Memorial day weekend

Autumn Leaves

” The dawn of a new beginning, may we all look back and remember on this Memorial day of all the greatness, so we can move forward stronger and better”


Within this Society of today, some will only look at this weekend as a big party for drinking and BBQ’s. The real meaning and what this Memorial day weekend is truly about, for us to look back at what was, so we than can move forward stronger and better. May we never forget those of our Military past, that put themselves in harm’s way, so we today can enjoy our BBQ’s, while being free to do and go wherever we want to go. It is very easy for us today to forget about a time that is long removed from our paths of this journey through life, but what we should never forget is the fact of some brave men and woman, put themselves in harms way and have perished, so this Country can be great and the people within this Country, can be free to live in peace and happiness, throughout their journey of life.

True we all want to party and have a good time, but for us within this Society these parties and good times have come with a cost from Generations of our past, all we have to do is show some respect towards these Generations, that we appreciate and thank them so we today can be free to do what we want and travel freely to wherever we want to go. Even today with all the turmoil around the World, we have brave young men and woman, fighting in dangerous places around the globe, then when they come home we ignore them like the Plague, we show them no respect with a simple ” Thank you”, all we think of is ourselves and how can I party and drink til I can’t stand up no more. I get the fact we all have issues and these life events that come to us along our paths, will try to control who we truly are, but unless we totally understand of these issues and events, they will control us and turn us into something we are not.

Sometimes in life as we walk our paths along this journey, we have to think back at a better time and place, see where we went wrong, so we can totally fix what is happening now, so we then can move forward stronger and better than we ever been, we also have to pay tribute to the ones that have made it possible for us to succeed along our journey, pay tribute to the ones that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, so we can move forward better and stronger, I wouldn’t want to even think of what could of been without these brave men and woman of our past and present, that make this Country great so we all within this Society can be free and walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and happiness while enjoying all that is around us. May we never forget those brave men and woman of our past and present, that put themselves in harms way and some who pay the ultimate sacrifice for us, that is what this Memorial day weekend is about, all the BBQ’s and parties take a back seat to the true meaning of this weekend. When you see a person in uniform of one of our Armed service men and woman, just a simple ” thank you for your service” as you go about your path, will go along way in not only showing respect for them, but showing respect of the brave men and woman of our past, not too mention will help us feel good inside and help us better understand our issues, so we can truly be who we are and fix what we need to fix, so we then can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Memorial day weekend is more than a BBQ and a party, it’s about remembering the brave, so we can be free”

” Within this Society we all want to move forward better and stronger, but first we have to remember where we went wrong, so the journey forward will truly be better for us all”


Look out into the Abyss of the Horizon



We in today’s Society have this mentality I call, ” The one upper mentality”. What I mean by this is, when someone talks of his good time he had doing something he loves, or something he has never done before, there is always someone else that, comes out saying he has done that and done that better than any other? Even if that person never has done what they say, they still have done it better, now this person is not only lying to the other person, even worse they are lying to themselves. What they don’t realize is, now they have to keep up the lie and over time the lie becomes bigger and takes on a life of it’s own.

We have become so Fake within this Society with all this ” one up mentality”, that we have totally forgotten just how to live our lives anymore. What is even worse is, we are not being truly of who we are, to be truly happy in our lives goes way beyond cracking a smile, to be truly happy starts deep within our own soles. I understand we all have these events that may come across our paths, but when we let these events control who we truly are, we then become someone we truly are not. These events will control us if we let them, but if we learn to understand the why’s of these events, we then can better control ourselves and even better, control these events and fix what is wrong, so we then take control of our own Destiny’s.

When we look deeply into the Abyss of the Horizon, truly see what we are looking at, is the same as looking deeply into our sole’s and not only seeing who we truly are, but feeling and being who we truly are. when this seems impossible and out of reach to you, it is because you don’t truly understand the why’s, which then leads to the lies and manipulation and then leads us into the ” one up mentality”.

When we become lost within this mentality, we then think that life is hard as we walk our paths, but life isn’t hard at all, only if we learn and better understand the why’s, so we then can be truly of who we are, as we look deeply into the abyss of the Horizon, that is truly our souls deep within ourselves. When we start out with one small lie, we tell ourselves that it is okay, we won’t hurt anything? But in reality that small lie then becomes bigger as we add to it over time, then truly lose sight of who we truly are, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Look deeply into the Abyss of not just the Horizon, but into the Abyss of our souls deep within ourselves”

” There is no small lie we tell, as over time that small lie then becomes bigger with a life of it’s own”

” The one up mentality not only hurts ourselves, but it hurts all those within Society that is around us everyday”


Learn to accept Rejection



This quote by the late Stuart Scott is a great quote in many ways but the best way is, it can be used for many things and all you have to do is remove the word Cancer.


