Look out into the Abyss of the Horizon



We in today’s Society have this mentality I call, ” The one upper mentality”. What I mean by this is, when someone talks of his good time he had doing something he loves, or something he has never done before, there is always someone else that, comes out saying he has done that and done that better than any other? Even if that person never has done what they say, they still have done it better, now this person is not only lying to the other person, even worse they are lying to themselves. What they don’t realize is, now they have to keep up the lie and over time the lie becomes bigger and takes on a life of it’s own.

We have become so Fake within this Society with all this ” one up mentality”, that we have totally forgotten just how to live our lives anymore. What is even worse is, we are not being truly of who we are, to be truly happy in our lives goes way beyond cracking a smile, to be truly happy starts deep within our own soles. I understand we all have these events that may come across our paths, but when we let these events control who we truly are, we then become someone we truly are not. These events will control us if we let them, but if we learn to understand the why’s of these events, we then can better control ourselves and even better, control these events and fix what is wrong, so we then take control of our own Destiny’s.

When we look deeply into the Abyss of the Horizon, truly see what we are looking at, is the same as looking deeply into our sole’s and not only seeing who we truly are, but feeling and being who we truly are. when this seems impossible and out of reach to you, it is because you don’t truly understand the why’s, which then leads to the lies and manipulation and then leads us into the ” one up mentality”.

When we become lost within this mentality, we then think that life is hard as we walk our paths, but life isn’t hard at all, only if we learn and better understand the why’s, so we then can be truly of who we are, as we look deeply into the abyss of the Horizon, that is truly our souls deep within ourselves. When we start out with one small lie, we tell ourselves that it is okay, we won’t hurt anything? But in reality that small lie then becomes bigger as we add to it over time, then truly lose sight of who we truly are, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Look deeply into the Abyss of not just the Horizon, but into the Abyss of our souls deep within ourselves”

” There is no small lie we tell, as over time that small lie then becomes bigger with a life of it’s own”

” The one up mentality not only hurts ourselves, but it hurts all those within Society that is around us everyday”


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