We are all Sinners, it’s our Faith that keeps us moving forward…



” He said to her, ” Your sins are forgiven”. The others at the table said to themselves, ” Who is this who even forgives sins”. But he said to the woman, ” Your Faith has saved you, go now in Peace”, “.



” Our journey isn’t always smooth and sometimes we can’t see our reflection, but with our Faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, we will be forgave of our sins so we can then move forward on our journey”



We all along our paths of this journey through life, have sinned at some point. When our Faith in not only ourselves, but our Faith in Jesus Christ stays strong within us, our sins will always be forgave. Even when we think our sins are so great, when we can’t see our reflection, or even as we become so lost within ourselves, it is our Faith that will help us through even the worst of times.

The woman is so sad of her sins, that Jesus acknowledges her sins and says to her, because your Faith is strong in yourself and your true love is real, your sins will be forgave and go now in peace. The others at the table say who is this man that forgives, shows that their Faith is weak and they need to acknowledge their true love, so they to can find the Faith of themselves and the man known as Jesus Christ.

Faith in all we do and especially in ourselves, is so very important for us too move forward stronger and better along this journey, with this Faith we will totally see our reflection in whatever we look into, we will feel the love of God that is deep within our souls and in our hearts, when we feel this love we then can share it with all those around us, instead of going down the other path that breeds anger and hate of each other. This anger and hate comes from Satan and all he wants is for us to sin against ourselves and each other, then as we do this we then become cold with no feelings of love, we walk the path of destruction which we can clearly see within our Society today, we become so lost within this journey, we then become someone for which we truly are not.

Faith and Love are the key components for each of us to walk our paths of this journey in Peace, when we are at peace we can clearly see our reflection of who we truly are, we then can feel the Love within us and share it with all that is around us, then as we ask Jesus in our Prayers to forgive us of our sins, he will say to us also what he said to the woman, ” Your faith has saved you and your love is real, go now in Peace”.

This journey through life has many obstacles and hurdles to overcome, they will test us in many ways, sometimes we sin even when we think we have not, sometimes we become someone we truly are not, but when we keep the faith of ourselves and in Jesus Christ, there is no sin big enough that Jesus won’t find it in his heart to forgive us, then as Jesus forgives us, we then can forgive ourselves, so we can not only be true to who we are, but we can also truly feel the love that is within our hearts and souls. then as we walk our paths of this journey through life, we can do so in Peace, while we share our Faith and Love with each other.


” Faith and Love is within us all, we only have to acknowledge them to unleash their true power”

” The Holy Spirit is within us all no matter of who you are, it is this Spirit that helps us walk our path of this journey in Peace”

” the obstacles and hurdles along our paths will derail us for a short time, but as we keep the faith and feel the love within us, we will over come the derailment, Jesus will forgive us, so we than can forgive ourselves,  and continue this journey in peace”


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