” You beat Rejection, by how you live, why you live and in the manner of which you live”

The Media does this everyday when you give them a statement, they twist around the words, just to fit their agenda for which they want to achieve. I am only switching one word to make a point as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Many of us have seen by now, this video of the Bison Calf that what the Media wants us to believe has been rejected by the rest of the Herd, this video has gone viral throughout all Social Media outlets, the Media wants us to see it as this Herd is wrong for leaving behind the Calf, but throughout all the species and yes we as Humans are a species also, their are ones that get left behind and it happens everyday, so why then is it all of a sudden wrong to the Media? Simply because they are looking to create more unnecessary drama, for us to bite into, more Drama for them to create a story, which then gives them more money in their pockets, at our expense. All this Drama can stop and it is quite simple, we the people need to stop being so eager to bite, at everything the media feeds us.

This isn’t the first time a member of any Herd has been left behind and yes this also means a member of the Herd known as the Human Race. Lets look back at a time in our lives, when we were Children growing up and getting educated at our schools. We all remember the different groups like the Jocks, the Stoner’s, the Nerd’s, the Preppies etc…. When we don’t fit into any of these groups, then we are looked at as different, we get Bullied in order for the chosen ones of the groups can look powerful and worthy of that group, meanwhile the rejected ones become Loner’s and left behind from the rest of his/her Classmates, through the rejection process the Individuals that are left behind, go through a series of emotional times, they lose their true feelings and their true purpose of their existence, they become lost within the clouds of their judgments.

Now with this quote by Stuart Scott and removing of the word Cancer to Rejection, these Individuals can follow the rest of the quote, to become stronger and better moving forward, they can also be better than the ones who rejected them by following their own path and then letting their self esteem grow, as they then grow within this journey of life. The Drama we bite into, stops us from growing which then stops our self esteem from growing, cause we now believe in everything that is presented to us, this calf was left behind from the Herd cause it was not strong enough to keep up, but as this Calf grows and becomes stronger, will then form its own Herd and walk a different path then the path of the Herd that left him behind. Throughout all the Species that walk theirs paths, there may be some that learn differently, their may be some that are slower than others, their may be some that have certain events happen to them for a reason? This don’t mean they are different from the rest, it only means they may take a bit longer to grow, as their esteem grows with them.

This journey of Life isn’t about the Drama we bite into everyday, it is totally about how we walk our paths through this journey, so we than can grow properly, which helps our esteem grow properly, as we all walk our paths in Peace and Happiness everyday of our existence. Being rejected isn’t always a bad thing if we only understand better why, so we then can be stronger moving forward, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Rejection is a part of all our paths as we walk this journey through life, we just have to understand the why, to be better moving forward”

” Drama is created in a way to control each of us showing that some may be more powerful than others, we don’t have to bite showing them we are still in control”

” The quote of Stuart Scott is one of the best quotes of my lifetime, as it is very versatile by switching just one word”


The Holy Spirit is within us all



” Through the darkness and the most troubling times there is always light, it is our Faith and the Holy Spirit within us, that keeps our paths full of light always”


Today we celebrate the day of the Pentecost, this is the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples of Jesus Christ, after his Ascension to the right hand of his Father, the Creator of all Mankind. This day comes on the seventh Sunday after Easter.

We all walk a path along this journey through life, we all also have this Holy Spirit within us, but if we don’t look deeply within, or look deeply into what we see, we will never come to know the true power of the Holy Spirit.

In the center of this picture there is a pyramid type structure, that if you don’t look deeply into this picture, you won’t even know it was there. It kind of blends into all of it’s surroundings and goes unnoticed, because we as we walk our paths, only see what we want to see, we don’t look deeply into what we see, simply because we don’t acknowledge this Holy spirit within us and when we don’t acknowledge this Holy Spirit, we then don’t know of the true power it holds, nor do we know of how much this Holy Spirit is there to help us, from all the pain and hurt we suffer along our paths of this journey.

Some of us may suffer from pain to different parts of our bodies, like the knee, our backs, etc… These pains are nothing compared to the pain and hurt to our inner selves, like times in our lives we wished never happened, times that we let others Abuse us and did nothing to defend ourselves, these kinds of pain can come in many different ways and these ways we will never understand properly, if we don’t look deeply into what we see.

