Spring time….. Time of Re-Birth


Spring is in the air with the smell of newness all around our paths through this journey,

The water flows freely along it’s path with no frozen ice blocking the flow,

New Bud’s come to the plants that leads to beautiful flowers with a fresh fragrance,

The grass begins to turn green again as we walk on its soft carpet in luxury,

The Temperature begins to warm up as we go out to enjoy the freshness around us,

Everything becomes reborn with change everywhere we travel along this journey,

Change is good when done in the correct way it helps everything flow freely,

When change is not acknowledged is when Chaos breaks out with hate,

All paths throughout this journey have change with every step we take,

Change has to be accepted and acknowledged to see it’s true beauty,

Everything throughout this journey will go through change,

So Spring can truly be re-born within everything along these paths,

The newness of Spring is a way for us to accept Change,

When we accept this change we then see all the true beauty of Spring,

With Spring comes some days of a wet rain to feed the new growth around us,

Instead of seeing this rain and becoming depressed and sad,

Change these feelings to a positive by looking deeply into the newness of Spring,

We tend to see the shallowness without looking deeply into what we see,

Which leads to all not truly seeing the beauty that Spring truly brings to us,

Everything throughout this journey has a purpose and an existence,

When we look deeply into what we see and accept change,

We will truly see all the Change that Spring brings to us everyday,

Not just through the Season of Spring but everyday all year,

Spring is a special time of year and when we truly look deeply into it,

We all can look deeply into what we see while we walk our paths,

through this journey of life Peacefully with true Happiness always.


” Spring has sprung for us all to be reborn, look deeply into what we see and and enjoy the fragrance of the good life within Peace and Happiness”

: Change is good for all when done correctly, when we don’t accept it is when Change brings the ugliness that comes to all along our paths of this journey”

” Rain feeds the changes of Spring, so the true beauty can shine and brighten all the paths of this journey through life”



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