, we then later find out that we were better where we were, without switching our path. Each path may be different, but each path does have their similarities like, the bumps that will bruise and knock you down, the twists and turns full of the unknown around each corner, the cross roads that have us make choices that sometimes we really don’t want to, life isn’t always greener on a different path, life becomes greener because we have worked hard to make it that way.

Within this Society of today, there is so much crap around us, no wonder why there is hate of each other, with the Media creating so much Drama, just so they can line their pockets with ” green” money, is the biggest reason why this hate has become so over whelming, that we all want to go to a path with greener grass. The Media is the number one problem for this society turning into what it has, when a shooter does something that is completely wrong and then the Media plasters it every where they can to further their agenda of making even more money on our account, this agenda  does one thing and one thing only, it Glorifies the Shooter and makes the next Shooter want to out do the last, so they to can go down in the same glory. The media should simply give us the Breaking news, warn us of maybe the possibilities of another shooter and to be on the look out, then get off the air unless their is another major update to tell us, stop plastering further drama and crap 24/7 on all the networks. Stop trying to be the first to interview a Victim or their Families, let them Grieve normally as you would want to, when we don’t Grieve properly and have a camera shoved in our face, will only further this hate of one another. The media also has this way of thinking that, they need to investigate further and tell us every detail of the investigation, that is for the proper Authorities to do and they don’t have to tell anyone what they are doing, til the investigation is done. The way the media does their investigation only breeds the conspiracy theory types and furthers the hate even deeper. Instead of changing the laws that controls the everyday Citizen, maybe they should change the laws of just how the Media operates, so they can take their cameras and shove them, you know where…..

The green grass and greener pastures is a place for us to unwind, relax and clear our heads of all the negative thoughts that penetrate it, so we then can continue further along our paths of this journey through life stronger and better. We all need to show more Empathy of each other, share the love within our hearts with each other and stop trying to line our pockets with the ” green” money, Greed only promotes anger and hate, then turns us into something we truly are not, I understand we need money to pay our bills, but the ones we pay, are the ones that take this greed to a new level, when you call them with problems, you can’t even get a person to talk to, so truly where does our money go, that we pay? News Flash!!! In the pockets of the Executives, so they can live their plush lifestyles, this whole Society needs to change, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, while enjoying the true green grass and pastures, to get rid of the negativity, then replacing it with positive thoughts.


” Green grass and green pastures are our happy place, so we can continue moving forward along our path of this journey”

” The media creates this unnecessary drama, just so they can seem more powerful than us and line their pockets with all the greed”

” Places with the green grass and pastures give us a happy place to unload the negativity and become more positive of whats around us”


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