When we acknowledge the Holy Spirit within us, we then can understand better of all the pains that come to us along our paths of this journey. We can understand better of what having Faith is. We may think we have Faith in our abilities, but unless we acknowledge the true Faith, then our pain and hurt will always be with us along our paths. When we acknowledge the Holy Spirit within us, is when we have true Faith of ourselves and all those around us and when we acknowledge the Holy Spirit, we will always look deeply into what we see, so we then can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.

This Journey through life may seem hard to us at times, only because we make it hard, when we don’t look deeply into what we see and don’t acknowledge the Holy Spirit that is within us all. As we celebrate this day of the Pentecost, may we better understand the true power it holds for each of us, we just like the Disciples of Jesus Christ since Easter Sunday, have been in limbo as to what the next phase of what to do without Jesus and ask ourselves why Jesus has died the way he did? But now as the Holy Spirit comes and is within each of us, let us all feel the power it holds within us, let us also feel deeply our Faith of ourselves, so we then can have true Faith of all that is around us, when we feel this Faith and Holy Spirit within us, let us the always look deeply into what we see, so we all can walk our paths of this journey, without bringing pain and hurt to each other and we all can live in Peace and Happiness always, along our paths of this journey through life.



” The day of the Pentecost brings the Holy Spirit to us all and with the Holy Spirit then brings the Church to us, so we can practice and be truthful to ourselves and all those around us”

” When we look deeply into what we see, we will always feel this Holy Spirit within us and we will always have true Faith of ourselves and all those around us”



Who we Truly are…….


” Life isn’t as smooth as this water most of the time, but when we know truly of who we are, we to can see our reflection in the water like this Birch Tree”


Life isn’t always like we dreamed it to be, nor does it have a fragrance of a dozen Roses we bring to our Mom’s on this special day that we celebrate our Moms for all they have done for us. Life has it’s moments that trick us and test us, but if we only stayed true to who we are, just maybe our dreams could become our reality, with a fragrance that takes our breathe away, with joy and happiness everyday.

In the days of when Jesus came and walked his path of this journey with us, there were his Disciple that followed him everywhere,  these Disciples yes they were loyal to him, but they also had their own ways between them, like one wanted Greatness, one wanted Power, one wanted to be seated on the right, while the other on the left, even back then there were signs of Individualism, sound familiar? It should cause we within this Society are so similar to that Society of then, it is like looking into this clear, smooth body of water and seeing ourselves in the reflection.

In today’s Society we are way to bitter of each other and really for a reason that we can’t truly explain, we are so lost within the clouds of our judgments, that we have lost truly of who we really are. I mean really we are discussing to pass a Bill into law, that will let People that want to change who they are, use the bathroom of who they think they are? Come on People we are better then this, All we really have to do is, use our Common Sense more and not toss it out like the days garbage.   We all wonder today of what is happening in the World around us, but yet no one wants to take the first step to look into the water and see their reflection of who they truly are? We all walk a path through this journey of life, we may not see things the same, or maybe do things a bit different of each other, this is part of who we truly are and shows just how unique we are toward each other.

Life doesn’t have to be about using a bathroom that “You” think you should use and then force others to think in the same way you do, this is not how you get respect of those around you, respect is earned from your actions and knowing truly of who you are, then respecting all those around you, by not forcing what you think on to those around you. This Birch Tree right now can not see it’s own reflection, simply because all that is around it is so out of focus, that it has made the water a bit rough and whatever steps closer to look into the water, can not see a reflection of what they are looking at.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have a Mother that loved, nourished us, and cared for us not just as a young Child, but throughout our days of an Adult as well. The love that our Mother’s give to us, is the same love that God has put within all our Hearts, but when we don’t acknowledge that love, then our Hearts become cold, which makes everything we see become out of focus, which then becomes a factor of all the ugliness that we see everyday of our lives. To truly wish our Mother’s a Happy Mothers day, we also have to acknowledge the love of God within our Hearts, so we all can be truly of who we are, be full of joy and happiness always and as we step closer to the water, we than can see the reflection of ourselves and what is around us.


