Intriguing things throughout this journey



Sometimes along this journey of life, you will come across some intriguing things. These things will intrigue you in a way that they are actually cool to look at, but in order to see these things, you need to slow down, stop, and actually truly see what you are looking at.

This twin tree trunk as I might call it? looks intriguingly cool, as one trunk has broken down behind the other that is curved, just like as we walk our paths along this journey through life, we are all intriguing to each other, we all have our ways in which we grow, some tall some short, some like their hair long and some short, but what we tend to forget is, that is who we truly are, the problem is we just glance over each other and don’t take the time to truly know each other, we never see each other as intriguing, just maybe a few choice words of each other? This is the problem of our Society, we don’t stop, slow down and really look at what we are seeing, instead we just look at the surface and then make our own judgement whether right or wrong that judgement is.

It’s intriguing to see just how the twin trunks have grown out of the one base trunk, but you know what? this tree was born just like us, the tree was from a seed in the ground, as we were a seed within a Womb. then at time of birth, the twin tree trunks grew from the main base trunk, as we came from the Womb through a tunnel into the World we see today. The twin trunks may still be attached the the main trunk, as once the tube is snipped that is connecting us to our Mother’s, we then grow separately into a big World for us to learn.

None the less this tree was cool to look at, and intriguing to see just how the one trunk broke and fell, maybe somebody placed it there? I doubt it cause of the location to where i was and saw this in the middle of no where, along my trek through Nature. You will never see things like this within Society, nor will you ever see anything intriguing, unless you slow down, stop, take the time to look around you and truly look deeply into what you see. We all get caught up in the crap that Society feeds us, which forces us to stop truly seeing what is around us, not to mention the fact that we don’t take the time to truly know who is around us, we look at something briefly and then pass judgement like we have known of it forever, like we know more than the others around us, but on the contrary, you truly know nothing unless you really look deeply into what you see and understand better while you learn what it is you are looking at. we all walk a path along this journey of life, some walk their paths shorter than others? which makes it even more special when we truly know who we are and truly know more of who or what is around us. It is never too late to see cool things around you, you just need to stop and take the time to truly look deeply into what you see.



” Simply being intrigued is only just looking deeply into what you see”

” The intriguing mind is a good mind that truly knows who it is and sees cool things always”


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