The Sadness is all around us…..



We are living in a very sad World today, through this sadness you have some that try too look the other way, so they can move forward along their path of this journey. Then their are some that without truly knowing of what they are doing, simply add to all the sadness around them. Then their are some that try to take down others as they try to look on the outside, more powerful than the ones they are taking down, everybody has their own ideas of the way things should be, that doesn’t mean that their ideas are correct? Some may look at this picture and think this is ugly, with all the dead tree’s and mud at the shore of the water, but unless you look deeply into what you see, identify what you are seeing, you will never truly know of the true beauty within this picture.

With all the crap happening around us and the fact our leaders can’t truly identify of where the crap is coming from, will only prove the fact that this sadness will never go away. You need to first identify the problem, identify with where the ugliness is coming, so you than can properly fix what you need to fix, when you acknowledge the sadness and where it is coming from, now you can proceed in starting to fix the problem, so one day all the sadness turns to happiness and then we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace.

I get the fact we all deal with our own issues, but when these issues then get in the way of us walking our paths in solidarity with each other and creating sadness among us, now you have a problem that will overwhelm us, if we don’t identify it and fix it.

This journey through life really isn’t that hard to figure out, it is us the People that walk our paths of this journey, that make it very difficult to walk. Then you add in the fact that, in this Society we all want the power and control over each other, now you have a journey that is full of ugliness and sadness.

This group of ISIS is merely a group of Cowards, that have taken their warped sense of reality and are trying to get the rest of us to follow them? These Cowards are very easily brainwashed, because they have a very low self esteem of themselves and if you go against them, then you become the enemy to them, you become a Racist toward them and then to them all they want to do is kill you, so they then can proceed with their warped agenda and twisted views. To defeat a warped group like this, we first have to identify who they are, ” Radical Islamic Terrorist”. This by no way means that all Muslims are this way, it is only a small percentage that are this way, so we have to first identify this, so we then can proceed in fighting the enemy properly.

Self esteem and knowing truly who you are, goes along way in how you walk your path of this journey through life. When you use the word “Racist”, it is merely a cop out excuse and does nothing but make you lazy in doing the work needed, to fix what you need to fix, so you can walk your path of this journey in peace and happiness, everyday of your existence.


” Racism is the lazy mans way to walk this journey, showing just how low your self esteem is”

” A Terrorist is a Coward that uses fear to achieve its goals, no matter how warped the goals are”

” This sad World we live today can change, when we identify truly of what makes us sad and fix our problems and warped sense of reality”

” To identify any solution, first we need to identify the problem, then have a game plan to fix what we need to fix”


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