Family is the foundation for all our paths



” Family is love…Family is support… Family is our foundation for walking our paths along this journey through life”



Every Species that walk their paths on this planet Earth, are born into a Family, yes we Humans are a species also. These Families will teach us many things as we grow and walk our paths, they will show us the different paths, but the choice of which path is our own to make, within these families you have mentors known as Mom and Dad, that with their love of each other, teach us how to not only love ourselves, but love all that is around us, they teach us how to respect everything and everyone around us, they teach us the difference between right and wrong, they teach and guide us in many ways, so we then can make the right choices as we grow into Society and flourish as they did. You also have Siblings unless your an only child? As you grow within your family, you are building a foundation that nothing can penetrate, throughout our journey our foundation may become worn over the years, but with our families always together, the foundation will never crumble.

Within this Society you now have broken families and families with either a Mom or a Dad separate playing both roles, growing up with just one Parent isn’t the same, as now your foundation is cracked before you get the chance to even start building it. Anybody that says they can raise a child better by themselves, simply doesn’t know how to be a good Parent. You need a Mom and a Dad as both bring their own separate qualities to the Family, that helps the Family grow and helps the family foundation grow, into something that can not be penetrated. True a family with a Mom and Dad can still have its struggles, as there is what is known as the ” Peer pressure” element, this Peer pressure comes from an outside source and try’s to take control of everything around it and with this kind of pressure, there is no love or any good that will come from it. This kind of pressure try’s to get a hold of you, before the foundation has time to take shape, so it can make any kind of foundation crumble from beneath you, leaving you vulnerable and weak.

Within This Society and with all the crap that is around us, shows just how much that a good solid family foundation is needed by all of us. Whenever a Child grows with one of the Parents missing, he/she then try’s to fill that void with something/someone different and usually, that difference just isn’t the same, leaving the family foundation with a big whole in it, that will never be as strong as it should be. With a big hole in the family foundation, now the Child is suspect to anything that try’s to enter within that hole, this even means evil will easily come and try to control everything about you. Now even with a Mom and Dad, plus a strong Family foundation, you still have to guard against this Peer pressure that will try to enter into the foundation, using any tactic at it’s disposal. Peer pressure is a form of Evil that will try to control everything it gets a hold of, it won’t break the foundation, but it will crack it leaving you vulnerable and weak.

Good Family Values leads to love and support, with this love and support the sky is the limit to what you can do, it helps you make the right choices to the paths of which you walk, it helps you overcome the obstacles that may try to derail you from your path, when these obstacles knock you down and bruise you, it also helps you pick yourself up, fix what you need to fix, heal from the bruises, so you can continue moving forward along your path of this journey through life.

With all the Evil within this Society and the Terrorists that try to put fear in us, in order to have us give in to their warped and twisted ways, shows perfectly just how many families that there are with either cracked foundations, or foundations that have never even had the chance to be built. We all have our issues that need to be fixed so we can move forward stronger and better, but when we try to force these issues on each other, just so we can look on the outside to be more powerful than the each other, is not the true way to fix these issues. We must stand up to this Evil, look it square in the eyes, much like Jesus did to Satan when he tried to tempt Jesus to the dark side, repair the cracks to the Family foundation, so we then can fix what we need to, as we continue moving forward along our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness always.


” Family is everything to us so we can walk our paths with strength and with a foundation stronger than any force we know”

” Family Foundation can not be seen, it is an invisible force that is felt deep within each of us”


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