” A Mothers love comes straight from God himself and keeps us all focused on seeing the reflection of everything around us”

” When we force our views on each other without using our common sense, the reflection we will never see”


Mother’s Day……

Forest Flowers


” A Mother’s Love is the Pillar of our strength and lasts throughout Eternity”


Our Mom’s carry us within them til we are ready to enter into this World,

The bond between a Mother and her Child becomes so strong nothing will ever break it,

When we hurt within our lives on this journey our Mom’s feel our pain with us,

Some may take a bit longer to enter this World as they don’t want to leave the warmth of her love,

Some may enter this World a bit early as they want to truly meet this wonderful Person,

A Mother’s love of her Child is like a force that will never be broken,

This Force becomes so strong that nothing will ever penetrate it,

A Mother’s love of her Child is so simple it is hard to explain the true Force,

once the Bond is created the Force then becomes stronger than any Force we know,

Our Mom’s teach us many things and with her love within our Hearts,

we can accomplish anything we set out to do along our paths of this journey,

With our Mom’s love, support and guidance there is no task to big to overcome,

We all take on many tasks throughout this journey of life,

We also struggle at these tasks and get emotional and want to quit,

with our Mother’s love and support we will never fail or quit,

we will always keep pushing forward to overcome these hurdles and obstacles,

Others may tell us we are no good and we will fail at whatever we try to do,

but with our Mother’s love and support we will always prevail and complete,

all the tasks that come before us along our path of this journey of life.



A Mother’s Love we may not see but it will never leave us deep within,

During our times of struggle we may seem alone with no where to turn,

when all we need to do is acknowledge our Mother’s love that is deep within us,

Our Mother’s don’t just carry us for nine months, they are a gift from God,

so we than can truly feel our love and empathy that is deep within our soul,

without this feeling we then become lost and truly do not know who we are,

A Mother’s love is really God’s love that guides us along our paths,

without this love we then have no guidance and lose sight of,

not only who we are, but where we are going along this journey of life,

A Mother’s love is our Pillar of strength that makes us strong,

so we than can conquer anything that may come before us,

it also guides us along our paths so we then can overcome the obstacles,

Our Mother’s deserve their own special day to unwind and relax,

as their job of their Children never ends and our Mom’s never complain,

A Mother’s job may seem like it never ends and is a lot of work,

but it is a job well done as it comes naturally to all the Mom’s out there,

A Mother’s Child is the fruit of her love that when nourished correctly,

will always become the Rose within her life with a fragrance that will make her smile,

Our Mom’s never get tired from all this work as to them it is no work at all,

Our Mother’s teach us many things  but as we walk our paths of this journey,

it is her love and support that guides us and helps us be strong in all we do.


” A Mothers love is the pillar of our strength that when we acknowledge it, there is nothing we can not do, nor is there no path we can not walk”

” Our Mom’s never ask for anything in return from her Children, so we then show her with our actions that her work is never taken for granted”

” God’s love that is within us, comes from our Mother’s from the time she carried us into this World we now live and walk”


Spring time….. Time of Re-Birth


Spring is in the air with the smell of newness all around our paths through this journey,

The water flows freely along it’s path with no frozen ice blocking the flow,

New Bud’s come to the plants that leads to beautiful flowers with a fresh fragrance,

The grass begins to turn green again as we walk on its soft carpet in luxury,

The Temperature begins to warm up as we go out to enjoy the freshness around us,

Everything becomes reborn with change everywhere we travel along this journey,

Change is good when done in the correct way it helps everything flow freely,

When change is not acknowledged is when Chaos breaks out with hate,

All paths throughout this journey have change with every step we take,

Change has to be accepted and acknowledged to see it’s true beauty,

Everything throughout this journey will go through change,

So Spring can truly be re-born within everything along these paths,

The newness of Spring is a way for us to accept Change,

When we accept this change we then see all the true beauty of Spring,

With Spring comes some days of a wet rain to feed the new growth around us,

Instead of seeing this rain and becoming depressed and sad,

Change these feelings to a positive by looking deeply into the newness of Spring,

We tend to see the shallowness without looking deeply into what we see,

Which leads to all not truly seeing the beauty that Spring truly brings to us,

Everything throughout this journey has a purpose and an existence,

When we look deeply into what we see and accept change,

We will truly see all the Change that Spring brings to us everyday,

Not just through the Season of Spring but everyday all year,

Spring is a special time of year and when we truly look deeply into it,

We all can look deeply into what we see while we walk our paths,

through this journey of life Peacefully with true Happiness always.


” Spring has sprung for us all to be reborn, look deeply into what we see and and enjoy the fragrance of the good life within Peace and Happiness”

: Change is good for all when done correctly, when we don’t accept it is when Change brings the ugliness that comes to all along our paths of this journey”

” Rain feeds the changes of Spring, so the true beauty can shine and brighten all the paths of this journey through life”