When are we going to grow up in this Society


There is a fire burning uncontrollably within this Society, that it is engulfing each and every one of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. That fire is in fact the way we treat each other, along our paths, without first thinking of our actions, before we take the action.

When we don’t think through the action, before we actually take action, now without looking deeply into all we do, we are creating a Victim and these Victim’s are every where we turn, no matter what walk of life we come from, or what side of the street you are on.  A Victim don’t ask to be a victim, they become a victim because someone took advantage of them and because the Victim has feelings of Guilt and why me? Among many other feelings as well as emotions, The Victim now try’s to hide within themselves, instead of communicating and working on fixing the wrong that just happened to them.

the Individual that created the Victim, does so by not thinking through their actions, before they actually take that action, maybe even they themselves have been a Victim and this is how they try to take back control, that was taken from them? This is one big vicious circle that will continue, unless we extinguish the fire that burns throughout this Society.

With this case of the Student from Stanford University, he says if he wasn’t drinking that he would not of done what he did? I got a News Flash!!! for you, drinking lowers your inhibitions and then makes you do the things that are deep within you, that sober you would be too scared to do. Could be that he was abused as a child and through the drinking, he felt he could take back the control that was taken from him? We don’t truly know, only he himself knows, as it is deep within him and he probably suppressed it so deep within himself, that the drinking……. with his sub conscious, brought it out in a very wrong way and unless he himself wants to address this, then it will stay buried deep within his sole. To look at him in Court, he was emotionless with no remorse that I saw , the way he looked tells me he is hurting inside from something, but only he has the answer to truly fixing himself and the wrong that he just made.

Enough of the one that committed this awful act, it is the Victim that nobody really pays attention to and it is the Victim that suffers from and act such as this, for a long time too come. The one that created the Victim might of only got six months in jail? But what about the Victim that will suffer in many ways years to come? Unless the Victim gets the proper help, they may never get over their trauma, it may only take a simple smell, or a certain word spoken to them, that triggers their memory and right back into the world of being a Victim they go. It is sad that we pay more attention to the Perpetrator, than we do the Victim and the Victim ends up hiding within themselves, in order to try to move forward along their path of their journey through life. If you look at some of the Victims, they are the ones that become Perpetrator’s and a high percentage at that. The way you extinguish the fire that burns throughout this Society is, pay more attention to the Victims that have been created, help them get the proper help they need, so they can properly fix what is wrong, then not only themselves will be better moving forward, but we all throughout Society will be better as well. Then we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace and happiness everyday.


” The fire that burns throughout our Society is a towering inferno right now, cause their are Victims being created everywhere, everyday”

” True the Perpetrator has hidden issues that need attention, but only they know what the issues are in order to truly fix them”

” A Victim is created not by their choice, but by a choice of another that needs to think through their actions before taking action”

” We all hurt deep inside and only we as individuals know of the hurt, to act out on another is not the proper way to address our hurt”


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