The Train ride of Life…..



” Train Tracks we over look cause we are on the train to where ever we are going, but these tracks are like our paths along this journey and with the right choice, we can reach our destination of happiness and good will”.


Just like we walk our paths along this journey through life, the Trains follow their tracks to reach their destination of their journey. True there is a Conductor that drives the train along it’s destination, yes the Conductor flips a switch that changes the tracks for which the Train follows, but if the Conductor makes a bad choice, now the train will never reach the destination it set out to go, hence the path of the train may become rough and into the unknown.

We like the Train follow a path throughout a journey, sometimes along the path we get caught up in crap whether of our own, or from another that guides you in the wrong direction? but none the less we still follow the path and become lost within our judgments, when we become lost then our choices we make, aren’t as well thought out as they should be, when we get to a cross road along our path, we then make a bad choice and follow the wrong path, which then leads to a path of self destruction, riddled with bumps that will bruise us on the inside as well as the outside, we become so hurt that we will do anything in order to escape the pain, the biggest thing we will do is, bury our true feelings and emotions so deep within, that we then move forward without feeling a thing and never show any emotion, to anything that may cross our paths.

When the Train travels too fast and the Conductor doesn’t flip the switch to the other track, then try’s to turn the train at a high speed, disaster will happen and the train will derail, which then causes the train to fly off the track, as it not only hurts the train, but all those who are aboard the train. Within this fast paced Society and all of us walking our paths rapidly, without noticing all that is around us, will have us derail along our paths and become bruised from the bumps, then pick up the pieces, so we can get back on the tracks, through this journey of life.

Some may pick up the pieces, fix what needs to be fixed faster than others, so they can get right back on the tracks and get back to making the right choices within the paths they follow, but many others procrastinate and become so lost within their judgments, that they can’t see clearly as they move forward, they will also bury their own true feelings and emotions so deep in order to escape the pain, that they then become someone for which they truly are not, which makes them  wander, instead of walking along their paths of this journey through life.

The Conductor may drive the train and make all the choices for the train on which tracks to follow, we make the choices ourselves, that determine which path we follow along this journey and when we make bad choices, they will lead us down the wrong paths, which will further us into the unknown and force us to bury our true feelings and emotions deeper within us. Not all will be lost forever though, as one day we will realize we are on the wrong path, realize that we don’t feel anything, or have emotion towards anything, which will then have us ask ourselves why? Then we can take the steps necessary that will guide us in the right direction, that will lead us back to the tracks, so we can also reach our destination, as  we walk our correct path along this journey through life.

The Train ride of life in a lot of ways is similar to the paths we walk in life, they can derail us and have us lose the direction for which to go, when we get derailed we then become hurt that will bring great pain to our lives, then as we try to escape the pain and hurt, we become lost and wander anywhere just to forget, everything around us has to be repaired even ourselves, when we fix and repair correctly, we will always make good judgments and always be in touch with our true feelings and emotions, then as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we can do so in true happiness and peace, which will help us all coincide with each other always and truthfully.


” The Train on the tracks will go rickety when we don’t look deeply into what we see”

” The Train ride of life isn’t as smooth as we like, we are the ones that can determine the ride with our good choices along our paths”


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